The Vaxx Modifies Your DNA

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2022 Jul 8, 12:42pm   2,722 views  44 comments

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Dr Peter McCullough: Swedish study confirms that Pfizer does modify your DNA and causes your cells to produce the toxic spike protein #Pfizer #VaccineDeaths #VaccineInjuries

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41   The_Deplorable   2024 Mar 29, 11:44am  

"...the Spike Protein is either a death sentence or a lifelong debilitating injury."

GNL says
"That sounds over dramatic also."

It is not over dramatic. That is data - a fact - and in science we follow the data.
42   richwicks   2024 Mar 29, 12:06pm  

The_Deplorable says

"...the Spike Protein is either a death sentence or a lifelong debilitating injury."

GNL says

"That sounds over dramatic also."

It is not over dramatic. That is data - a fact - and in science we follow the data.

Spiked blood may not be a problem actually, but it very well might have the spike contamination in it, but your body can clear that.

What is THOUGHT MIGHT be happening is that the same process in which they use to modify bacteria to produce the mRNA that is injected into your body to create the immune response is causing your body to be modified to produce the mRNA for the rest of your life once injected because they aren't removing all the material used to modify the bacteria.

That's the hypothesis I've heard, and since this is WELL BEYOND my area of knowledge, take it with a grain of salt but it seems to make sense.

Basically, this is gene modification technology and once injected, either your body will kill of the effected cells eventually, OR your body will be producing the spike protein for the rest of your life. It may only effect some batches, who knows? I've have to know the process and spend a year understanding biology a lot better, and I'm not going to do that.
43   Patrick   2024 Apr 26, 3:24pm  


New Discovery Shows Human Cells Can Write RNA Sequences Into DNA – Challenges Central Principle in Biology

From 2021.
44   Patrick   2024 May 14, 8:43am  


Remember, the jabs were definitely not gene therapies; that’s misinformation. But another new study poking a hole in that exhausted refrain appeared this month in the journal Methods and Protocols, titled “Methodological Considerations Regarding the Quantification of DNA Impurities in the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Comirnaty®.”

According to the researchers, it turns out that Pfizer may have slightly under-reported the amounts of DNA contamination in its magic spike protein elixirs. Behold my shocked face: 😑. And by slightly under-reported, I mean by orders of magnitude. Their conclusion included the alarming determination that contaminant DNA enters patients’ cells. In the study authors’ own words:

"The available information and data indicate that the ready-to-use mRNA vaccine Comirnaty contains DNA impurities that exceed the permitted limit value by several hundred times and, in some cases, even more than 500 times, and that this went unnoticed because the DNA quantification carried out as part of batch testing only at the active substance level appears to be methodologically inadequate when using qPCR.
Further, DNA impurities in Comirnaty® are apparently integrated into the lipid nanoparticles and are thus transported directly into the cells of a vaccinated person, just like the mRNA active ingredient. What this means for the safety risks, particularly the possible integration of this DNA into the human genome, i.e., the risk of insertional mutagenesis, should be a secondary focus of the discussion required, which must go far beyond what could have been considered years before the so unexpected introduction of mRNA pharmaceuticals into the global market."

Haha, “unexpected introduction of mRNA” into the global market. Nice one. Unexpected is one way of putting it.

See, what you really don’t want in a vaccine is a cellular delivery system for random bacterial DNA. What could go wrong? One thing that could go wrong is cancer, or ‘oncogenesis’ in public health’s dialect.

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