Doctors WILL kill you if it's profitable for them

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I found this first hand account from BangkokTruthSeeker compelling. How are the hospitals now in Thailand or elsewhere? I’m curious about everyone’s experiences.



First a bit of background: I lived in Bangkok from 1995-2015. In 2015, I moved to Vietnam for a wonderful job opportunity – the best job of my life – by far. I was enjoying my life in Vietnam – until late in the second year of COVID. At one point in late 2021, the lockdowns there were so strict that we were not even allowed to go out to buy food. That was manageable for the Vietnamese, who were able to get food through their personal connections. But for me as a foreigner, it was a traumatic experience that I hope I never have to go through again.

One day during the total lockdown, in a conversation with my boss, he mentioned to me that he was not satisfied with the performance of one of my junior colleagues. I told my boss that I would go to the office when the lockdown ended and train this colleague myself. My boss replied that “Unless you have been vaccinated since we last spoke, you’re going to have to find another solution, as you won’t be allowed to enter the office building without being vaccinated.” (I realized very early in the “pandemic” that the people pushing these “vaccines” had ulterior motives – motives that had nothing to do with public health – so I refuse(d) to get “vaccinated” for COVID, and to this day I remain unvaccinated. Surprisingly though, I was the only person in my company of around 200 employees who refused to get “vaccinated”.)

When my boss told me that I could not go to the office again without being vaccinated, I realized that I had no choice but to leave Vietnam. The obvious destination for me was Thailand, which was not far away, and where I knew my way around based on having lived there for 20 years prior to relocating to Vietnam. But there were many obstacles to getting myself back to Thailand. For one, I am a citizen of a country that does not have visa-free entry to Thailand, so I needed a visa to enter the country. But the Thai consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, where I was living, was closed – for weeks – without any indication of when it would open again. So there was no way for me to get a visa. I was feeling really trapped.

Eventually I retained the services of an “agent” – who was able to get me a Thai tourist visa (and arrange my Thailand Pass), despite the consulate being closed. It was the best $200 I ever spent.

After essentially abandoning all my life’s possessions that I could not carry with me on the plane, I flew to Thailand on 1 December 2021. (My employer had paid to ship all my belongings to Vietnam when I moved there from Bangkok, but they would not pay to ship my things back to Thailand – since it was my decision to leave Vietnam.) And when somebody else is paying to ship your things, it makes sense to ship EVERYTHING – whether it makes economic sense or not. But when you have to pay for the shipping yourself, you have to ask yourself if it makes sense to pay $5,000 to ship $3,000 worth of stuff. Obviously, it doesn’t. So I made some of my dear Vietnamese friends and colleagues happy by leaving many of my things with them. I also lost the $1,600 deposit on my apartment due to breaking my 3-year lease after 2½ years.

Two days before flying, I did a PCR test, which was negative, and upon arrival in Bangkok I did another PCR test, which was also negative. I was looking forward to spending the next 10 nights in my lovely quarantine hotel. (At the time, as you might recall, unvaccinated people were required to quarantine for 10 nights, at an approved quarantine hotel, paid for in full in advance.) On the fifth night of my quarantine, I developed a fever right before going to bed. I was at first reluctant to think that I might have COVID because of all the testing I had already done, not to mention the wrench that it would throw into my plans. I also couldn’t imagine how I could have caught COVID in a place where everyone was supposed to be COVID-free. I sweated and froze all that night, but by morning I was feeling a little better. At first, I wasn’t going to say anything to the hotel about this, but then I realized that if I had COVID, it would be better to deal with it as soon as possible, so I took the self-test that I had brought with me from Ho Chi Minh City. It was VERY positive.

At this point I started my self-treatment regimen with the arsenal of medicines that I had brought with me from Vietnam, all of which are available over the counter for very cheap. (Ivermectin, fluvoxamine, vitamins D and C, zinc, colchicine, aspirin, etc.) I notified the hotel of my situation and the next day they arranged another PCR test for me. That test was also positive. Within two hours of getting that positive test result, I was whisked away in an ambulance to the hotel’s partner hospital. They threw me out of the hotel as if I were a leper, but not without keeping the remaining $300 of my payment for services not rendered. (There were no refunds from quarantine hotels if you test positive during your stay.) And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they even charged me $1.25 extra for some bread I had eaten one day beyond my normal daily allotment - and despite the fact that they kept $300 of my paid-for-but-not-used services. (I suggested to them that they could deduct that $1.25 from the $300 of my money they had kept, but they said that that was a different department. Ha.) I thought that was very small minded of them.

One very good thing about the quarantine hotel was that the other long-stayers there, like me, were all anti-vaxxers, by definition. And I met some very interesting people who are on the same page as I am on all of this, one in particular, a lovely, decent and brilliant 72-year-old American guy. People like that gave me the strength to stick to what I knew was the truth about the “vaccines”.

In the end I spent a total of 12 nights (and $14,000 – all covered by my wonderful company insurance, thankfully), in the hospital recovering. Strangely, I never had any actual symptoms: none of the usual coughing, difficulty breathing, etc. All of my issues were detectable only by (mostly expensive) testing: COVID pneumonia, blood clotting and low blood oxygen level.

During my first few days in the hospital, my condition was going downhill pretty fast (at least according to the tests – again, I never felt ANYTHING). I eventually realized what was going on when I asked the doctor what the solution to my deterioration was: “REMDESIVIR”, she said! I thought that everybody in the world knew by then that Remdesivir is a poison, and my greatest fear was being forced to take it. So you can imagine my shock when this was the FIRST AND ONLY “solution” that my doctor proposed!

Here is a good video describing the lethality of Remdesivir:

original link

I spent the next three days fending off their attempts to “save” me with Remdesivir – while they neglected all other treatments! It was really my low point, as I felt that they were quite willing to kill me – for the additional income Remdesivir would generate for the hospital. But I knew enough about it to refuse it. Every day the nurses would come into my room and tell me, “Just take the Remdesivir. It will help you. We give it to all the farangs.” And one of the only two times the doctor actually visited me in person in my hospital room was to try to convince me to take Remdesivir. I showed her an article by even the corrupt WHO, sent to me by a friend, which said that Remdesivir is NOT a helpful treatment for COVID:


The doctor replied, “The reason the WHO does not recommend Remdesivir is not because it doesn’t work. They don’t recommend it because it doesn’t reduce mortality.” Can you believe she said that? Actually, not only does Remdesivir not REDUCE mortality, it practically GUARANTEES it!

On her final attempt to convince me to accept this poison, I mentioned to the nurse that in addition to not working and being dangerous, it’s also expensive. She replied, “Don’t worry. Your insurance will cover the cost.” Aha, so the hospital had already checked! I knew that my insurance would cover it, but they had checked on it – because it’s so lucrative for hospitals to use it. (I have since learned that in the US, the government adds a 20% bonus to the TOTAL bill of COVID patients who are “treated” with Remdesivir instead of ivermectin, etc.) Now what could be the point of that – other than to steer “treatment” in a certain (fatal) direction – to make COVID appear to be more deadly than it really was?

Anyway, after three days of my steadfast refusal to take Remdesivir, they finally more or less gave up on trying to force it on me. But not before they made me sign a form saying that I refused the "proper" treatment and that they could therefore not take responsibility for the outcome of my stay in the hospital. Is that any way to treat a patient? To try to kill him with a known poison – and then to tell him that if he doesn’t take the poison, the hospital will not be responsible for his survival? What a scary thing for a patient to have to go through!

So, after all that, when they saw that I would not accept the Remdesivir, they FINALLY started treating me with an acceptable anti-viral – favipiravir – and steroids (dexamethasone). This seemed to stabilize my condition a bit, if not improve it. This continued for about three days – with constant monitoring of my blood clotting and blood oxygen level – with no discernible improvement.

Then a miracle happened: I got my daily health newsletter by email from Dr. Mercola, in which he conducted an interview with Dr. Robert Malone. In this interview, Dr. Malone had mentioned some trials using a cheap, over-the-counter heartburn medication that seemed to work very well in the treatment of COVID: Famotidine. By sheer coincidence, I had briefly read about this medicine while I was still in Vietnam, so I bought a box of it before coming to Thailand. (I am a bit of a prepper, and I would rather have ten medicines that I don’t need than not have the one that I do need. I also had a few other medicines that I never used, but I had them just in case - because they were so cheap - and readily available over the counter in Vietnam.)

Anyway, I tried to convince the doctor to let me at least try this medicine Famotidine, as I didn’t see much downside in it. Actually, the medicine is meant to be taken with another medicine, but the doctor talked me out of taking that other medicine with it because I was already on blood thinners for my blood clots. In the end I think that was the right call by the doctor, and I think it was the ONLY useful thing she did for me. During my discussions with the doctor, she told me that this study by Dr. Malone was just a small one and it was not peer reviewed. But actually, that was the point of the article by Dr. Mercola: Dr. Malone’s paper about his study had passed peer review THREE TIMES, but the medical journals STILL refused to publish it, as they didn’t want to spread any information about cheap treatments that might reduce the willingness of people to take the killer vaccines.

Perhaps you can guess what happened next: Just TWO HOURS after my very first dose of this Famotidine, my condition started improving. My blood oxygen level finally started rising a bit – for the first time. And within 48 hours, my blood clotting had largely resolved itself, as did my COVID pneumonia. (A CAT scan was done the next day, and there was already no longer any sign of blood clotting.) Of course, the doctors assumed that it was their “treatment” that helped/saved me, but I know what I experienced – and this Famotidone is what saved me. And fast! From that point my condition improved so rapidly that I was able to be released from the hospital just a couple of days after starting that medication. Make of that what you will.

I left that hospital shortly before Christmas of 2021. It took another month or so for my health to return to normal. I have no long-term effects from COVID. This I attribute to my vitamin D level having been very high (I tested it just before I caught COVID and it was 91ng/ml, a VERY healthy level), as well as all of the good medications that I treated myself with while in the hospital, as well as the fact that I managed to avoid the Remdesivir.

This experience has caused me to lose all trust in not only the Thai but the worldwide medical system. I would have never imagined that a hospital would be so willing to risk my life for a few thousand extra dollars. (At one point I thought of offering the doctor the $3,000 cash that I happened to have with me to start my new life in Thailand – if she would cure me without Remdesivir. But that would have made my knowledge of her plan too obvious to her.)

I don’t want to say that my quarantine hotel somehow deliberately infected me with COVID (although I don’t know how I was able to catch it while in quarantine), and I don’t want to say that the hospital that I was forced into just tried to extract as much money from me as possible while not caring about my health. But I will say that both the hotel and the hospital benefited greatly from my misfortune.

Anyway, I am happy to have this ordeal behind me – and I am happy to be living in Thailand, where I have at least some freedom – as much as exists anywhere in the world these days, I suppose. Meanwhile, sad to say, tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people have already died from these “vaccines” – and many more will die from them in the coming years. I just hope that the criminals who foisted these vaccines on the world will someday be held to account.

Finally, I would be very interested to know if anybody else managed to catch COVID during their stay in a quarantine hotel in Thailand. As I said, the quarantine hotels and the hospitals had every incentive to see to it that their guests/patients caught COVID during their forced quarantine.

Thanks for reading, and stay un”vaccinated”!”

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92   AmericanKulak   2023 Dec 14, 6:43pm  

Another great thing the FL legislature did was eliminate the ban on stores selling cans and dry goods past a "Best By" date.

You can now also donate them to food banks, too.

Always thought that was a stupid thing. Canned Goods from the 19thC have been opened and eaten; the best buy dates are set with standards way beyond anything remotely reasonable.

FL also has been steadily libertarianizing Statist food prep laws. Here's the cottage business law under the "Home Sweet Home" bill that passed:

They correctly liberalized it (in the true meaning of the term) from $50k gross sales to $250k.

The microgreens lady was telling me that she has to rent a garage workshop simply because the microgreens are vegetable matter, so she can't pack and sell them from her house. Stupid.
93   Patrick   2023 Dec 15, 3:57pm  

https://vigilantfox.substack.com/p/dr-paul-marik-exposes-the-biggest (paywall)

“It’s impossible to talk about COVID without looking at our health care system. And our health care system is a hoax,” declared Dr. Paul Marik, who is the second-most-published critical care physician in the world, to a packed audience at the Florida COVID summit.

“And so, my advice to you: don’t get sick, don’t go to the hospital, because they’re going to kill you.” Instead of seeking help from the hospital, Dr. Marik recommended eating right, sleeping right, getting enough sunshine, lowering stress, and taking care of your lifestyle because, again, “The medical system will kill you.”

Dr. Marik shared a graph comparing life expectancies between different countries and health care expenditure per capita. America ranked dead last on life expectancy despite spending far more on health care than any other nation.

“We have a big problem,” said Dr. Marik. “And what you may not know is the life expectancy of Americans has gone down in the last three years — by three years. And how did that happen? Well, according to the White House, it’s global warming. The only explanation they have.”

“The other thing, which is terrifying,” Dr. Marik continued, “the US makes up 5% of the world’s population, yet we consume 55% of the prescription medications. This tells you how sick Americans are — that 55% of the world’s consumption of medication is in this country. We are sick people.”
94   gabbar   2023 Dec 16, 2:58am  

Despite the common notion that cholesterol medication reduces heart disease, Marik called it the “great cholesterol myth.”
Why is cholesterol medication a myth? Marik said:
“Lowering your cholesterol won’t prevent heart disease. It’s called a myth. It’s a hoax.” “What do statins do?” he asked. “They increase your risk of diabetes. They increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia — yet they are the most commonly-prescribed drugs in this country.”

Source: https://vigilantfox.substack.com/p/dr-paul-marik-exposes-the-biggest
95   gabbar   2023 Dec 16, 3:00am  

Our country has changed. Having a contrarian view was valued, not anymore, you become a target now and are taken down quickly.
96   gabbar   2023 Dec 16, 4:03am  

Patrick says

We are sick people.

This is not untrue.
99   charlie303   2023 Dec 16, 11:15am  

Dr Pierre Kory is one of the few voices I actually listen to regards covid. He recently launched a book on Ivermectin which has probably contributed to having his license revoked.

The powers that be are still fighting this war.


100   AmericanKulak   2023 Dec 16, 2:03pm  

The Red Cross is full of shit, too.

They refuse to meet, check on, or deliver medicine to kids being held hostage.

Remember the charging for blankets and coffee during Katrina and other US disasters recently? They're like WHO.
101   Patrick   2023 Dec 30, 10:45am  


My only child is dead because of the lies, and the hospital covid white coat assassins !

On the advice of our trusted neighborhood doctor, we found ourselves in Northwell Glen Cove Hospital. I, naively believing we were in capable hands, overrode Danielle's apprehensions and insisted on the hospital visit for her well-being.

A kind nurse helped us unearth records from two years ago that showed Danielle's ER test results then - normal vitals, no signs of fever, and clear lungs. Tragically, Dr. Heather Meiselman, the hospitalist, chose not to share with me Danielle's current normal vitals or her plan to admit Danielle for sepsis. HEATHER MEISELMAN decision to condemn Danielle to death was motivated by financial gain, and she actively participated in fraudulent activities by deceiving others about her normal vital signs.

Dr. Andrews, the next doctor to enter our room, brought with her an air of fear that instantly filled me with dread. She dropped the bombshell that Danielle had contracted COVID pneumonia and needed immediate admission. Little did Danielle and I know that we were entering a realm where informed consent, patient rights, and compassionate care would soon become alien to us.

On the 6th day in the hospital with Danielle, I was misled by the hospital into believing I could leave Danielle's side and return later. However, upon reaching home an hour later, I was informed that I couldn't return without a negative COVID test result. The medical staff, acting less like caregivers and more like assassins, isolated Danielle, denying her even the comfort of communication devices like her iPad or phone. This left her alone and filled with anxiety, devoid of any comfort or companionship. As a young adult with special needs, Danielle should never have been left alone. This was just the beginning of our fight against an unexpectedly callous medical system.

Both my husband and I tested positive for COVID-19. Danielle was alone for three days until her dad arrived from Florida. The doctor insisted daily that Danielle needed to be put on a ventilator. When I asked if the doctor would do the same if Danielle were his daughter, he deceived me and said, “YES” by assuring that it would only be for a short period of time, I agreed.

Danielle, already vulnerable and helpless, was not only restrained to the bed, but underwent the unimaginable ordeal of harm, torture, and abuse. She was cruelly deprived of the basic human necessities of food and water. The main physicians involved in this inhumane treatment of willfully, overdosing, and subsequent death of Danielle's health where Farzin Rahmanou DO, Syed Iqbal DO, Dava Klirsfeil MD, David Brieff MD, Wazhma Hossani MD, and Lisa Chen DO. Physician assistants: Anand Kumar, Edward Wansor, Mike Malevat, Sidney A. Obas, Christopher Taiwo, Richard Ragusa, Alexandra Cardinal, and Milan Patel, also played a part in this tragic narrative. Nurses: Tsege Gebre RN, Leslyn Henry RN, Laura Chin RN, Alissa Madison RN, Erin Picca RN, Madelyn Roman RN, Jane San Juan RN, Adam Atlas RN, Maritza Jasmine Gallagher RN,Jinsy Jacob RN,Mellissa N Madision RN,Ivan Savitski RN,Diana Ruiz RN, Andrea Marchese RN, Blinda Abelarde RN, Jamie Hodne RN, Alexander Saleh RN, Stephanie Bernabel RN, Lucianne Fenza RN,Christine Nolan RN, Marie Gessie Vertis RN, Yasin Ali Abdurrasheed RN, Frances Racine RN, Wellhem Costes RN, Tiana Vincuillo RN, Michelle Fajardo RN.

An appalling cocktail of lethal drugs, including Fentanyl, Midazolam, Lorazepam, Propofol, Precedex were administered in excessive dosages. Intentionally and willfully overdosing caused irreversible harm to Danielle, resulting in heart failure and the development of pulmonary fibrosis due to prolonged misuse of the ventilator. Moreover, they watched her deteriorate and callously administered additional drugs for financial gain and to hasten her demise, while she suffered from multiple organ failures.

The swift and horrifying decline in Danielle's health was not a consequence of her COVID diagnosis but rather the calculated and deliberate actions of these medical professionals. These so-called healers, these "white-coat assassins", took the role of God upon themselves, their smiles masking their ghastly intentions, and on October 6th, 2021, 40 days after she entered Northwell Glen Cove Hospital, New York they tragically snuffed the life out of our beloved Danielle.
102   Booger   2023 Dec 30, 10:56am  

Patrick says

Dr. Heather Meiselman

Every single time!!!

103   Patrick   2023 Dec 30, 1:45pm  


My brother was in the hospital being murdered with Remdesivir and a ventilator which we begged them not to use. We also asked for him to receive Ivermectin and they only relented and gave it to him 5 days later after being threatened with a lawsuit. By all accounts this is far too late to make a difference. (also we don't know for sure that they did give it to him, just that they say they did, reluctantly)

They also refused monoclonal antibodies. They also stated and it is in their hospital notes that he was getting agitated and starting to wake up so they administered more propofol and fentanyl to calm him down.(put him back into his medically induced coma),. They also only gave him 500 mg of Vit C daily (after we begged them) and no other nutrition.

During his stay, my sister who was there trying to save him, called every attorney in town to find some help. We were already planning to sue the hospital for not following any of our wishes. She noticed the nurses didn't have name tags, or if they did, there were no last names. So she asked the hospital administrator how to find out the names of the nurses. The administrator told my sister that those nurses in the Covid ward were not hospital employees and she did not have access to their records as they worked for FEMA.
106   Patrick   2023 Dec 31, 8:50pm  


My interview with former Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa nurse Gail Macrae is the single most devastating interview I’ve done since I first started speaking out against the COVID vaccine in May 2021.

Key points of the interview include:

Hospitals were actually empty when the press told us they were full.

90% or more of the COVID deaths were actually caused by the treatment protocols dictated from above, not the virus. There were both early treatments as well as inpatient treatments available that reduced the COVID death rate by over 90%.

The COVID vaccines increased all-cause mortality in hospitals by up to 80% according to one ICU doctor I spoke to who worked in the same hospital as Gail and made meticulous notes on patient outcomes.

One of the potential reasons people believed that there was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is that the EMR systems were programmed to default all COVID cases to unvaccinated and nurses weren’t told how to change it.

After the vaccines rolled out for an age group is when the hospitals started seeing very unusual things they’ve never seen or rarely seen before for that age group.

Doctors are still afraid to speak out.

Bottom line: it wasn’t the virus that caused the pandemic. It was our response to the virus (top-down dictated treatment protocols and vaccination directives) that caused nearly all the morbidity and mortality. It was all preventable had we listened to the people that our government wanted to silence.

Hospitals: "Yes, we killed hundreds of thousands of people for money, but it was a lot of money!"

108   GNL   2024 Jan 1, 5:21am  

Patrick says

How can there be more than one leading cause? What's the definition of "Leading" in this context?
109   Patrick   2024 Jan 8, 8:47pm  

This is insanely criminal. Of course the fucking toxxine goes into the bloodstream.
110   AmericanKulak   2024 Jan 8, 9:01pm  

Booger says

Every single time!!!

Oh C'mon Booger:

The main physicians involved in this inhumane treatment of willfully, overdosing, and subsequent death of Danielle's health where Farzin Rahmanou DO, Syed Iqbal DO, Dava Klirsfeil MD, David Brieff MD, Wazhma Hossani MD, and Lisa Chen DO.

Of course I will be as the Father of Medicine to your child, Drachmas do not influence my Healing Balms!
111   AmericanKulak   2024 Jan 8, 9:08pm  

Patrick says

My only child is dead because of the lies, and the hospital covid white coat assassins !


Betcha she got sepsis from the filthy ventilator or otherwise in the hospital, and then they panicked because they knew THEY fucked up.

The SpOX is a little low for a young person, but nervousness or the early phases of any respiratory infection could do that. The WBC is normal.
112   Patrick   2024 Jan 12, 5:45pm  


It's now undeniable. Hospitals systematically killed off patients for money and to drive COVID-19 hysteria. ...

Esteemed Dr. Paul Marik, who championed the COVID-killing and cancer-killing drug Ivermectin early on, told a roundtable organized by Senator Ron Johnson:

“In my hospital... they wanted me to use Remdesivir — it increases your risk of kidney failure 20-fold & increases your risk of dying by about 4%... The federal gov't will give hospitals a 20% bonus if you prescribe this toxic medication.”

Another murder measure in the hospitals was the ventilators. Many medical experts decried the completely unnecessary and dangerous use of these machines, but the official CDC, AMA, and other three-letter agency protocols forced their use. Patients, at all stages of illness, were intubated and subsequently died, while hospitals reaped a nice financial reward.

Even Lord Fauci himself admitted that early ventilation “caused more harm than good,” but the practice continued…

Elon Musk echoed these findings on Joe Rogan’s podcast, supporting Joe’s contention that ventilators killed 80% of the people on them.

“Rogan’s reference could be traced back to data by Dr. Joseph Mercola, according to Epoch Times. According to this data, a staggering 76.4 percent of COVID-19 patients aged 18 to 65 in New York City who were administered ventilators did not survive. Moreover, the percentage shot up to 97.2 for those aged above 65.”

But of course, with mindless order-following comes many benefits. Medicare payments were found to be roughly $13,000 for a diagnosed COVID-19 death and roughly $39,000 for ventilation. ...
113   Ceffer   2024 Jan 12, 5:54pm  

Simple. Through reimbursements, the Federal Government incentivizes undeclared and un-consented euthanasia under the duck blind of treatment.

Whenever a doctor claims some treatment or medication is necessary, it is handy to know the paths of the reimbursements, and if the recommendations come from top down bureaucratic fiat and generated AI.

Is this an unproven medication (likely now since peer review has been corrupted since the 60's) and is it the 'Rockefeller Roach Motel' that is designed to create more problems that require more medications (highly likely if you are older and especially on Medicare).
114   Ceffer   2024 Jan 12, 6:02pm  

Simple. Through reimbursements, the Federal Government incentivizes undeclared and un-consented euthanasia under the duck blind of treatment protocol (protocol fiat as defined by them).

Whenever a doctor claims some treatment or medication is necessary, it is handy to know the paths of the reimbursements, and if the recommendations come from top down bureaucratic fiat and generated AI.

If they get egregious amounts of money for reporting you dead from a particular (fake) pathogen such as Covid ($130K per death report), then run like hell from them, they will kill you. Hospital parking lots were empty because the hospitals were too busy murdering patients for those death reimbursements and just needed security keeping nosy people out and rooms upstairs for keeping patient victims in waiting for death processing. They didn't need any other business, they were turned into killing fields for profit.

Question if it is an unproven medication (likely now since peer review has been corrupted since the 60's) and if it is the stereotypical 'Rockefeller Roach Motel' that is designed to create more problems that require more medications (highly likely if you are older and especially on Medicare). If you are on Medicare, they do see you as a profit engine to be milked, because the statist position is you should be dead, anyway, as a consuming but nonproductive collateral.

Also, doctors can buy chemotherapy drugs for cancer directly, mark them up by double or triple, and then sell them direct for profit to their own patients. Do you think your doctor with this incentive isn't going to be putting you on chemotherapy? Some of those chemotherapies are tens to hundreds of thousands for courses of treatment.
116   Patrick   2024 Jan 21, 3:32pm  


It appears, not agreeing to a DNR is insufficient if the doctor chooses to write the DNR order.

Every patient has a chart at the nurse’s station organized by room number. DNR orders are clearly marked with a sticker on the outside of the chart in big letters, “DNR”.

Based on the wide spread violations that occurred during COVID, give CAREFUL CONSIDERATION before agreeing to a DNR Order or signing a “no CPR declaration” for yourself or a loved one.

It could be a License To Kill.
117   gabbar   2024 Jan 21, 3:52pm  

Big pharma is part of the problem. The problem starts with big food and big pharma steps in when big food and doctor training programs have done their job. On a relative basis, big food does more harm to people's health than Covid can do. Its easy to politicize Covid but not big food.

118   Patrick   2024 Jan 24, 11:50am  


When talking of a government sponsored mass murder, what do you imagine they would do? How do you imagine it would play out?

Escorting of the elderly one-by-one into some sort of death chamber? Have roving execution vans? Rounding the elderly up into quarantine camps or FEMA camps and delivering a lethal blow?

These are all very over-the-top, overt, obvious things to look for.

What if, surviving members of Nazi Germany’s government, had intended to learn from their mistakes, of what went wrong and their subsequent failures?

Avoiding Resistance
So instead of high key, overt mass murders that are obvious to everyone — invoking a sense of outrage and resistance — they adopted a more low key, subtle approach? How would that look?

Instead of killing the elderly in giant, overt death camps, they quietly came to their care homes and killed them there. Instead of publicly declaring the executions, they smudged and misreported and reclassified the deaths.

Instead of boldly proclaiming the killings, they quietly lied and denied. Instead of using just one approach to kill, they used several, that if the elderly didn’t die by extreme neglect, then they denied supporting family access and killed them by lethal shot.

This is an in-depth dive. What you are about to read will shock you.

Enter Midazolam

121   Patrick   2024 May 7, 2:17pm  


Pharmaceutical giants knowingly sold HIV-infected treatment to NHS

Infected Blood Inquiry is to report on mistakes that led to 1,250 people in UK contracting HIV and 5,000 more contracting hepatitis C

Pharmaceutical companies knowingly sold a treatment infected with HIV to the NHS, The Telegraph can reveal.

Internal documents from American pharmaceutical companies show they knew a “wonder drug” made from human plasma could transmit HIV to patients, but they sold it regardless.

Some 1,250 people in the UK contracted HIV in the 70s and 80s from Factor VIII, a treatment for the bleeding disorder haemophilia. Up to 5,000 more also contracted hepatitis C.
124   Patrick   2024 Jun 9, 7:05pm  


Ever heard of blood money? Well, this here is blood clot money.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the many financial disbursements and ‘perks’ that drove the COVID Era, turning better actors against their goodwill (and Hippocratic Oaths) in servitude to the Almighty Dollar.

From hospital payments to doctor incentives, the depth and breadth of the Money Machine knew no bounds. Add in the highly inflated PCR thresholds, and COVID cases were undoubtedly appearing everywhere, intertwined with misleading and outright false medical coding. ...

And with this mass ‘vaccination’ effort came the turning of minds. The pitting of lifelong friends against each other. The creation of divisions. The unpersoning of normal, law-abiding citizens. Derision and rancor, hatred and hysteria.

Seemingly rational thinkers became crazed, indoctrinated, histrionic perversions of themselves.

And the Global PSYOP used to orchestrate this worldwide push for mRNA subservience?

As much psychological as it was financial. Especially among those individuals, professionals, revered for helping Humanity the most…

This is NOTHING new. It doesn’t just apply to COVID jabs - these types of financial schemes, bribery, and sleazy, immoral practices undergird much of the “vaccination schedule” we see today.

And it’s been going on for years.

So is it any surprise that the number of forced jabs has gone up substantially?

One man who knows a thing or two about the pharmaceutical scheme to essentially bribe doctors into continued vaccination is Dr. Paul Thomas, a respected pediatrician who once ran a general pediatrics practice serving 15,000 patients and staffing 33 employees.

According to Dr. Thomas, most pediatric practices couldn’t survive without pushing jabs. In fact, he’s outlined three critical ways that practices make money off of continued injections:

“So there's three main ways you make money off of vaccines in pediatrics. The number one is the admin fee. And you get about, it depends on the insurance company, every contract's different, but I would average it out to say about $40 for the first antigen and $20 for each subsequent antigen. So let's just say a two month well baby visit. There’s a DPT. That's three shots, three antigens. Hib, Prevnar, HepB, Polio, Rotavirus, six shots, eight antigens, about $240. Thank you for giving those shots. Multiply that by the fact that I was getting 30 to 40 newborns per month. They're coming in repeatedly at two months, four months, six months, nine months, twelve months, fifteen, eighteen months, and age two. So we looked at the admin fee loss and from my practice that was billing at that time, about 3 million gross, we were losing a million dollars, over a million dollars, in vaccines that were refused…

[Another] is the markup. They don't allow a lot of profit on vaccines as far as markups. But they do this thing called incentives or bonuses. And it's called a “Quality Bonus.” Well in pediatrics, one of the main quality measures is how well you vaccinate. Isn't that interesting? It has nothing to do with how healthy your kids are. Like when I studied my vaxed vs unvaxed patients, the unvaxed were so incredibly healthy. They rarely got sick. They rarely would end up in an emergency room or in a hospital or with any chronic condition…
126   stereotomy   2024 Jun 12, 1:36pm  

I found out recently that in NYS, all doctors received a letter from the state back in 2020/2021 threatening them with firing, loss of their medical licenses, and possible prosecution if they said or did anything contrary to "the narrative."

Holy fuck . . .
127   GNL   2024 Jun 12, 5:46pm  

stereotomy says

I found out recently that in NYS, all doctors received a letter from the state back in 2020/2021 threatening them with firing, loss of their medical licenses, and possible prosecution if they said or did anything contrary to "the narrative."

Holy fuck . . .

(N)ew (Y)ork (S)chools?
128   HeadSet   2024 Jun 12, 6:38pm  

GNL says

(N)ew (Y)ork (S)chools?

New York State.
129   GNL   2024 Jun 12, 8:16pm  

That's embarrissing enough to make me want to delete my comment but, I'll leave it.

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