Putin's Price Hike: Failing Administration and Media Amen Corner try to blame inflation of 1+ years on Putin

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2022 Apr 11, 2:18pm   502 views  2 comments

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday the administration expects the March reading of the Consumer Price Index to show "extraordinarily" inflation due to "Putin's price hike."

"Because of the actions we've taken to address the Putin price hike, we are in a better place than we were last month," Psaki told reporters. "We expect March CPI headline inflation to be extraordinarily due to Putin's price hike. And we expect a large difference between core and headline inflation reflected in the global disruptions in energy and food markets. Core inflation doesn't include energy and food prices, headline inflation does. And of course we know that core inflation - energy, the impact of energy on oil prices, gas prices, we expect that to reflect what we've seen the increases be over the course of this invasion."

Minitrue video at the link.

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1   Ceffer   2022 Apr 11, 2:23pm  

Is Putin going to sue them for libel for equating his name with their own programmed incompetency, idiocy, criminality, treason and subversion?
2   AmericanKulak   2022 Apr 11, 2:42pm  

We so need libel reform.

Wouldn't it be great that people could sue the Media if it blamed them for trends that occurred prior to anything they did?

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