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2022 Oct 1, 2:13pm   40,907 views  496 comments

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What else?

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416   HeadSet   2024 Apr 24, 5:53pm  

Patrick says

Also known as a "strike."
417   Patrick   2024 Apr 25, 3:25pm  

HeadSet says

Also known as a "strike."

Yes, but where the entire lower class (80% of the population?) goes on strike.
421   Patrick   2024 Apr 29, 5:00pm  


Arizona Republicans Officially Declare Covid Shots ‘Biological Weapons’

Worth a shot, so to speak!
435   HeadSet   2024 Apr 30, 2:54pm  

Patrick says

Is that why it is called a "banana clip?"
436   richwicks   2024 Apr 30, 4:53pm  

Patrick says

I doubt the story is true at all.

Why is everybody assuming that this story is true and priding endless banana memes?

I just assume it's false, and guess what, I'm often right to do that.
439   NuttBoxer   2024 May 1, 11:30am  

I think the banana memes are a hit because of how ludicrous the gun control nuts are.
440   🎂 UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2024 May 1, 11:51am  

NuttBoxer says

I think the banana memes are a hit because of how ludicrous the gun control nuts are.

What's with the banana menes?
445   Patrick   2024 May 12, 1:36pm  

Spotted in downtown Palo Alto today:

447   AmericanKulak   2024 May 12, 2:10pm  

Patrick says

The hero we didn't deserve!
448   Patrick   2024 May 14, 8:20pm  


Kind of extreme, but then, ballot drop boxes exist solely to facilitate election fraud by Democrats.
449   Patrick   2024 May 14, 8:23pm  

Patrick says

ballot drop boxes exist solely to facilitate election fraud by Democrats

Say, that makes a decent meme:

455   Patrick   2024 May 17, 2:01pm  


🔥🔥 There was clearly something in the atmosphere yesterday, as the news — and this post — scraped bottom. Fox 5 New York reporter Michelle Arezou Ross was on the scene, out in front of the Manhattan courthouse yesterday when a terrorist attack happened, sort of. An unmarked truck hauled up on the side of the street and, well, in Michelle’s own words, it kind of erupted, or discharged:

Someone just pulled up to the Donald Trump hush money trial outside Manhattan Criminal Court in a UHaul and released dozens of pink balloons in the shape of male genitalia with the faces of DA Alvin Bragg, Judge Juan Merchan, and Special Counsel Jack Smith on them.

Pro-Trump artist Scott LoBaido flashed a hundred genitally shaped balloons painted with the faces of Alvin Bragg, Judge Merchan, Judge Engoron, and Jack Smith into the open air right outside the Manhattan courthouse. The licentious balloons were part of a libidinous artistic display titled ‘D—ks of Hazard,' a provocative political commentary aimed at puriently criticizing everyone involved in President Donald Trump’s salacious prosecution.

If you think about it, the bawdy theme fit the trial. It accurately mocked the case’s subject matter. There’s a higher level of criticism that can, if you squint hard enough, be found in the lubricious commentary.

Scott’s satirical efforts were cleverly creative — well, at least middle-school clever — and it obviously took a lot of hard work, so I hate to criticize. After all, who among us can even say what ‘art’ is these days? It depends on what you mean by, ‘art.’ But the bawdy artist pointedly missed the most pressing target: David Pecker, the state’s first witness rising against the President. Is that David Pecker in your U-Haul? Or are you just glad to see me?

Maybe not effective resistance, but fun.

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