Disney stock plummets 12% after earnings miss: 'Yeah, too much fag and woke shit,' admitted the disgruntled CEO.

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Disney (DIS) stock plummeted on Wednesday after the media giant reported fourth-quarter earnings results that missed expectations across the board, with the exception of subscriber net additions.


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197   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2024 May 18, 5:48am  

Disney World and Its Tangled Web With CIA Ops
By: Diana Brown

Disney World under construction
The first phase of Walt Disney World under construction at Orlando, Florida, covered 27,000 acres (10,927 hectares) in November 1969, at that time the world's largest amusement park.

Disney World might be the happiest place on Earth, but just like any fantasy, there's a little dark magic hiding under the theme park's shiny exterior. And that's exactly what the guys at Stuff They Don't Want You To Know want you to know about. In the episode of the podcast, "CIA agents to build his famous park.

Disneyland, the first theme park in Anaheim, California, opened in 1955, helping turn around the fortunes of the Disney company. But when Walt Disney envisioned his second park, he didn't stop at just attractions and concessions. He thought he would create a utopian "city of tomorrow" — a planned community for people to live and work. To do that, he needed a lot more land.

Orlando, Florida, was ideal, but Disney didn't just waltz right up to landowners to acquire his acres. Instead, he hired two notoriously shady men: Paul Helliwell, who ran CIA operations in Southeast Asia, and William "Wild Bill" Donovan, head of the World War II spy organization that eventually became the CIA. With their help, Disney could not only keep the land low-cost, but also retain total control over it in perpetuity.

First, to get the land as cheaply and discreetly as possible, "Wild Bill" Donovan and his law firm created numerous shell corporations through which the property could be purchased. And he orchestrated a disinformation campaign to keep the locals from determining that it was really the Disney company that was buying it up as fast as it could, otherwise, residents would ask for a lot more money.

Eventually, people were suspicious enough that Walt Disney had no choice but to come clean; he admitted he was building a new park in Orlando. Immediately, the value of the land shot up. The Mouse House had been purchasing land for as little as $80 an acre, but after the announcement that he was building Disney World, the price skyrocketed to $80,000 per acre (yes, per acre!). By then, however, the company had already purchased 27,000 acres (10,927 hectares), and spent an average of $200 per acre, so it still worked in its favor.

But then how could the Walt Disney Company maintain control of such a large piece of property? That's when CIA spy Paul Helliwell came into the picture. His answer? Create phantom cities where the property was located, install a compliant government and just make your own rules.

So the cities of Bay Lake — where the current four theme parks are now located — and Lake Buena Vista, which encompasses Downtown Disney and its surrounding hotels, were created, and handpicked Disney employees moved in to control the voting. Meanwhile a third phantom, the Reedy Creek Improvement District, handled local-government things like waste removal, emergency medical services and fire departments. That meant Disney World was exempt from zoning and land use laws, and public money generated within the theme parks would stay in the business, too. It truly was a whole new world.

But the Disney conspiracies don't stop here: There are also rumors of secret, super-exclusive clubs on theme park grounds, as well as deaths covered up by Disney to keep the reputation of the park squeaky-clean. What other secrets are hidden in this giant wonderland? You'll have to listen to the entire podcast to find out. One thing's for sure, with Matt, Ben and Noel on the case, there will be no Donald Duck-ing the truth.


Wizard and spook. Best of both worlds. From its very conception in Anaheim, California, and probably long before, Walt Disney World was a CIA operation.

They want you to believe that Disney and the CIA were independent agencies; that its own founder, William J. Donovan, only wanted to help an old chum out on the side. But Helliwell has already given everything away.

At best, Mickey Mouse is a storefront mannequin, and at present, Walt Disney World’s development has yet to come to an end. Let that sink in. The vision is not yet complete.

Meanwhile, Walt Disney World is magically above the law. Ask yourself why a seizure of land through New York lawyers has never once been contested by any person or government agency. Breathe a little. Try not to let the cognitive dissonance win the day.

The fact that the Disney organization has avoided taxation and environmental regulations, as well as maintained immunity from the US Constitution to this day, is the masterwork of Helliwell.

200   AmericanKulak   2024 Jun 5, 11:08pm  

Lastest Disney Bomb: Actress says "White people crying was the goal"

201   AmericanKulak   2024 Jun 5, 11:09pm  

By the way, activist investor Peltz just threw in the towel. Iger has too much support and won't reform Disney away from Woke.
209   AmericanKulak   2024 Jun 20, 12:55pm  

I saw snippets of the Communal Lesbian Witches from the new Series, via Critical Drinker and Nerdrotic.

The only thing missing was them pounding the ground with sticks like those crazy women.
211   AD   2024 Jun 21, 10:40pm  

Who is pushing all this DEI with companies like Disney ? Soros ?

I wonder whoever is pushing this are the ones who are shorting Disney stock.

Disney is around $102 a share, and same price around February 2015 :-/

The scores like profitability and value are at least 7 out of 10 though at GuruFocus and even financial strength is at 5 out of 10.


212   AD   2024 Jun 21, 10:43pm  

I wonder if streaming on +50 inch TV's at home is keeping people from going to the theaters even for blockbuster movies.

That is why Disney is not seeing big box office gains as most people will just wait until it is available on Disney+, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.
214   RC2006   2024 Jun 23, 10:45am  

Disney needs to be boycotted into oblivion as fast as possible.
215   WookieMan   2024 Jun 23, 1:37pm  

AD says

I wonder if streaming on +50 inch TV's at home is keeping people from going to the theaters even for blockbuster movies.

That is why Disney is not seeing big box office gains as most people will just wait until it is available on Disney+, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

Who has gone to a movie in the last year? Especially after covid. I'm pretty sure it was 2018-19 roughly for me and didn't go for 5 years prior either. Can't even remember the movie. They all suck of recent vintage. There hasn't been a movie I've stayed awake for at home watching all the way through for 10 years.

It's all just the same plot lines, shitty acting. The only ones that I'll stay tuned to are the ones with hot women even if the acting is shit.
216   RC2006   2024 Jun 23, 2:40pm  

I've taken my kids to a few movies since covid, Top Gun 2 only movie that I liked. If you go to Fathom Events you can find old movies replaying, this July they are doing Close Encounters I think.

Hollywood cannot make original content anymore, it's so bad all they can do is make exact same movies except with worse actors, race swapping, and lgbt+p woke propaganda.
217   AmericanKulak   2024 Jun 24, 11:30am  

RC2006 says

Hollywood cannot make original content anymore, it's so bad all they can do is make exact same movies except with worse actors, race swapping, and lgbt+p woke propaganda.


218   AmericanKulak   2024 Jun 24, 11:32am  

Interesting take on Disney-Lucasfilm from a long time insider named "Knee Payne" who left a few years into the Kennedy era.

It's not just Kennedy and Headland and their handpicked C-sitcom/romcom inexperienced lesbian of color writing staff, it's the BohoBourgeois Coastie Fanboy Animators working at Lucasfilm. The kind where if they had somebody raping a pile of dogshit in a Darth Vader Helmet, they'd say it's the best Star Wars they ever made.

230   AD   2024 Jul 1, 11:21pm  


I ran an internet query and Disney appears to only release 3 movies this year, Inside Out 2, Moana 2 and another Lion King movie.

Moana 2 and Lion King are coming out later this summer.

Inside Out 2 has made about $1.01 billion worldwide since its release 10 June 2024 on a budget of $200 million. So I figure it has made a profit of at least $300 million so far.


Maybe Bob Iger (Disney's CEO) is cutting back on Woke movie releases and looking to recover a lot of lost earnings from the recent previous years.

I wonder if that means Disney had to lay off people in their movie sector or they have them working on Disney+ shows.

But it looks like Disney (with Bob Iger in charge) is no longer going to be losing hundreds of millions of dollars each year from its movie studios sector.

Disney stock price is around $98 and same price as it was in January 2015, and still with a very very high PE of 106 :-/

Iger has a lot of work to get Disney out of a major financial hole especially with a cooling economy.

233   AD   2024 Jul 5, 1:26am  

Guru Focus shows it is modestly undervalued. Its around $98 and Guru Focus values it around $113.


234   AD   2024 Jul 5, 1:38am  


I am going to have faith in Iger as far as at least doing enough damage control to improve Disney's profitability.

He has the credibility to force some longstanding reforms without having too much of a revolt by the Woke masses working in Disney's various segments like Disney Studios, etc.


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