Stolen or Dems are THAT popular?

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2022 Nov 13, 5:19pm   3,760 views  39 comments

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Are you waiting for Trump to fail in 2024 to give up on the USA or will there be outrage in the 2022 steal?

If you are not waiting, what action are you thinking about taking?

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13   mell   2022 Nov 13, 10:10pm  

AmericanKulak says

Hmmmm... of course, why did it take GOPers days to think about curing ballots?

LOTS of reports of people being told they didn't vote in 2022, but their wife did, or they have pictures of their ballot prior to mailing... interesting.

Maybe instead of adding, they subtracted? And the delay was losing ballots rather than adding false ones?

Yep, probably many bought and paid for not to react and just take defeat, similar to faux news calling races for dems even before ap/reuters or rcp does. The uniparty is alive and well for now
14   steverbeaver   2022 Nov 13, 10:31pm  

NuttBoxer says

You guys should look into the FTX fiasco. So far it seems to involve murder, pedophilia, money laundering, and the second biggest Dem PAC behind only Soros.

The FTX and Kanye West stories must not be allowed to go away. This is the people's "in". All those involved in trying to sink those stories are the traitors I mentioned at the start of the thread. Know who your local traitors are and organize to throw them out of office... that is what I will be doing.
15   steverbeaver   2022 Nov 13, 10:34pm  

Laurie Roberts. One of the traitors. It's easy to spot them.
16   whitewater   2022 Nov 13, 10:40pm  

Joe Kent is attempting to have people cure their ballots.

17   steverbeaver   2022 Nov 13, 10:43pm  

Patrick says

whitewater says

If you are not waiting, what action are you thinking about taking?

Feels like a glowie to me.

FBI attempting to incite violence.

Of course this is a data mining thread. The regulars on this board have already chosen their support class by being outspoken.
I don't give a shit if it is... I am not doing anything wrong. I'm not too worried about their traps because I understand them, can recognize them.
18   whitewater   2022 Nov 13, 11:03pm  

Wow. I have been a regular since 2005ish.

We called the housing crash here.

Over a decade on patrick.

Everyone is afraid to organize here?
19   whitewater   2022 Nov 13, 11:07pm  

Those of us here for a decade plus remember this link:

20   Patrick   2022 Nov 13, 11:11pm  

I'm not sure you're a glowie, but talk about "organizing" and "what action are you thinking about taking" sound just like what I would expect a glowie to say.

I have you as registering in 2018. Did you have an earlier username?
21   whitewater   2022 Nov 14, 2:05am  

A few. Doesn’t matter. I pulled the link from my email in 2008. I highly doubt the url would be in posts here.
22   WookieMan   2022 Nov 14, 3:06am  

In reponse to the OP and not any of the comments I didn't read. It's young people. Biden threw shit at the wall and offered student loan forgiveness with minimal strings attached. These 20-30 year olds got grants and bull shit scholarships on the back of people that actually pay taxes for a dumb ass, non-productive degree. Those people teaching them. Democrats.

Boomers are dying, they're no longer the biggest generation. Dems have always been the party that pandered to the young voters. Add on race, the poor, abortion and fag issues, people feel like Dems are doing what's best for them when they're at a naive age. This is especially true in young women, especially slutty ones that needed an abortion or 5.

There most certainly are shenanigans with voting, but I think it's just uneducated, poor and racially motivated voting. That's most of the country unfortunately, 80/20. There's a reason Patrick needed to create a thread for a Democrat to have a discussion. They're generally not literate, don't have a computer or spend the time to even look at different views out there. And it's beyond that, most don't even know they're NOT paying any federal taxes. So they believe their money is being wasted on stuff they don't agree with, yet they don't have skin in the game.

Their life is a echo chamber they created. Not just the internet and television, their entire life.
23   gabbar   2022 Nov 14, 4:01am  

Democrats were considered to be pro-people and Republicans were considered to be pro-business. Now Dems are both pro-people and pro-business. Actually, Dems are pro-everything as long as it gets them votes. Plus they are anti-everything that won't get them votes. Sounds like a perfect game to me, the game of politics before everything else aka careerism.
24   zzyzzx   2022 Nov 14, 5:08am  

Stolen or Dems are THAT popular?

Stolen, duh.
25   AmericanKulak   2022 Nov 14, 8:49am  

WookieMan says

It's young people.

It isn't, Dems were whinging that the youth vote was much less than expected.
26   RC2006   2022 Nov 14, 8:58am  

Its mail in voting, low information voters, and harvesting. No effort put into going out and voting in person. I'm sure a lot of households one person is voting for multiple people out of laziness. In addition when you have massive mail in voting and no verification its asking for fraud on a large scale.

Mail in voting needs to end, and we need voter ID laws.
27   Karloff   2022 Nov 14, 9:04am  

Am I the only one who wonders why elections are always so close? Nearly always within a couple of percentage points. It just strikes me as odd. You so rarely see one candidate being the overwhelming favorite with say, 75% of the votes.

Is it because things are rigged to give that "oooh, so close! Better luck next time!" hope?
Is it because psychologically and ideologically, people are naturally divided at about 50% on specific issues, and those are the issues that separate the candidates?
Is it selection bias in that I'm only seeing these close calls because those are the ones continually brought forward and the blowouts go mostly unannounced?
Or is it something else?
28   whitewater   2022 Nov 14, 10:15am  


Where we the lawyers? It unfolded exactly how we forecasted it would happen. Where is the ex parte TRO?
29   AmericanKulak   2022 Nov 14, 10:28am  

Who pays the lawyers? Local, State, and National GOP orgs.

Who controls the Local GOP org in Maricopa? Supervisor Bill Gates, who set up an anti-MAGA PAC in 2021 to "Preserve Democracy"
30   AmericanKulak   2022 Nov 14, 10:29am  

By the way, the GOP can fight. Remember Bush-Gore 2000?

It's just that they don't want to fight for MAGA. They want McCain Tepid RINO candidates.
31   clambo   2022 Nov 14, 10:53am  

I just watched an old movie "Cromwell", it was good.,
It's historical and about how Oliver Cromwell fought and won against a corrupt King of England.
Richard Harris and Alec Guinness are great.
Cromwell reminded me of Trump; he went up against a ton of corrupt politicians and won for no financial or personal gain.
People can talk shit all they want to; Trump is the president who talked about protecting American workers and American interests.
Democrats besides being evil and corrupt aren't that popular, but they are finding ways to cheat on elections.
You have to be crazy to believe Biden won a popular vote.
32   AmericanKulak   2022 Nov 14, 11:13am  

Cromwell was glorious. The movie doesn't portray Cromwell wholly historically, but it's a huge improvement over centuries of Black Propaganda against that Great Hero's name.

He was dealing with a Monarch literally in the pay of the Jesuits and the King of France to convert England, who lied about upholding the Law and the Protestant Church, as well as a bunch of fatass MPs who didn't want to reform all the rotten boroughs centuries out of date. Some had like 6 electors, others had 10,000 per MP.

Both the secret snob Aristos and the grafting MPs despised the public.

Also, Cromwell prayed one night before getting on a boat to Plymouth, Massachusetts but decided to stay in England after prayer and fasting.

I wish Trump had crossed the Rubicon and created the "New Model Army". We could also use a Witchfinder General against the Transpervs and Solomon Kane in general.

Eventually though, they got King Billy and the Glorious Revolution of 1690 who got rid of the corrupt Stuart Clownshow.
33   REpro   2022 Nov 14, 11:23am  

RC2006 says

Mail in voting needs to end, and we need voter ID laws.

Results by midnight, like use to be.
34   Blue   2022 Nov 14, 11:33am  

After massive inflation, do you have any doubts in your mind!
35   NuttBoxer   2022 Nov 14, 11:36am  

You guys want to fix this, expose the truth, and leave the system. You don't have to leave the US, just the system. Provide for yourself, develop your own local communities.

This system is unfixable.
36   HeadSet   2022 Nov 14, 12:01pm  

cisTits says

He better get out of the Bahamas before he gets Epsteined.

By being "Epsteined," you mean given a new identity and shipped off while a substitute corpse is declared to be your dead body?
37   EBGuy   2022 Nov 14, 3:16pm  

Stolen or Trump that unpopular?
38   AmericanKulak   2022 Nov 14, 3:31pm  


There's no way a Treasurer Candidate has a 6 figure vote surplus, but the Governor and Senate candidates are trailing, all from the same party.

Just like in Georgia, and in Pennsylvania. 10% vote deficits don't happen unless it's to one candidate who just had a scandal or sex tape out during campaign season.
39   mell   2022 Nov 14, 5:12pm  

Keep in mind there has never been a single batch of typical election day votes distribution favoring Kari strongly she has been talking about now since the count started. They have been slowly manufacturing the necessary votes and disposing of a few republican ones for each batch so there will not be a single batch giving lake anywhere close to 60%.

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