Why memes are so effective

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2022 Jul 22, 6:32pm   30,331 views  335 comments

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lying with taut talking points or evocative images is easy. hell, that’s what they’re for.

but memes that lie mostly do not work.

they are not funny or evocative because the analogy fails. it’s code that won’t compile. only that which draws valid comparison sets off the associational informational cascade that leads to the vast enhancements in informational density that make this modality special.

and without that your meme loses its potency.

you can only tell people so much in a brief span.

that’s why they call it an “attention economy.”

the true meme gets you to run code you already have installed.

that’s why it is so powerful and why its effect cumulate.

we are just starting to see the capability of this jump in communication evolution.

it will shake worlds.

and this is a glorious thing.

it skewers everything.

no one is safe.

(not even if they were promised that there would be a monkey to help them)

the speed with which this can pour a spicy glass of “shut the hell up” and provoke real thought by eliciting and evoking analogy is unprecedented as is the sublime, anarchic free market to select and spread the best means of doing so.

once, the powers that be needed fear only a few cartoonists and voices and could easily suppress their spread. now you must fight against the full force of the insight and creativity of the global myriads and the relentless upvote of the informational instantiations which best work to convey meaning as infallibly adjudicated by an audience of billions that play off one another like jazz night at birdland.

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22   Tenpoundbass   2022 Nov 29, 6:38am  

Bd6r says

Rare to see more than 1 conservative sticker on truck. Usually just FJB or trump won or trump 2024 around here. Lefties on other hand plaster their puny cars with tens of stickers.

The MAGA hat, has got to be the biggest collection of new unused hats in the history of hats. People will have a brand New MAGA hat never worn in 20 years. They only time they get worn is a Trump rally.
23   Tenpoundbass   2022 Nov 29, 6:49am  

Proud of you Son!

25   Patrick   2022 Nov 29, 10:29am  

Tenpoundbass says

Proud of you Son!

This is appropriate behavior. It should be strongly rewarded by everyone.

If I ever see a tampon dispenser in a men's room, I will do the same thing.
29   HeadSet   2023 Jan 18, 7:51am  

They say "You won't fix anything by posting memes." What are they saying, we need to go after them?
36   Patrick   2023 Feb 13, 4:10pm  


Years of increasingly deranged cancel culture, of watching as friends that I’d thought to be intelligent, sane, balanced people on the right side of history got mind-jacked by the Skinner box and reduced little by little to little more than bugmen with little souls animated by little ideas about ‘equality’ and ‘justice’ that they wielded like daggers against everyone who looked like me ... one day, I thought to myself, these people are insane, everything they say is insane. So I started looking up those people being criticized the most viciously by the people I’d once respected. My introduction was Vox Day, who the science fiction writer Charles Stross was ripping on at the time. Vox’s blog and its comments section provided the entrance to the rabbit hole, and soon enough I’d discovered /pol/, right-wing podcasts, and all the rest. Over a period of weeks I immersed myself in the meme culture of the Alt-Right, and its savage humour ripped away my illusions and burnt away my emotional triggers with an agonizing, glorious catharsis. To enter the wilds of /pol/ in those days, even just to lurk, was akin to shamanic initiation, for it forced you to confront horrors, to face the possibility that everything you’d been taught to treat as sacred and beyond question was nothing more than a lie, that your entire worldview had been carefully constructed from raw falsehood ... and in the midst of this horror, to laugh. ...

The objections of the left, motivated as they are by resentful destructiveness and a hatred of all things beautiful and strong, are of little interest to me. The left merely wishes to emasculate men, to make them soft, pliable, self-effacing, and dependent, for the left feeds on weakness and misery – the weaker and more depressed its male extensions become, the more ferociously powerful the horde. The left is like an entropic vortex. To get sucked into it is to be subjected to a constant harassment of passive-aggressive discouragements that inexorably communicate, in a million different ways, through little comments and body-language and tone of voice, that physically powerful, virile men are to be regarded with suspicion. You don’t want to be one of those people. One of those gym-bros, those frat boys, those meatheads. Everyone knows it’s more important to be intelligent than strong, and being strong means you must also be very stupid. What are you wasting time in the gym for? Here, man, I made pot brownies, let’s talk about the gender spectrum. ...

So perhaps it is not to be wondered at that these objections crop up repeatedly. There is a certain kind of man to whom they appeal, indeed seem quite natural. I know this well, for I used to be just that sort of man. I made the same arguments, and I thought I was very funny and clever to make them. But they were just a cope. An excuse. A defence mechanism, to reassure myself that it was okay, indeed preferable, to be squishy and weak. After all, that meant I wasn’t wasting my time, I wasn’t one of those vain narcissists, I was one of the smart ones. All just cope and nonsense. ...

The dark lords of the World Economic Forum sought to trap us indoors, weakening our spirits as they paralyzed our bodies with the seductions of electronic comforts. The weak of body are weak in spirit, and easily ruled. I responded to this challenge with an inner howl whose intensity only grew over time. You would make me weak? I will become the opposite.
37   AmericanKulak   2023 Feb 13, 7:04pm  

Speaking to the above quoted text:

45   The_Deplorable   2023 Mar 22, 3:12pm  

Xi Jinping meets Putin:

Xi Jinping: There are changes going on now that haven't happened for 100 years. And we are moving these changes together.
Putin: I agree.
Xi Jinping: Take care of yourself, please, dear friend.
Putin: Happy road!


46   The_Deplorable   2023 Mar 22, 7:04pm  

The cordial meeting between Xi Jinping and Putin - this, from Bitchute:

"SCARY Comments Get Caught On Hot Mic, Showing China And Russia Are Becoming Closer Allies"

original link

48   The_Deplorable   2023 Mar 26, 10:55am  

This is the daughter of the President of The United States of America...


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