Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator Kentucky, Republican


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28   1337irr   2023 Mar 9, 1:13pm  

mell says

Patrick says


The sooner McConnell is out of the Senate, the better. He is no friend of Americans.

Agreed. I heard he survived Polio as a kid, people always think that those people will become do gooders since they escaped death/crippling, but most often it's the opposite. They will only look out for themselves and wreck others and the country because of that adverse event. Fuck yertle

Eisenhower was the lone exception...it seems.
29   richwicks   2023 Mar 9, 2:31pm  

1337irr says

Eisenhower was the lone exception...it seems.

Eisenhower was complicated. He intentionally starved Germans at the end of WWII, he also fired on veterans of WWI - the Bonus Army.


He also authorized Operation PBSuccess and Ajax. Ajax is why we have to deal with "Islamic extremism" today, but it's also intentionally ginned up, which is why Obama purposely murdered as many "collateral damage" as possible.

Government creates problems then promises to fix them, for more money of course and in exchange for you giving up more rights and autonomy. That's been the scam for 30 years.
30   HeadSet   2023 Mar 9, 3:16pm  

richwicks says

Eisenhower was complicated. He intentionally starved Germans at the end of WWII, he also fired on veterans of WWI - the Bonus Army.

I think that was McCarther who fired on the veteran bonus army.
31   richwicks   2023 Mar 9, 3:48pm  

HeadSet says

richwicks says

Eisenhower was complicated. He intentionally starved Germans at the end of WWII, he also fired on veterans of WWI - the Bonus Army.

I think that was McCarther who fired on the veteran bonus army.


Do a search of Eisenhower.

Eisenhower was one of the better presidents, in our history, but that isn't saying much. We always have awful leaders because we've either never had an educated population, OR we've never had a moral population.
32   Onvacation   2023 Mar 9, 4:58pm  

richwicks says

we've never had a moral population.

What does that mean and is a "moral population" even possible?

mə-răl′ĭ-tē, mô-
1. The quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct.
2. A system or collection of ideas of right and wrong conduct.
3. Virtuous conduct.

Individuals may act moral, but even the most moral among us has fucked up into immorality. There are a lot of sociopaths in the world who have no real morals at all. I don't think a moral population is possible.

I would settle for a moral government.
33   richwicks   2023 Mar 9, 6:37pm  

Onvacation says

What does that mean and is a "moral population" even possible?

I don't know if at the time it really existed, but there was a few times in history where the government did something SO EVIL, it caused a revolution.

The French revolution, the collapse of the USSR, the American Revolution (that was really about taxation), the US civil war (that was again about taxation) - etc.

The US government is the fucking 4th Reich right now. People get outraged if I say this, but they agree with have steady constant propaganda, we are always in war, and every war has propaganda to start the wars, they know our government makes certain people in our government and business sector above the law, they know that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered and he was working for intelligence.

At least SOME people know - if everybody knew, would it change?

THAT'S what I mean by a moral population.

Onvacation says

I would settle for a moral government.

I don't think any government is more moral than the underlying population, ever.
34   Patrick   2023 Mar 10, 6:55am  


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Poor lil' guy! According to sources, Senator Mitch McConnell became so spooked today by the release of unedited Jan 6 footage that he withdrew his head into his shell and is refusing to come out.

"Oh no! He's scared! It's ok buddy! You can come out now!" said one of his aides, attempting to coax him out with a handful of seaweed pellets. "Shhh--no one's gonna hurt you! The buffalo man is gone! Come on, it's ok!"

Eyewitnesses say the elderly Senator slowly emerged, his big eyes darting to and fro, scanning for danger. Aides were frustrated, however, when McConnell's eyes caught a glimpse of a red baseball cap out of the corner of his eye, which caused him to panic and flip over on his back and kick his legs helplessly in the air.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed Nancy Pelosi was so unsettled by the footage that she shed her skin twice.
36   Patrick   2023 Aug 31, 9:34am  


USA Today ran a ubiquitous story yesterday afternoon headlined “Mitch McConnell to consult doctor after freezing, struggling to speak for second time this summer.”

It was ugly.

Before I show you the video, which is bad enough, what was even worse was how Establishment Media broadcast the story on all channels within minutes of McConnell’s mini-stroke, or whatever it was. Compare this coverage to all the coverage of, say, Fetterman struggling to speak, or Biden wandering aimlessly off stages, enthusiastically shaking hands with invisible friends, or suddenly tumbling off stationary bicycles onto prepubescent girls.

Sorry. I mean, compare it to the non-coverage of Fetterman, Biden, or even Diane Feinstein, for that matter.

Here are just the first of dozens of stories that all popped up within the two hours after McConnell’s brief illness...

It’s nice the democrat party has an Establishment Media. The Republicans should think about getting one, too.

It’s de rigueur to roundly criticize McConnell these days, but I feel compelled to point out three important facts. First, without Mitch McConnell, Merrick Garland would be sitting fat and happy on the Supreme Court, and we would not have any of the great decisions that have come down in the last two years. As bad as Garland is at DOJ, a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court would have been infinitely worse, a prospect literally 1,000 times more horrifying than Gremlins multiplied by Sharknado.

Second, McConnell approved a record number of Trump appointments to federal judgeships, and Trump appointees made nearly all the decisions that eeked us out of the pandemic with our Constitutional skins mostly intact.

Finally, while lots of regular Republicans complain, with good reason, about McConnell’s lack of effective legislative action, and his somehow becoming fantastically wealthy on a Senator’s salary, democrats are grotesquely celebrating what — without some kind of miracle — will probably be the end of the Senate Minority Leader’s career.

In other words, democrats don’t see McConnell as ineffective.

Anyway, here’s the clip, if you haven’t seen it. Ironically, the humiliating and painful-to-watch freeze-up happened right after McConnell was asked about his running for re-election. ...


McConnell does not look well. More than anything, even more than what it evidences about an obvious jab injury (thanks Pfizer!), this public medical catastrophe highlights America’s geriatric, brain-damaged leadership. It is a particularly bad time in world history to have a weak, ailing minority leader.

Despite appearances, he still sounds compos mentis. Earlier in the day, a frail-looking McConnell spoke fluently about a possible government shutdown and a possible short-term spending deal. USA Today reported the Senate minority leader will be “consulting a physician prior to his next event,” according to an anonymous McConnell aide.

We pray that Mitch will receive effective medical treatment and be relieved of the stress of his current office.
39   Patrick   2023 Sep 1, 8:45am  


At publishing time, it was revealed Mitch McConnell had not actually retired. He just wanted to send even more money to Ukraine.
40   RWSGFY   2023 Sep 1, 9:36am  

Patrick says


At publishing time, it was revealed Mitch McConnell had not actually retired. He just wanted to send even more money to Ukraine.

More of Pukin's money. Good man!
43   clambo   2023 Sep 4, 3:16am  

I believe that Jagger also does much more exercise and is not using drugs or whatnot for decades.
48   Patrick   2023 Oct 4, 1:34pm  


Mitch McConnell Persuaded FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried to Donate Millions to Anti-Trump Republicans

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) reportedly held secretive meetings with Sam Bankman-Fried and persuaded the disgraced former FTX CEO to donate millions of dollars to anti-Trump Republicans.

McConnell gave the Democrat megadonor a list of Republican candidates who were running against President Donald Trump’s endorsements in the 2022 elections.

The meeting was revealed by Michael Lewis, the author of The Big Short, during an interview with “60 Minutes” on Sunday. ...

Lewis told “60 Minutes” that the former finance SBF met with McConnell ahead of the 2022 election to discuss donations.

During the meeting, McConnell persuaded SBF to donate millions to his list of anti-Trump candidates.

Lewis said that Bankman-Fried agreed and donated “tens of millions of dollars” to support McConnell’s anti-Trump GOP senate candidates.
49   Patrick   2023 Nov 1, 11:15am  


McConnell Working to Add $61.4 Bil. to American Taxpayers' Bill in Aid to Ukraine
52   Ceffer   2024 Feb 7, 8:42pm  

He's a shill on Satan's treadmill. He obviously was taken out and rubber hosed at one point. Like Feinstein, to stay alive at all, he has to stay in his publicity stunt position and do what he is told. Is he worth a body double, or just a funeral retirement? Play crooked mafia games, get crooked mafia results.
53   seesaw   2024 Feb 8, 11:49am  

...he should go back to being a model for Cabbage Patch Kids.
54   Patrick   2024 Feb 8, 12:45pm  


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has called on Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to resign from his position as Senator Republican leader.
55   AmericanKulak   2024 Feb 8, 1:24pm  

Yeah, it's time to strike. He's in ill health, having mini-strokes for sure, he told several Senators to support the bill unread and 'trust him' and they're pissed because it's a huge stinker in an election year.

Ditch Mitch.
66   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2024 Feb 28, 2:04pm  

At least the GOP forces their senile oldsters out instead of abuse them like the Dems did with Feinstein and currently with Biden...all to hold onto their power.
67   RayAmerica   2024 Feb 28, 3:47pm  

Don't get too excited about McConnell's departure. Long ago, the oligarchs that run the Uniparty picked his replacement. McConnell will soon be gone, but his destructive, evil spirit lives on.

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