Many toxxine mandates remain

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Viral News NY
#happeningnow in #NYC.
FDNY members shutdown the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC and demand NYC drop all the mandates.

Not to mention that foreigners have to get the death jab just to enter the US:


The US military also remains betrayed by its government. Why would anyone in the US military fight at all when they have already been betrayed by the US government?

But all this is overshadowed by what the insane vaxxers are planning to do to school children now that the corrupt CDC has chosen Pfizer profits above the health of children.

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62   Patrick   2023 Jan 10, 7:44pm  


End These Travel Restrictions Now

Once again, the US government has extended the vaccination-only policy for foreign travelers, this time to April and probably later. It’s a devastating announcement for millions of people without US passports who want to come to the US to visit friends and family or otherwise engage in professional and educational activities the way they used to. Potentially some 3 billion people are affected.

It is not sufficient to merely end the mandates.

The genocidal criminals who imposed the mandates must be hanged:

63   Patrick   2023 Jan 14, 8:01pm  


In a groundbreaking decision filed today, NY State (NYS) Supreme Court Judge Gerard Neri held that the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers is now “null, void, and of no effect.” The court held that the NYS Dept. of Health lacked the authority to impose such a mandate as this power is reserved to the state legislature. Furthermore, the court found that the mandate was “arbitrary and capricious” as COVID-19 vaccines do not stop transmission, vitiating any rational basis for a mandate.

WAY the fuck too late.
64   Patrick   2023 Feb 10, 10:50am  


House Republicans just voted to end the vax mandate for foreign air travelers, but 201 Dems voted to keep it ...

I was shocked to read that. The United States is sacrificing her status as a beacon of freedom in exchange for medical tyranny harsher than anywhere else in the world.

The White House, however, said it's opposed to the bill on Tuesday. The lasting vaccine requirement "has allowed loved ones across the globe to reunite while reducing the spread of COVID-19 and the burdens it places on the health care system in the United States," the administration said.


65   mell   2023 Feb 10, 10:54am  

See there is a clear difference between Republicans and Demonrats and between the modern leftoids and the right
66   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 Feb 10, 11:32am  

Patrick says


They've politicized science. Just keep repeating their platform messaging over and over again.

I watched an interview where a local reporter was questioning the demented NY state governor. Why not re-hire the nurses who were fired for refusing the toxxine? The hospitals are short-staffed and wait times are increasing.

Governor Botox: We will not re-hire these nurses, as we must continue to provide a safe environment for all of our patients.

Door wide open, just ask her how this works as the toxxines do not prevent the spread of the disease.

But no, the dopey reporter did not take advantage of the incredible opportunity to expose the toxic gas bag. Aaaaaarrrgghhh!!!!
67   Patrick   2023 Feb 25, 3:41pm  


Tyranny & Cowardice at Yale
Students "required" to receive COVID bivalent booster, faculty "encouraged"

If you want to understand why Yale administrators and certain medical science professors are a bunch of HHS toadies, look no further than the above chart. A clearer illustration of how the Department of Health and Human Services (and its subsidiary NHS) has extended its stupefying power across American institutions would be harder to find. ...

Students whose parents are paying Yale a bloody fortune so that their kids can be indoctrinated by the college’s ideologically possessed staff must receive novel, gene transfer injections KNOWN to cause myocarditis, especially in young men, but its faculty and staff are only “encouraged” to receive them. One wonders if this is a test to gauge the stupidity of parents and students.
68   richwicks   2023 Feb 25, 3:49pm  

Patrick says

One wonders if this is a test to gauge the stupidity of parents and students.

I think this is a test of moral character and financial independence and self sufficiency.
69   Ceffer   2023 Feb 25, 3:54pm  

I imagine higher echelon dynastics (Skull and Bones et. alia Masons) in the student body get placebos or fakes, or are just exempt. The struggling technocrat poindexter wannabes or diversity implants are the ones that are fungible.
In the privates and Ivies, there will always be those 'universities within the university' that are only for narrow elites. The 'universities within the universities' will remain intact, even if the rest are sacrificial lambs.

The rest of the add on university growth segments were for brand name extension and broader corporate monetization.
70   Patrick   2023 Mar 2, 7:42pm  


While we have seen a recent flurry of colleges/universities that have dropped COVID-19 vaccine mandates, we are still hovering at around 1000 colleges that mandate primary series vaccines, just under 250 colleges that mandate one booster dose and 21 colleges that specifically mandate the bivalent booster which means that if a student already took a monovalent booster that student would need to take a second booster to be up-to-date as per the college COVID-19 vaccine policy.

To help you navigate this continued nonsense and avoid the dangers of forced COVID-19 vaccination, one of our volunteers collected a list of colleges that have NEVER mandated these experimental medical treatments. ...

Aletheia Christian College (Idaho)

Bethlehem College & Seminary (Minnesota)

Boyce College (Kentucky)

Christendom College (Virginia)

Faith Bible College (Maine)

Grove City College (Pennsylvania)

Gutenberg College (Oregon)

Hildegard College (California)

Hillsdale College (Michigan)

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (Tennessee)

Monticello College (Utah)

New College Franklin (Tennessee)

New Saint Andrews College (Idaho)

Patrick Henry College (Virginia)

Pensacola Christian College (Florida)

Principia College (Illinois) (C19 vaccine mandate but waivers to opt-out were always easily granted)

Sattler College (Massachusetts)

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Kentucky)

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Texas)

Weimar University (California)

Wyoming Catholic College (Wyoming)
71   Patrick   2023 Mar 7, 11:31am  

If Harvard wants to kill off its students, it's hard to get that upset.
72   Patrick   2023 Mar 12, 7:51pm  

Whoever implemented this requirement must be hanged with the other mass murderers who mandated the toxxine.
76   The_Deplorable   2023 Apr 1, 10:43am  

Patrick says

In other words...

77   Patrick   2023 Apr 6, 9:32pm  


💉 Our long international nightmare is over! Sort of. The TSA announced yesterday that the jab passport requirement for international visitors to the U.S. will end on May 11th, when covid will magically no longer be a threat to anybody.

Technically, the TSA hasn’t actually said anything, they just extended the prior deadline, and could potentially extend the passport requirement again. But the short term of the extension — just one month — and the fact the May 11th date was the same one Biden originally announced as the date the state of emergency would end makes most folks conclude this might really be it.

Maybe Novak Djokovic will be purified and cleansed of his impurities on May 11th, and might actually get to play tennis in the U.S. this year.
78   Patrick   2023 May 1, 1:39pm  


University of California COVID vaccine mandate policy is under review yet again.

We learned today in an email reply from the General Counsel’s office that the University of California COVID vaccine mandate policy is under review yet again. The last time the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) updated the systemwide COVID vaccine policy was on December 12, 2022. Previous to this update, the COVID vaccine requirements were the primary series and one booster dose. Beginning December 12, 2022, community members were eligible to “opt-out” of booster requirements (except healthcare workers).

The University of California Schools Can No Longer Ignore Public Push Back

On July 15, 2021, the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) announced that faculty, staff, and students would be required to take the primary series COVID-19 vaccine for “the safety and well-being of the entire university community”. On December 21, 2021, the UCOP updated the UC Vaccine Policy requiring all community members to receive the COVID-19 monovalent booster before January 31, 2022. While the UCs announced that medical and religious exemptions would be considered; for many, they were not easy to get…

As stated in our previous post, time is of the essence to voice our concerns over the unscientific and unethical nature of these coercive policies.

Please take some time today to email the General Counsels and the Chancellors of each of the UC colleges to urge them to drop their COVID vaccine mandates most especially while their policy is under review.

Thank you all.

General Counsel:
Deputy General Counsel:

79   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 May 1, 1:47pm  

So how can this be? Folks at the top cannot afford be seen to be incompetent naked emperors. The same goes for the clueless droves of yes men and women backing them up. So what to do when you are the cornered cockroach in the kitchen under the illumination of the flashlight? Continue to maintain pretenses and hope it all blows over. But never, ever admit you were wrong.
81   Patrick   2023 May 25, 7:54pm  


LAUSD Firing Unvaccinated Teachers and Staff – Even With Teacher Shortage
District offering $5,000 bonuses to new, right out of college, non-credentialed teachers

By Katy Grimes, May 23, 2023
84   Patrick   2023 Jul 12, 8:15pm  


Santa Clara University Students Must Take COVID Vaccines or Withdraw
85   Patrick   2023 Jul 14, 9:04pm  


Maine Becomes Latest US State to End COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Health Care Workers
Moronic mandates when the data show the vaccinated are now more likely to catch COVID.
86   richwicks   2023 Jul 14, 9:07pm  

I'm glad I'm not between 18 and 22 today.

The next time some mandate bullshit like this happens again, we have to push back 10x as hard. Kids can't make intelligent decisions, they have too much trust in "authorities".

What we really need to do, is undermine that trust.
87   Patrick   2023 Jul 25, 5:54pm  


The pandemic is over. We all know the COVID-19 vaccine did not work “as promised” or become even slightly effective. So, why are these 104 colleges still mandating we inject this harmful shot into our children and young adults?

Answer: because they are willing to maim or kill their students to maintain grants tied to imposing the death jab.
88   Ceffer   2023 Jul 25, 6:07pm  

Universities: "Between being educated with the woke and false garbage we feed them or dead, we decided they were better off dead, anyway, and the sanctified survival of our university bureaucracies remain intact."
89   Patrick   2023 Aug 3, 2:12pm  


Dr. Clayton Baker Urges Santa Clara University to Drop Their COVID Vaccine Mandates
90   Patrick   2023 Aug 10, 1:24pm  


Just the original two shots, which, of course, are no longer available for most adults. (In April, the Food and Drug Administration changed its recommendation for first-time vaccinations from the two-dose regimen tested in the clinical trials to “a single dose of a bivalent vaccine” - even though we have literally NO evidence of how that vaccine works in unjabbed people. Because science!)

And even for remote employees? Especially for remote employees, friend, the Times is looking out for you!

Besides, a Covid jab requirement is the most efficient way to make sure no one who isn’t woke accidentally slips through. ...

Across the Hudson River from the Times, Rutgers University - New Jersey’s state university, best known for a football team that was held scoreless by the Big 10 powerhouses Minnesota and Maryland last year - is also requiring Covid shots for its students:

All students - including new, returning, transfer, and visiting students - are required to have received the COVID 19 primary vaccination series (two doses) OR the bivarient (one dose) OR have an approved medical or religious exemption.

The most egregious part of this mandate is that whoever wrote it couldn’t even be bothered to get the name of the new shot right. It’s not bivarient, it’s bivalent.

It causes myocarditis either way, though!

92   Patrick   2023 Aug 16, 3:36pm  


Rutgers Set to Disenroll Students on August 15th if Not Compliant with COVID Vaccine Mandates

AUG 16, 2023
93   Ceffer   2023 Aug 16, 5:52pm  

A lot of remaining mandates might reflect the concentration camp guards' efforts to make themselves appear believers following orders rather than complicit murderers and maimers. Either that, or they are still getting money for their treachery.
97   Patrick   2023 Sep 14, 11:53am  


Providence Hospital System Announces New Mandatory COVID Vaccines for Healthcare Workers
By: Jason Walsh
September 14, 2023
98   Patrick   2023 Sep 15, 2:22pm  


Institutions that continue to enforce the vaccine mandates are responsible for a lot of social carnage. Students are isolated, employees are fired, parents are shamed, friendships are ruined, and families are torn apart. College students, in particular, are facing a deeply unconstitutional and unethical medical mandate that violates one of our fundamental liberties as American citizens.

In order to attend some colleges in the US, particularly some of the most elite universities, prospective students are required to receive the initial series of the COVID-19 vaccine, and sometimes, a booster as well. Those who remain unvaccinated are left with no choice but to scramble for an exemption or forgo college altogether. ...

Sovereignty over our bodies is the most fundamental of all human freedoms. If we don’t own our own bodies, what do we own?

Everyone who mandates the toxxine must be hanged.

This includes everyone at every university who mandated the toxxine. They must be hanged.
99   Ceffer   2023 Sep 15, 3:49pm  

Maybe some should just be hanged a little bit, until they choke out and bite their tongues, then sent to prison to be nuzzled by Bubba.
100   Patrick   2023 Sep 17, 3:41pm  


One of the three judges admitted he was “shocked” and “floored” by LAUSD’s ongoing Covid-19 vaccine mandate for its employees as well as by LAUSD’s “irrational” justification for the policy.

Another judge expressed his concern over the breadth of the district court’s decision and declared that the district court’s rationale was clearly wrong.

When LAUSD’s counsel, Connie Michaels, addressed the panel, the judges peppered her with questions, such as: Does it matter whether the shot stops transmission? If the shots don’t stop transmission, what’s the argument for them? Is there any law anywhere that qualifies Jacobson? [Jacobson is a lawsuit brought to the US Supreme Court in 1905, which will be explained in further detail below.] What is the rational basis for saying that a vaccine mandated three years ago continues to work today? What if LAUSD is still requiring the shot twenty years from now, when there is no emergency? How did the school district come up with the premise that it doesn’t matter whether the shot is effective or not? ...

At issue for the plaintiffs is whether LAUSD violated their fundamental right to privacy under the substantive component of the Due Process Clause of the US Constitution. Further, the plaintiffs assert that the vaccine mandate is arbitrary, since it classifies people based on vaccination status in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

The plaintiffs contend that LAUSD acted arbitrarily when it fired hundreds of employees and displaced hundreds more who had requested exemptions to the mandate. Moreover, the terminations took place even though it was already known that the injections prevented neither transmission nor infection. Thus, the plaintiffs contend, the injections amounted to nothing more than a therapeutic, lacking any public health justification, and as such are a private matter.

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