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Hawaii Senate Dem Majority Leader Gets 3 Years in Prison for Bribery

Former Senate Majority Leader J. Kalani English, 55, pleaded guilty to honest services wire fraud in February, admitting he accepted bribes from a Hawaii business owner in exchange for shaping legislation that would benefit a company involved in publicly financed cesspool conversion projects...

English “peddled the power and influence of his position as a Hawaii State Senator and Majority Leader to enrich himself and betray the trust bestowed upon him by those he was elected to serve,” U.S. prosecutors said in a sentencing memo urging the judge to send him to prison for three-and-a-half years.

The sentence, a little more than three years, must send a “stern and lasting message” that corruption of elected officials will be punished, the memo said. ...

Choy is a prolific donor, as are his immediate family members and business associates. Choy, his family members, and his employees from various companies have donated more than $356,000 to political campaigns since 2014, according to campaign finance data. Of that, Choy has contributed more than $160,000 to the elections and reelections of numerous Democrats.

Choy himself has donated to 55 campaigns — including 29 sitting lawmakers — since 2014. Money has gone to former Gov. Neil Abercrombie and current Gov. David Ige. He has most recently contributed to former Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s campaign for governor, and to Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi’s campaign.

"Stern and lasting message" my ass. Only life in prison will do. Singapore is a much better country than the US in this way.

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293   Patrick   2024 Mar 1, 9:11am  


you put a foot wrong and they take all your bitcoin or mire you in million dollar defenses of “process as punishment” scenarios, meanwhile the congress grows insanely rich trading short dated options on companies they regulate right before they change the laws or shower subsidies.

it rapidly becomes a grotesquerie of those who own the organs of justice passing you at 140 mph on the highway just as you get pulled over for going 67.

whatever one feels about trump, the truly relentless and unprecedented attacks on him by CIA, NSA, FBI, justice, and congress and biden/obama/clinton cronies alike is so far beyond the pale as to beggar belief. it’s past banana republic and well into farce as issue after issue turns out to be illusory, invented, or irrelevant.

meanwhile inconvenient laptops, facts, and follies are swept from the internet and the docket alike. US justice and intelligence agencies circled the wagons right before an election and lied their faces off to the american people. “the laptop is a fake” made claims about “not having had sex with that woman” look like sandbox hijinks. that was real, no fooling around, bare knuckle election interference. and no one has paid any price for it. ...

(addendum: where this gets really interesting is when factions start fighting for control over who gets to hold the reins of the capricious application of law. you saw this all over the soviet, maoist, and fascist systems. one day, you are untouchable. the next, gulag. if hunter is suddenly up on charges, you’ll know that newsom and pelosi have won.)
295   Patrick   2024 Mar 17, 2:08pm  


DOJ's motion to intervene and dismiss Brook Jackson's lawsuit v Pfizer has been filed. ...

I suggest you all re-read this a few times to truly grasp the depth of depravity outlined in the argument by the DOJ. They are stating that they know that pharmaceutical fraud has been committed, and that deaths and injuries resulted from it. They are also stating that mass death and injury are in fact fully known to the pharmaceutical regulators, and that no corrective action is required because this is consistent with the United States of America’s public health policy!
296   stereotomy   2024 Mar 17, 10:19pm  

This is all kinds of fucked up. If a judge rules that it was the intention of the gubment to kill and maim the people as a matter of health policy, and therefore, the claim of fraud is meritless and should be dismissed, then this demonstrates clearly the purpose of the Second Amendment.
297   HeadSet   2024 Mar 18, 7:10am  

Patrick says

They are also stating that mass death and injury are in fact fully known to the pharmaceutical regulators, and that no corrective action is required because this is consistent with the United States of America’s public health policy!

That is an old legal trick. The DOJ does not want the case to be about the dangers of the vaxx, they want to concentrate strictly on policy. The policy being that Pfizer has immunity from lawsuits. The judge should tell the DOJ that the DOJ does not have standing in a civil lawsuit between Jackson and Pfizer.
299   GNL   2024 Mar 18, 8:44pm  

RC2006 says


Shelitha sounds like a shedumbass.
301   Patrick   2024 Mar 25, 11:34am  


Not coincidentally, $500 million is around the same amount Trump has in his presidential campaign account, as Judge Engoran (or anybody) could easily determine from Trump’s mandatory FEC filings.

It is corruption to attempt to bankrupt someone for purely political reasons.
302   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Mar 25, 2:11pm  

Johnson announces House will fund Ukraine:

310   Patrick   2024 Apr 16, 9:29am  


Hossenfelder sees quite clearly the structural problems in academic science. She describes how most of the scientific enterprise has devolved into an elaborate and cynical combination of parlour game and financial scam. Principal Investigators get grants, in order for the bloated university administrations to rake off their overhead surcharges. In order to get grants, papers must be published. Since the PIs spend much of their time either writing grant proposals or schmoozing with the other PIs who may well end up on the committees that decide whether or not their proposals are approved, the PIs need postdocs and doctoral students to write the papers. It doesn’t matter if the papers are true, or interesting, or useful. It doesn’t matter if they advance human understanding. It doesn’t matter if they represent significant advances with profound real-world applications. All that matters is that they pass peer review, get a few citations, and can be added to the PI’s publication list. ...

All in service of the sordid imperative that the mediocrities in admin be kept floating in the unearned luxury of their warm ocean of overhead cash.
311   Ceffer   2024 Apr 16, 10:15pm  

Patrick says

This is true. The high end art world is a laundering scam, with the insurance companies complicit. "Assessed" "Insured", then either borrowed against or donated for the tax dodge. They also transport adrenochrome and drugs in the frames.
312   AmericanKulak   2024 Apr 16, 10:48pm  

Patrick says

My mom (a wise woman) once remarked to me that ever since the GI Bill after WW2, and the spread of Liberal Arts - back when it was full of Western Culture appreciation - to many people, the ritzy schnitzies (her words) got angry that the common clay was going to "their" museums and galleries, and starting pimping all this Jackson Pollack and toilets in the middle of the room type shit.
316   HeadSet   2024 Apr 25, 6:22am  

The_Deplorable says

Be real, "lust" should not be on that list. The other items are choices one makes, lust is not. If a cute neighbor lady in shorts comes outside and walks over to you, you will notice those legs. Same with the bikini girls at the water park. You might as well say that when you smell a steak grilling and your mouth waters, you are guilty of gluttony.
318   Patrick   2024 May 27, 6:12pm  


A.J. DePriest Exposes Fraud Involving Federal Money and Schools
May 15, 2022

A.J. DEPRIEST: Yeah. Yeah and that was one of the things that we discovered when we started researching the CARES Act and the CRRSA Act, is that this money wasn't just coming to Tennessee, it was going to all the states for all the schools. And um, yeah, there's the CARES Act, and that was a nice little chunk of change there, about 259 million dollars to Tennessee, but then in the CRRSA Act and SR-2 money it was 1.1 billion. So it was a little bit more. And again we didn't really find anything, anything really bad or negative about the CRSSA money.

It was in March of 2021 that the ARP Act was signed and that's the American Rescue Plan Act. That was signed by Biden. And the timeline is really important here. That was signed on March 11th. And Tennessee got 2 point, almost 2.5 billion dollars. So you see the progression from SR-1 was a nice pile of money, SR-2 was even more, and SR-3 was even more than that. It was almost twice what SR-2 money was. And um—

DAN MEREDITH: Now what is this money, is supposed to be all related to covid in some way?

A.J. DEPRIEST: Yeah. Covid Relief money. Covid, federal covid relief money. It's the same pot of money that went to businesses to impose shot mandates for their employees, it's the same pot of money that went to hospitals, to enact certain protocols within hospitals, to encourage hospitals to get all of their employees shots, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So it's the same pot of money from the same three acts that were passed where all that money was appropriated.

But the ARP Act was the one that we focused on the most because we discovered that the CDC in December of 2020 said that every school in America could open for 25 billion dollars. Every school in America. And they wanted kids back in school because in 2020 when kids were at home learning, their parents were seeing what they were learning. And the federal government figured out—

DAN MEREDITH: They don't like that.

A.J. DEPRIEST: — pretty quickly, no, they want— So every district of every school in the United States had to complete a district plan called the Safe Return to In-Person Learning. They wanted kids back in the classroom. So the graph that we have that shows the spending, the CARES Act money was 13.2 billion, CRRSA was 54.3 billion, the ARP was 122 billion. Now the CDC remember said that every school could open for 25 billion, but so far in SR money it's climbing close to 200 billion. And that's the most that the federal government has ever given to any state for school in the history of federal giving. So that's really important to note.

But the state plan, every state had to submit a state SR Plan. And it's a template that the federal government provided to every state and the second or third page of every state plan there is a signature box where their commissioner of education, ours is Penny Schwinn, signed and dated when they submitted that plan.

Our state plan was submitted July 2nd of 2021 and there's a really important clause there and it says, by signing this document I agree to each of the assurances listed in Appendix C.

So, what's in Appendix C?

The second bullet is probably the most important one, and that lays out that the
the requirement that the SEA, which is the State Education Agency, will comply with all ARP Act and all other ARP ESSER requirements. Now this is where things get dicey because if you go to look at the interim final requirements for the ARP Act it states very clearly that every state and district plan will show how they're going to universally mask, contact trace, social distance, isolate, quarantine, test, covid test, set up vaccination clinics to try get the entire school population vaccinated. These are all in the interim final requirements of the ARP Act.


A.J. DEPRIEST: And long after our state of emergency ended, they're still masking kids and its because of this SR-3 money. It's so much.

But I think probably the most important thing people need to understand is the timeline of events. Because SR-1 money was given with no strings attached. SR-2 money, no strings attached. Two thirds of that giant pile of SR-3 money was given to the states to their schools and that was March 24th when the two-thirds of the SR-3 money was distributed. April 22nd was when the interim final requirements came out listing all of those CDC requirements. So they gave them a lot of money, more money, and even more money, and then they laid out the requirements. That is, that's simply fraud.


A.J. DEPRIEST: Yeah. You can't give schools all that money and then say, oh by the way, here's what you have to do to keep that money.


A.J. DEPRIEST: Hmm mm.

DAN MEREDITH: You think the government planned that?

A.J. DEPRIEST: Yeah, I think they did. Yeah.

DAN MEREDITH: We're from the government and we're here to help you.[1]

A.J. DEPRIEST: Exactly![laughs] Exactly.

DAN MEREDITH: Well I'm glad you are doing this and your group of people are doing this because this is the kind of thing that most normal everyday people, they've never heard of this kind of thing.

A.J. DEPRIEST: Hmm mm.

DAN MEREDITH: None of us knew that. I mean, I didn't know that. Most of our listeners didn't have any idea this kind of thing was going on.

A.J. DEPRIEST: Well I think the reason why we started digging into this is because something wasn't jiving in our minds. We were going to school board meetings and we were watching them online and the way school boards were behaving when crying parents, begging to have their kids unmasked and they were dropping just reams of studies about how masks were inefficient and even detrimental to health and they just didn't seem to have any emotion or response. And we wanted to know why. We also wanted to know why there were no OSHA HAZMAT bins anywhere in any school for the disposal of these toxic, deadly masks. And so we started looking at why these things were happening and what we discovered was that these requirements in the interim final requirements were behind it all.
319   Patrick   2024 Jun 13, 8:11pm  


How the elites closed ranks around Hunter Biden
The Democratic establishment went out of its way to shield the president’s wayward son from scrutiny.
320   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 20, 12:51pm  

Big Guy didn't get his cut.

322   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 24, 3:43pm  

Basically the Biden's take the loan, the bank sends them the money, and then a 3rd party(Biden supporter) pays back the bank for the loan.
The Biden's keep the money without paying any taxes on it.

323   HeadSet   2024 Jun 24, 7:00pm  

UkraineIsTotallyFucked says

Basically the Biden's take the loan, the bank sends them the money, and then a 3rd party(Biden supporter) pays back the bank for the loan.
The Biden's keep the money without paying any taxes on it.

Wow, $4,2 million borrowed on a $350k home. Didn't Trump get charged with fraud for getting a loan for more than the property was worth?
324   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 24, 10:39pm  

HeadSet says

Wow, $4,2 million borrowed on a $350k home. Didn't Trump get charged with fraud for getting a loan for more than the property was worth?

Not the same. This is from multiple loans total.
325   Patrick   2024 Jun 25, 2:40pm  


‘Sopranos’ Star Suggests Hollywood Celebrities Are Getting Paid to Support Biden

“The Sopranos” actress Drea de Matteo has suggested that Hollywood stars and other celebrities are being paid to publicly support President Joe Biden and the Democrats.

During a Monday interview on Fox News’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Matteo claimed that Hollywood is full of “quiet” Trump supporters.

She argues that actors throwing their weight behind Biden are being paid to do so. ...

“We’re talking about Fauci, we’re talking about De Niro.

“I am mortified right now by my people.

“I don’t know understand what we’re doing here.

“Anyhow, yes. There are a lot of quiet Trump supporters.

“There are a lot of Kennedy supporters.

“And wow, I wonder how much the actors got paid to endorse Biden at this point.

“I’m curious, because that seems — I wonder if De Niro got paid a locations fee because he had to travel to the courtroom to do that.” ...

“So I’m still an outcast, here I am.

“They’re going to take me out into the woods and shoot me for not endorsing Biden,” she joked.
326   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 26, 9:31am  

The Dark Truth Revealed: How Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao used deception and racism to manipulate her way into office…

1. It has been proven that Sheng filed paperwork to run for Mayor after the filing deadline.

2. The Oakland City Clerk reportedly back-dated the time stamps on Sheng Thao's filing paperwork to give it the appearance that it was filed on time.

3. The City reportedly illegally deleted all video evidence from inside and outside City Hall on the day that Sheng filed.

4. Prior to the November 2022 election date, the City of Oakland Ethics Commission received a complaint regarding the late filing, but reportedly failed to respond nor take any action.

5. One week prior to the election date, Andy Duong (now under FBI investigation along with Thao) attended a Sheng Thao campaign event and illegally conspired with Mario Juarez by paying Mario a total of $70,000 to create a racist negative campaign ad against her opponent, Loren Taylor, a Black man. The ad, which darkened Taylor's skin and made his eyes red, contributed to his loss by only 677 votes.

6. During the count of ballots, the County Registrar of Voters (ROV) disqualified over 3,000 Rank Choice Voter ballots that were received from predominately black neighborhoods in Oakland. The ROV refuses to indicate why those ballots were disqualified.

Sheng Thao is now under threat of recall, is being investigated by the FBI, IRS and USPS and has managed to bring the City of Oakland into the worst fiscal mismanagement in the City's history. And this is only what has come to light so far.

327   Patrick   2024 Jul 2, 2:46pm  


An FBI raid has exposed a complex web of alleged illicit activities involving high-ranking government officials and a notorious local business in Oakland, California.

Andy Duong, a key member of the Duong family and the self-proclaimed proprietor of the now-defunct Music Cafe, is accused of using the cafe as a front for a sex trafficking and drug operation. This establishment, which also functioned as a karaoke lounge, was linked by state authorities to drug dealing, pimping, and human trafficking before its closure in early 2019, the Mercury News reported.
328   Patrick   2024 Jul 8, 4:56pm  


Black Radio Host Fired for Colluding with Biden Campaign on Interview Questions

The black Philadelphia radio host who recently interviewed Democrat President Joe Biden has been fired after it emerged that she colluding with his campaign on the questions.

The Biden campaign reportedly provided broadcaster Andrea Lawful-Sanders, the former host of “The Source” on Philadelphia’s WURD 96.1 FM, with all of the questions she asked the president during last week’s trainwreck interview.

On Sunday, WURD Radio announced that Lawful-Sanders had been fired over the collusion.

“The interview featured pre-determined questions provided by the White House, which violates our practice of remaining an independent media outlet accountable to our listeners.
329   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jul 8, 5:24pm  

Patrick says

Black Radio Host Fired for Colluding with Biden Campaign on Interview Questions

She got fired for admitting to a reporter on air that she did it.

330   GNL   2024 Jul 8, 6:59pm  

Ceffer says

Patrick says

This is true. The high end art world is a laundering scam, with the insurance companies complicit. "Assessed" "Insured", then either borrowed against or donated for the tax dodge. They also transport adrenochrome and drugs in the frames.

Same with speaking fees and book deals.

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