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My wife and I had dinner with some new neighbors

At one point, the topic came up - what Netflix shows we watch. The couple listed off show after show after show that they watch and like.

I was asked no less then 6-7 times whether I’ve seen __________ show. To each I responded that I hadn’t. Nope, nope, not that one either lol

They were totally puzzled how someone could not watch Netflix. I told them that I don’t watch much TV and actually thinking of cancelling Netflix if my wife didnt watch occasionally herself.

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1   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Jun 29, 6:59am  

yeah i met people like that before. those folks were so surprissed that we don’t watch anything at all.

feel happier as family, no tv no shows, more time for family stuff and outdoors… was absolutely right decision to cut off meaningless entertainment. why give people money to indoctrinate our kids… hell with them
2   WookieMan   2022 Jun 29, 7:28am  

There are good shows, but with 3 kids who the hell has time to watch TV? Could be doing something more productive. I'm a online content creator type. Low budget but compelling content that I can find that hit my interests. Food, aviation, some politics, boating, adventure sports, etc. Basically nothing I can get on my OTA and I don't have the patience to deal with Netflix and similar streaming services. I don't like long format basically.

I'm excited for late July when all three kids go to overnight camp for a week. Hard to get alone time with the wife. That would be the only time this year we might binge watch something. And that's a big maybe that we even do that.
3   clambo   2022 Jun 29, 7:35am  

I bought the first Roku to watch Netflix when they were both pretty novel.

But I soon noticed that I had seen the good movies already. I don’t watch the “original content.”

Yesterday the little nephew was over and he was bored so I put on YouTube. I’m in Mexico presently.

I found the Three Stooges=Tres chiflados in Spanish.

The kid didn’t understand the dialogue but he loved the slapstick.
4   BayArea   2022 Jun 29, 7:42am  

I’m the same way…

I typically will have 15-20min window free and prefer to watch a short clip on YouTube on some topic I’m interested in - cars, guns, news clip, wild animals, the ocean, etc. YouTube has invaded my privacy and knows my viewing habits so they suggest some prettty good clips for me.

But with a career in tech, wife, 2 kids, an attempt to exercise regularly, no way in hell I can commit 2hrs to a movie on any given night. Not a chance.

As an example, when the Warriors were in the finals, I tried to watch but just couldn’t find 3hrs in the middle of the week. I did tape the games and watched immediately after fast forwarding through all timeouts and commercials. I was able to get the game down to less than an hour but even then it was tough to find that hour.
5   NuttBoxer   2022 Jun 29, 8:33am  

I mostly watch older stuff. King of the Hill, Simpsons(seasons 3-13), Malcolm in the Middle. It's hard to find lighthearted comedy that has a good message, I don't think it exists anymore. Do watch Stranger Things and Better Calls Saul, and South Park. But we don't pay for any services, still on the old bittorrent protocol.
6   cisTits   2022 Jun 29, 12:49pm  

Netflix I am sorry to say has some good shows that are better than what the other streaming services have.

I loved Ozark and currently going through Last Kingdom. The Witcher was pretty good too.

That being said, I don't watch 90% what is on there because I am not some foreigner living in America.
7   BayArea   2022 Jun 29, 1:10pm  

HunterTits says

That being said, I don't watch 90% what is on there because I am not some foreigner living in America.


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