New evidence that the CIA killed Kennedy?

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2022 Dec 16, 10:49am   12,637 views  116 comments

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I've seen hints several places that recently released files, though still heavily redacted for some reason, show that the CIA did in fact have a hand in killing Kennedy.

Anyone have details?

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109   AD   2023 Nov 19, 4:59pm  



The driver of JFK's car, who was a Secret Service agent, may have accidentally shot JFK

110   The_Deplorable   2023 Nov 19, 9:36pm  

WATCH: Unseen Footage of Doctors Who Treated JFK Destroys ANOTHER Key Government Narrative Regarding His Assassination

See also https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/11/watch-unseen-footage-doctors-who-treated-jfk-destroys/
111   Patrick   2023 Nov 22, 7:44pm  


60 years ago today, President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was murdered in broad daylight.

60 years later, the The Biden Administration has chosen to keep the remaining JFK documents related to the assassination under wraps indefinitely.

What are they hiding? What "national security" secrets could possibly be at risk?

"[i]n light of the recommendation for continued postponement of public release of information in the records identified in section 2(b) of this memorandum under the statutory standard, I hereby certify, by the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 5(g) (2) (D) of the Act, that continued postponement of public disclosure of that information is necessary to protect against identifiable harms to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, and the conduct of foreign relations that are of such gravity that they outweigh the public interest in disclosure."

John Kennedy's nephew, @RobertKennedyJr, reacted to the administration's decision:

"The White House announcement is unlawful. In 1992 the JFK Records Act was passed unanimously by Congress with the promise that all assassination related records would be released no later than October 2017. This promise has been broken once again with this midnight announcement. The assassination was 60 years ago."

This definitely seems to be in an attempt to protect the CIA.

Word, after all this time, is FINALLY getting around that the CIA is bad news and people are finally waking up.

Why? Because the CIA has committed more than just crimes against humanity. We are finding out some really crazy stuff from different sources that the CIA is/was involved in. From drug and child trafficking, to non-human intelligence, coverups, assassinations, etc.

Truman regrets creating it, Eisenhower warned us about it, JFK tried to stop it, and they took him out.

What are they keeping from us? That Oswald was a CIA asset? The CIA assassinated JFK and scapegoated Oswald? The actual gunmen that were led by George HW Bush? The body double and the real location of JFK's corpse? Maybe we'll never know.

Even Oswald himself said he was just a patsy. “No sir I didn’t kill anyone, people keep asking me that. I work in that building so naturally I would have been in it”.

They believe themselves to be the smartest people to ever walk the Earth, but surely they aren't stupid enough to not see that this does nothing but legitimize the conspiracy theorists, right?

It is beyond time to release the documents.
113   Patrick   2023 Nov 24, 5:56pm  


Sign Petition: Tell Biden to Release JFK Assassination Files

On Wednesday, the 60th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, my campaign released a petition demanding President Biden keep his promise to release all JFK assassination documents as required by law.

As the petition explains, the 1992 Kennedy Records Assassination Act mandated the release of all records related to the JFK assassination by 2017. Trump refused to do it. Biden refused to do it. What is so embarrassing that they're afraid to show the American public 60 years later?

Petition is here:


(asks for a donation after you put in your name, but donation not required to sign it)
115   Patrick   2024 Mar 11, 9:28am  


The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: The Final Analysis presents indisputable forensic evidence that two shots fired from the front and one shot fired from the rear killed the president in a Dealey Plaza crossfire—exposing a sixty-year coverup by the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and the Secret Service.

In this decisive analysis of the JFK assassination, medical expert Dr. David W. Mantik and New York Times bestselling author Jerome R. Corsi definitively validate the observations of the physicians at Parkland Hospital, who recognized immediately that the wound in JFK’s throat and the massive, avulsed blow-out in the back of his head both involved frontal shots.

What distinguishes this book from the myriad of books written on the JFK assassination is that Dr. Mantik’s optical density measurements of the JFK skull X-rays in the National Archives leave no doubt the X-rays were altered to disguise evidence of the two frontal shots. With over four decades of experience reading X-rays, Dr. Mantik has examined the JFK assassination materials more than anyone else.

Mantik and Corsi present overwhelming testimonial and documentary evidence that proves the Bethesda surgeons performed pre-autopsy surgery on JFK’s head to remove evidence of the forehead bullet, as well as to gain access to his brain and thus “sanitize the crime scene” by removing bullet fragments and bullet tracks in the brain tissue.

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