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What else?

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336   Patrick   2024 Mar 14, 12:37pm  


Gov Sanders Removes ‘X’ from Driver’s License & ID Gender: ‘Arkansas Will Not Endorse Nonsense’
337   AmericanKulak   2024 Mar 14, 12:44pm  

Sanders for Veep.
346   Ceffer   2024 Mar 22, 11:12pm  

Patrick says

Picture from Metal Gear computer game. I played that one.
350   Patrick   2024 Mar 25, 12:44pm  


Josh Sigurdson reports on the breaking video of Anderson Cooper getting confronted in Yelapa, Mexico over his support for the deadly injections and the big pharma propaganda he pushed for years including the well known lie that the vaccine was “95% safe and effective.”

The confrontation was done by Dan, a friend of Josh’s in Mexico and the owner of “Apocalypse Now Mexico” on Telegram. Dan has been speaking out about the fake virus and deadly injections since day one and left to Mexico from LA one day before Josh where they ended up meeting.

In this video, you will see the entire confrontation with Anderson Cooper, the 60 Minutes and CNN pharma shill who worked (and likely still does) for the CIA.

Millions are dead because of propaganda like that which was spread by Anderson Cooper.
351   NuttBoxer   2024 Mar 26, 6:48am  

Cooper family is heavily into the occult. Anderson's brother pictured here later committed "suicide".

352   Onvacation   2024 Mar 26, 7:35am  

Patrick says

If it says "white owned" it will be burned and looted. The vandals aren't smart enough to loot before they burn.
364   HeadSet   2024 Mar 28, 1:21pm  

Patrick says

Horse poop is mainly balls of dried grass. They should use good old cow poop to coat the bastards with a hard to remove horrible stench.
371   Patrick   2024 Mar 31, 3:26pm  


About The Queering of the American Child

American children are learning a lot about sex, “gender,” and sexuality in their schools. District administrators, teachers, and even librarians are obsessed with pushing inappropriate topics onto kids, all in the name of fostering “inclusion.” Children today learn that they were “assigned a sex at birth” and can change their sex or “gender” at will. Kids are no longer learning to read, write, or do math, but they are learning how to be “radical gender” activists. Meanwhile, school districts keep parents in the dark, hiding critical information about the health and well-being of their children from them.

American education wasn’t like this forty years ago. The cult of Queer Theory changed everything. Inspired by the religious teachings of Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Queer Activists “queered” American education. Schools are no longer teaching children how to flourish in society—they are initiating children into the cult of Queer Theory. Once initiated, children “experience the queer” as they adopt a new cult identity and embark on the destructive path of social and medical “transition.”

In this book, The Queering of the American Child, Logan Lancing and James Lindsay explain what Queer Theory is, where it comes from, how it got into schools, and what it’s doing to children nationwide. The cult of Queer Theory preys on children, and it must be understood if we are ever to stop the madness.
372   Patrick   2024 Apr 1, 9:41am  


Some masked midnight hoodlums — if you can believe this — daringly painted over a rainbow crosswalk in woke New Zealand, leading to a massive, island-wide manhunt to locate and bring to justice the unidentified hate mongers, who are literally worse than Hitler:

How dare they! The genocidal street painters were literally erasing rainbow people, whose endless alphabet acronym has grown so long and complicated I won’t even try to recite it, out of fear of omitting some thin-skinned group and thereby committing a hate crime myself.

People must be getting pretty sick of all the rainbow nonsense to take a risk like that. They’ll be canceled for sure, and they could even get life in prison, or worse. They could be forced to do community service at drag shows.
373   Patrick   2024 Apr 2, 10:57am  


Manhunt underway in New Zealand after three men paint over rainbow crosswalk. ...

You'd think these guys had robbed a bank or something to receive this much attention.

I'd argue that the painting of the pride flag on the street was vandalism in itself. As far as I'm concerned, these three men were out there doing community service.

Here's the men doing their work:

374   Patrick   2024 Apr 2, 11:00am  


Forest of the Fallen ||| Collaroy NSW
October 16, 2023

The Forest of the Fallen is a silent vigil of bamboo poles planted in the ground, each topped with a page of the story and photo of someone who was injured or killed by the covid jabs. The Forest of the Fallen was started in 2021 by Selkie, a Tasmanian mother of three, and has since spread throughout Australia. For more information see the website https://theforestofthefallen.com/

In this instance, the Forest of the Fallen has been set up in the sand by the seashore.

WOMAN'S VOICE: It's a beautiful morning here at Collaroy. We're set up thanks to the help is here. We're actually getting a lot of positive feedback. It's early yet so we expect quite a few more people to come by. But already a couple of people have come and told us their terrible stories of young people who had blood clots and had strokes. So we just hope the message is getting out there. But we feel it's definitely very worthwhile.
375   NuttBoxer   2024 Apr 2, 3:26pm  

One of the best resistance initiatives I've heard of. Hopefully it will progress to permanent monuments so we never forget..

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