Katherine Clark

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2022 May 31, 5:00pm   106 views  1 comment

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Katherine Clark, U.S. House Massachusetts District 5, Democrat


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1   Patrick   2023 Jan 24, 7:56am  


Top House Democrat’s son (that she says is actually her daughter) arrested at Antifa rally in Boston

Last night a small group protested in Boston and defaced a monument, spray painting "No Cop City" and "ACAB" (all cops are bleeps).

When police arrived and began arresting the protestors, a scuffle broke out and one of the activists used some sort of "dangerous weapon" to hit a police officer in the face, drawing blood.

One Jared Dowell was taken into custody and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, destruction of property, and defacement of property.

Then this notice on Twitter popped up.


Jared is House Minority Whip Katherine Clark's son, who she is now calling her daughter Riley.

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