Gary Peters

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2022 May 31, 5:00pm   54 views  1 comment

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Gary Peters, U.S. Senator Michigan, Democrat


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1   Patrick   2024 Apr 2, 3:25pm  

A Democrat who is actually cooperating with Rand Paul on his probe into Pfauci's creation of the virus in Wuhan with US taxpayer money!


A start date for the investigation is yet to be set.

It's still pretty lame to be opening investigations at this point though. If we had a real government, Pfauci would already have been tried and hanged for his crimes, along with Collins, Bourla, Bancel, Walensky, etc etc etc.

But we don't have a real government, just Pfizer running the CDC, FDA, and NIH and pretty much all Congressmen on the take from Pfizer.

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