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2022 Jul 12, 1:18pm   5,564 views  71 comments

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Arrived in London this morning. Internet is spotty, but I'll try to report thoughts.

- almost no homeless, saw just one so far
- lots of trash though
- prices seem reasonable, a bit lower than SF, but that's because the pound is so low against the dollar
- the majority of people on the street are clearly not English; they are from everywhere else on earth

I did not know there was a Saint Chad:

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33   REpro   2022 Jul 14, 3:08pm  

Yesterday got flight transfer through London Heathrow. I almost forgot how messy this airport is. Running miles, driving around terminals by bus, everywhere long line, some places without air condition. Have impression like Indian population manage all airport. Have to take hours for transfer not like other places, minutes.

On another trip has been in British Muzeum. Big with a lot of stuff displayed. However, after digesting everything, got impression that was a big warehouse of worldwide stollen treasure.
34   Ceffer   2022 Jul 14, 10:45pm  

REpro says

big warehouse of worldwide stollen treasure.

LOL! Pretty much. They have had to return a good bit of it and replace it with dupes, like the Elgin Marbles.

That's just what I thought when I saw the British Museum, fantastic place, but it looked like plunder from everywhere in the world.

Of course, European and world history is pretty much about rich psychopaths stealing treasure from each other. The Swiss have tunnels full of treasure, a lot still from divested people from WWII. The Vatican was all about wealth accumulation, also has tunnels full of treasure. Apparently, some of the Vatican's tunnel loot was liberated by US and some internationals when the Vatican declared war on USA by participating in election fraud, and Trump decided to take his own reparations while still in office. That was when the Vatican went dark for a couple of months.
35   Patrick   2022 Jul 14, 10:48pm  

There are an amazing number of Arabs. The women with their burkas and similar getups are very visible, often pushing a stroller. I think a lot of them are Saudi because I watched a street performance, and one of the performers was asking the crowd where they were from. When he said "Saudi Arabia?" it seemed like half the crowd cheered.

I bet a lot of them are supported here by Saudi oil money. Maybe even most of them.
36   Patrick   2022 Jul 14, 10:48pm  

REpro says

It's actually Produced in China FOR British and Polish company.

Thanks @REpro I hadn't noticed that.
37   richwicks   2022 Jul 15, 2:36am  

WookieMan says

I just don't like carrying cash. I lose it. Or spend it. Or both. I just hate fumbling around with it. But if someone digs it, do you. I just prefer credit and a tiny wallet. And pay it off of course.

Every transaction you make on a credit card is recorded and used against you.

You're basically abandoning your privacy. You have no concept of what kind of data analysis is used. You have no clue. You're part of the problem, you're dragging the rest of society down with you, because of (minimal) convenience.

It's like people that have an Alexa defending it for how convenient it is. It's literally a spy device. Talk about the new puppy or kitten you're NOT about to get, and see what shows up in your advertisements. People think the device ONLY is active when they activate it, it's active all the time. People like this are making the telescreen from 1984 acceptable. It is exclusively used against you. You've abandoned your privacy because "I have nothing to hide" - yeah, we'll see.

We try to warn you. Amazon, Google, Twitter - they may as well be the government itself. The USSR would have loved to have such devices available to them. If you don't realize at this point that big business is in bed with the government, OR is the government itself, you're just naive. You're acting like an animal begging to be exploited.

When NEST was purchased by Google, I knew engineers that worked for the company that OPENLY expressed that the reason they were bought out was to spy on the dipshits that bought the device. It's not an environmental control system, it's a spy device.


I have worked a long time in consumer electronics. We reduce the cost of any device to the minimum to maximize profit. A microphone would NOT be included in the device if it was inactive because it reduces profit. This microphone was ALWAYS active. No corporation includes useless devices on a board unless they are used, ever. I'm well acquainted with this field, but who believes us? It's fucking frustrating that we can tell you the truth, and you just don't believe it. WE KNOW. We built the devices and we did the software, we KNOW.

The vast majority will listen to the propaganda called "news" and will never listen to the people who actually do know. We do not have news, we have propaganda, and no matter how many times the whistleblowers scream out, you will ignore them, because we will never be on teeeeeveeeee.
38   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2022 Jul 15, 4:36am  

The national museum in London is amazing. I could spend months in there I actually got only about six hours and could have gone all day long.

I liked this pub quite a bit. One of the bartenders refused my tip. Food was good, beer was great, history is just amazing.

39   Patrick   2022 Jul 16, 2:13am  

Other notes:

Emission standards are very low, with truly horrible diesel ruining the air nearby regularly.

Men frequently wear so much Cologne that it also ruins the air.

Cafes don't seem to open until 10am, which is sort of missing the point of coffee. Otoh, espresso is everywhere and very good.

No one wears a hat, even when the sun is beating down.

Busses may not run on Sunday.

The train from London to Swansea in Wales was fast and efficient, but the trains in Wales are slow and prone to breakdowns.
40   mell   2022 Jul 16, 9:43am  

Patrick says

Emission standards are very low, with truly horrible diesel ruining the air nearby regularly.

That's true - there is top notch diesel tech out there leaving close to zero particles, but somehow London always smells a bit of exhaust fumes. Great towns, but England in general is not a very wealthy or healthy environment, life seems to be a tad bit tougher there for the average joe
41   AmericanKulak   2022 Jul 16, 10:26am  

BBC changes Weather Map to fearmonger: Now Sunshine is a Deadly Radiating RED.
42   Onvacation   2022 Jul 16, 12:04pm  

B.A.C.A.H. says

I only ever use cash for tips.

If I pay for restaurant or other service bill with plastic, I always write ZERO on the tip line, and give the tip in cash instead.

Whoever looks at the receipt probably thinks I am a cheapskate, but I don't care.

I write cash on the tip line if I use the card. I try to pay all cash at restaurants in the hope that they won't claim the income and be taxed on it.

I hate it when the machine asks for and suggests a tip. Is almost as bad as the grocery store check out kiosk asking you if you want to add a buck or two to your total to "save children" or puppies or something.
43   REpro   2022 Jul 16, 4:25pm  

I hate it when the machine asks for and suggests a tip. Is almost as bad as the grocery store check out kiosk asking you if you want to add a buck or two to your total to "save children"

They are clearly Antiabortion.
44   pudil   2022 Jul 16, 6:35pm  

B.A.C.A.H. says

stereotomy says

Don't tip when you're in Europe or Canada.

It's OK to tip generously, though, except in some Asian places where it's considered an insult.

I make it a habit to be a generous tipper. You can call me a stupid fool, I don't care. It's sort of a karma thing.

Tipping is what is wrong with America. Prior to the Great Depression it was viewed as a sleazy thing done by rich people to get benefits or services they otherwise shouldn’t. Then during the Great Depression restaurants started encouraging the practice so they didn’t have to pay their employees, which is basically where we are at now today.

At this point it’s a confusing mess where I am prompted with tip screens for anything including dog kennels and the person at the stadium that hands me my $15 beer can. Nobody knows what the proper tip amount is, and we shouldn’t have to. There’s enough profit in a $15 beer to pay your employees, stop empowering these rich corps to screw you over further by being “generous”.

At this point I tip at only at places where I sit down and am served by the same person for an extended period and that’s it. And the few restaurants / bars in my area that have a no tipping policy I try to frequent because paying your employees properly and advertising your actual prices is the right thing to do.
45   AmericanKulak   2022 Jul 16, 10:12pm  

"Whaddya mean you don't tip? I don't even know a Jew who has the balls to say that"

Mr. Pink don't tip
46   Patrick   2022 Jul 17, 9:14am  

People are very grateful when you leave them even a moderate tip by American standards.

I have to say it's nice that tax is included in everything, even if taxes are high. You don't have to guess what the final price of anything is in stores, restaurants, or even hotel rooms.

If you go to Tenby on the southern coast of Wales, consider Fuchsia restaurant, really excellent food. Tenby itself has a beautiful and dramatic setting on the coast, but it is absolutely mobbed with tourists, of which we are two of course. We started with two days in Pembroke, which is much smaller and a bit dumpy, but had a great castle with nice displays, and had a good time yesterday walking along the coast south of there, which is often closed for artillery and other military shooting practice. There's a lot of evidence of that in the earth, and bits of shrapnel. I even found a bullet on the trail yesterday, but left it.

Wife took a photo of a piece of shrapnel on the path, and some kind of shell.

47   NuttBoxer   2022 Jul 17, 9:10pm  

pudil says

stop empowering these rich corps to screw you over further by being “generous”.

We're talking about giving someone cash for a service that they pocket, not funnel through their employer. If you don't like the price of the food, don't eat there, completely separate issue from leaving a tip.
This is the essence of free market, allowing employees to earn additional compensation by going above and beyond what's expected. And competition has always enhanced quality of service and goods.

If you pay using screens, I'd say that's your real problem. Learn to start using hard currency.
48   Patrick   2022 Jul 22, 2:35pm  

I got back on Wednesday, and found this excellent magazine in Heathrow called The Critic https://thecritic.co.uk/

In the magazine was an ad for a "Covid-19 Souvenir Plate":

Memories are, clockwise:
- campaign of fear
- imprisoning the elderly
- forcibly closing small businesses
- banning childhood & education
- arresting picknickers
- assaulting protestors
and in the middle "wine & cheese in westminster"

Plate is by https://dungbeetlebooks.com/

I love these guys!
49   NDrLoR   2022 Jul 22, 4:49pm  

Patrick says

I bet a lot of them are supported here by Saudi oil money. Maybe even most of them.
And I expect they are on every kind of public assistance that exists.
50   Ceffer   2022 Jul 22, 6:07pm  

NDrLoR says

And I expect they are on every kind of public assistance that exists.

Like Iranians in California. They are rich suckers escaped with big bank accounts, but they glory in exploiting every fraud handout and scam that sucker US and Cali have.
52   Bd6r   2023 Nov 6, 5:15pm  

Patrick says

I got back on Wednesday, and found this excellent magazine in Heathrow called The Critic https://thecritic.co.uk/

They have articles by Titania McGrath


Double rapists can be ladies too
Only a bigot would deny Isla’s lived experience

Jesus Christ was a trans woman
It should have been obvious all along

Stop this fascist gaslighting
Without white progressives like me to supervise them, ethnic minorities are helpless and easily exploited
58   Patrick   2023 Dec 21, 9:40am  


In a 2022 interview, Russian dissident podcaster Konstantin Kissin pointed out to media host John Anderson that, "In Russia last year, 400 people were arrested for things they said on social media." Duh, we know... Russia bad (repeat often). Kissin is privileged to live in Britain, in the free world where, in 2021 only 3,300 people were arrested for things they said on social media. That sounds great, unless you're good at math, which, thankfully, is less and less of a problem in the free world. After all, math is racist. (here's a video of Kennesaw State University students working out that 15 x 4 = 48).

However, if we did embrace math and explored facts, Goethe's quote might strike much closer to home. For example, we might work out that in Great Britain, the cradle of western democracy, almost 17 times as many people per capita were arrested in 2021 over social media posts as in Russia! John Anderson was incredulous at what Kissin was telling him and he probed about what kind of posts could get you arrested in Britain. Kissin did offer one example. Another example recently made the news: one Michael Chadwell, a 62 year-old former Policeman earned himself a 6-month prison sentence over a meme he posted, not on social media but in a private WhatsApp group shared with former colleagues.

The meme showed a picture of multi-colored parrots and a picture of children from different ethnic groups with a question asking why diversity is celebrated in animal species and not humanity? A comment below the meme said, "Because I've never had a bike stolen out of my front yard by a parrot." Chadwell's offence was not in what he actually posted but what could be implied by it. Whatever.. good enough to give the man a six-month prison term! Thank you for your service, officer! ...

What if they’re freer than we are?
Could it be that Russia does have a respectable degree of media freedoms and that dissenting voices do get heard? Is that degree greater or lesser than what we have in the west? I don't know, but the book in which I published some of this research was banned in our free world, only 5 weeks after it was published in 2017: all it took was a letter from a US State Department lawyer to Amazon.com, and the book was disappeared (it is now only available from the RedPill Press).

Of course, I did fare much better than Julian Assange who has been rotting for years in a London dungeon, not far from where Bill Browder lives and works with various think tanks and NGOs that contrive much of the mud that is slung daily in the direction of Russia and her president by our media. Incidentally, Julian Assange has not been convicted of any crime. But whatever... we are free, Russia bad, China bad, Iran bad... We know that all this is true because our 'reputable media' told us so.

59   Patrick   2023 Dec 22, 10:27pm  

I had a video of that guy somewhere. He's great. Amazing that they could arrest him for saying he's English.
60   AmericanKulak   2023 Dec 23, 4:05am  

Patrick says


Yep, that's the Nazi party of Palestine. The hint is how "Palastina" is spelled. The falgs are from the ~2500 Germans of the Templar Colony's Nazi Booster Club, not Jews. Obviously most were deported out of the British Mandate during WW2. 4Chan is having a blast sharing this, but of course they don't know the origin. The consensus is those are British Army Intelligence/ or Mandate Authorities displaying captured Nazi Symp materials.


Here is the Yearbook of the Templar Colony Nazi Party Club, it's signed by Himmler himself.

Here is Haj Al-Husseini, himself a descendant of Ottoman-sponsored BOSNIAN immigration to Israel in the late 1800s as the area was always depopulated and except for Jerusalem which taxed pilgrims, a tax drain, meeting with Hitler. Husseini would spend the war helping organize the "Muslim Bosnian" SS Auxillary Brigade "Handschar" (Scimitar) which the Nazis used to kill Serbians.

63   Patrick   2024 Jan 10, 7:03pm  


UK Covid Vaccine Investigation 'Unexpectedly' Postponed

It took less time to develop Covid Vaccines than it does to start the investigation

The hearings have been postponed to occur ‘after the general election.’ ...

Why the connection to the ‘general election’? Is that related to the incumbents’ desire to keep their elected positions, which could be threatened by the ‘vaccine inquiry’? Are there hopes that COVID vaccine skeptics like Andrew Bridgen will lose their districts?

Are they hoping the general public will forget “Covid vaccines” by then?

Will there ever be an honest official “Covid inquiry”?
64   Patrick   2024 Jan 21, 12:21pm  


London police noticed muggings were on the uptick so they did an undercover op and arrested these guys

British police had secured 21 convictions to date on a group of 31 men who have been charged with a spree of muggings and theft in the capital city, London.

All of the men are first- or second-generation immigrants.

... Here are some of the names:

Sayid Mohamed
Mohammed Hamdani
Mohamed Khadir
Isaaq Mohamud
Amin Abdelkader
Ahmed Abdi
Abdullahi Osman
Nahim Ahmed
Minhaj Hussein
Shamsi Ali
Omar Hussein
Sharmarke Ali
Abdul Azizmohamed
Yousef Garef
Damilola Odunoren
Soul Kwakye-Amgpomah

Don't go using that brain of yours now - you wouldn't want to be called a racist!
65   richwicks   2024 Jan 21, 12:44pm  

AmericanKulak says

Yep, that's the Nazi party of Palestine. The hint is how "Palastina" is spelled.

I doubt it's authentic. I just did a reverse image search and came up with nothing to try to confirm it. What book is this from? What year is it?
67   Eric Holder   2024 Jan 25, 12:46pm  

richwicks says

I doubt it's authentic.

This is funny.
69   stereotomy   2024 Feb 13, 11:53am  

Patrick says

The teeth are too even for the english.
70   HeadSet   2024 Feb 13, 3:17pm  

stereotomy says

The teeth are too even for the english.

71   Patrick   2024 Feb 13, 3:23pm  

Lol, perfect!

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