January 6th should be a national holiday honoring the political prisoners who were brave enough to stand up against election fraud

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2023 Jan 1, 12:27am   50,980 views  459 comments

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What are their names? Anyone have a list?

Everyone in prison from the FBI's Jan 6th entrapment scheme is an American national hero.

Every one of them should not only be freed and given several million dollars each, paid out of the FBI budget, they should be given the US Medal of Honor for daring to stand up against the corrupt FBI/Democrat oligarchy which defrauded US citizens in the 2020 presidential election.

They were unarmed, goaded by FBI into walking into the doors that were specifically unlocked to let them in, given tours (see buffalo man), and then arrested.

False noise was added to the video to make it sound violent.

The whole thing was entrapment and fraud from the beginning.

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210   Patrick   2023 Aug 8, 10:06am  


Cell phone video of DC officer on J6 saying “we go undercover as Antifa in the crowd”

They’re ADMITTING it

How many cops & federal agents were undercover that day? How many instigated violence & property destruction?

Release the J6 tapes!
211   Patrick   2023 Aug 8, 5:29pm  


🚨BREAKING: Cell phone video of DC officer on J6 saying “we go undercover as Antifa in the crowd”

They’re ADMITTING it

How many cops & federal agents were undercover that day? How many instigated violence & property destruction?

Release the J6 tapes!
212   Patrick   2023 Aug 10, 7:25pm  


“Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund reveals what really happened on January 6th. Our Fox News interview with him never aired, so we invited him back.”
213   stereotomy   2023 Aug 11, 11:40am  

Patrick says


“Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund reveals what really happened on January 6th. Our Fox News interview with him never aired, so we invited him back.”

That is all shades of fucked up - the fix was in by the zombie crowd - Pelosi and McConnel. Then, the head of intelligence, who was in on the fix, displaces the current chief and lands a much higher paying gig courtesy of Pelosi.
216   Patrick   2023 Sep 1, 10:25am  


Observers in the courtroom broke out in tears as Judge Timothy Kelly sentenced Joseph Biggs to 204 months in prison for walking in the Capitol building for approximately 20 minutes during the Capitol riot on January 6.

The government sought 33 years for Biggs. Kelly ceded to the defense that the government sentencing recommendation was egregious.

Kelly noted prior offenders who were found guilty of seditious conspiracy had all murdered people, attempted to murder masses of people, bombed or attempted to bomb buildings and planes and committed other violent crimes that resulted in mass casualty.

But the Trump-appointed federal judge proceeded to throw the book at the decorated veteran who earned two purple hearts while serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, warning Biggs’ trespassing violation and shaking of a fence for a moment as Congres secured Biden’s presidency warrants severe penalty.

Judge Timothy Kelly is himself the criminal here. This ruling is so far removed from justice that it delegitimizes our entire "justice" system.
217   Patrick   2023 Sep 2, 11:26am  


The DOJ just gave a January 6th protestor a ten-year sentence for breaking a Capitol window.

Suspiciously, a masked man wearing an earpiece was also caught on video breaking a Capitol window but has never been added to the FBI's most wanted list, arrested, or charged.

In the video, the unidentified man, dressed like a government agent, encourages a journalist to break the window, saying, "Why don't you guys open up the rest of it?"

The journalist responds, "Because I think that would probably be illegal."

The masked man acknowledges the illegality by saying, "Well, I know," but then suspiciously breaks the window himself.

Shortly after realizing he is being recorded, the masked man quickly drops the window and violently shoves another man, awkwardly blaming him for breaking the window.

As the DOJ sentences one Jan 6th protestor to ten years for breaking a Capitol window, the question arises:

Why isn't the FBI interested in identifying this masked man wearing an earpiece who was caught on video breaking a Capitol window?
218   Patrick   2023 Sep 6, 9:58am  


Savanah Hernandez
-Enrique Tarrio sentenced to 22 yrs despite not even being in DC on Jan 6th
-Joe Biggs sentenced to 17 yrs for shaking a capitol fence on J6th
-Proud Boys convicted of conspiracy despite the court admitting they had no plan to "storm the Capitol"
-4 known suicides of peaceful J6th defendants after the feds targeted and threatened them with jail time
-American’s homes still being raided in 2023, for peacefully walking around the Capitol on J6, 2021.

Disgusting political persecution in Joe Biden's America.
3:08 PM · Sep 5, 2023
219   Patrick   2023 Sep 6, 11:32am  


DOJ Prosecutors Seek 120 Days in Prison for Owen Shroyer for Speaking Out Against Stolen 2020 Election – A Speech Crime
220   Patrick   2023 Sep 6, 12:50pm  


Collin Rugg
NEW: America’s top gun safe manufacturer, Liberty Safe, gave the FBI an access code to a safe owned by someone who was present at the J6 protest.

We have officially found the Bud Light of gun safes. Enjoy going out of business, @libertysafeinc

The situation gets even worse: On August 30, 2023, the FBI raided the owner of the safe, Arkansas man Nathan Hughes who is a friend of the @hodgetwins

Not only did they access his safe but the FBI also allegedly turned off his security cameras and held his girlfriend at gun point.

In a statement Liberty Safe confirmed they gave the FBI Hughes’ code:

“Liberty Safe was contacted by the FBI requesting the access code to the safe of an individual for whom they had a warrant to search their property…”

“Liberty Safe is devoted to protecting the personal property and 2nd amendment rights of our customers…”

221   Patrick   2023 Sep 6, 12:53pm  

America now has a two-tiered justice system: Antifa & BLM rioters roam free while peaceful January 6 protesters are imprisoned without bail. Biden’s “Department of Injustice” has executed over 1,000 arrests for nonviolent offenses related to January 6, casting a dark shadow over Lady Justice & the foundational principles of our legal system.

To unify this country, I commit as president to pardon all Americans who were targets of politicized federal prosecutions & those denied due process. This includes all peaceful, nonviolent January 6 protesters who were denied their constitutional due process rights. I will end the weaponization of police power in America. Every Republican candidate must be clear about where we stand on the hard issues.
9:15 AM · Sep 6, 2023
222   Patrick   2023 Sep 11, 10:55am  


Do you think that more than half of the US public may be getting a little irked with “Joe Biden’s” lawfare elf, AG Merrick Garland, as he rolls one innocent J-6 protester after another into decades of hard-time for strolling through the US Capitol building — while the special counsels assigned to only a few of the Biden family crimes play hide-the-salami with due process?

For all their cheap talk about “our democracy,” it’s a little scary to see what Democratic Party lawyers actually think of the legal system that is supposed to allow a society based on liberty to function fairly.
225   Patrick   2023 Sep 19, 6:12pm  


FBI lost count of how many paid informants were at Capitol on Jan. 6 — later performed audit to figure out exact number: ex-official
226   Patrick   2023 Sep 20, 9:33am  


As reported earlier on Tuesday, The House Judiciary Republicans sent a letter Tuesday that includes transcribed testimony from former Assistant Director-in-Charge of the Washington Field Office (WFO) Steven D’Antuono.

D’Antuono testified that the FBI had numerous confidential human sources (CHS) in the Trump crowd on January 6.

In fact, they had so many FBI operatives in the crowd they had no idea how many were actually there that day!

D’Antuono had quite a record of failures and lies during his time at the FBI.

D’Antuono was the head of the FBI’s Detroit field office as the bureau was investigating an alleged kidnapping attempt against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

As Just the News notes, trial testimony alleges the “plot” wasn’t just investigated but instigated by the FBI, with the jury hearing that the bureau’s informants gave drugs to those who were eventually charged in the plot before recording their conversations and sometimes outnumbered “plotters” during meetings.

The entire plot was hatched, planned, paid for, and executed by paid FBI informants.
227   Patrick   2023 Sep 22, 1:46am  


We already know the Ruling classes are fine with gulags. They shot a January 6th protester point-blank, and that was okay. She had the wrong skin color for it to make the news. She was to be feared, and all the journalists told us so by her social media posts. So why shouldn’t she be shot?

They dumped the January 6th prisoners in solitary, sentenced to decades of prison time because of “spectral evidence,” punishing them on their ideological non-compliance and allegiance to Trump and American Democracy.

And after all of this time, after the American public has mostly complied with the destruction of our norms when it came to “finding something” to charge Trump with, it’s still not a matter of anything Trump did, but always a matter of something Trump said.

In her flushed-faced rage, Nicolle Wallace cited example after example of bad things Trump said on Truth Social, as if they didn’t hang on every word, as if their entire economy isn’t built on the backs of those Tweets, or Truths. Who are you kidding, Nicolle? This is your bread and butter girlfriend. You know it. I know it.
229   Patrick   2023 Sep 26, 11:32am  


Watched a J6 doc last night & something stuck out to me

Almost every MAGA event in DC during Trump’s tenure would be intercepted by violent hordes of Antifa

Remember how they destroyed DC during Trump’s inauguration?

Well we have millions of hours of footage of J6, and yet not 1 clip shows a mass demonstration of Antifa in black bloc that day

Do people really think they took the day off?

No, they were at J6 and it’s very easy to spot them - they dressed like “MAGA” but wore masks

True MAGA Patriots didn’t wear masks but when you rewatch J6 footage you see hundreds of face-masked violent agitators on the front lines

And the thing is, if Antifa is this “decentralized” Leftist foot soldier gang with no leadership then how were they all on the same page that day with the plan?

I believe we will one day expose how the Deep State coordinated their actions through proxies

Antifa was in on the Fedsurrection
230   Patrick   2023 Sep 28, 11:51am  


The US Attorney who prosecuted the J6 Lectern Guy was arrested for STABBING ANOTHER DRIVER and Lectern Guy HAS THOUGHTS

Patrick Douglas Scruggs, a US Attorney in the Tampa Bay area, allegedly got out of his car and used his pocket knife to repeatedly stab a man who hit his car. Photos show the victim holding his bloody arms out the window as if pleading for mercy. ...

Adam Johnson, the Lectern Guy himself, had this to say about his prosecutor's arrest:

231   Patrick   2023 Oct 3, 12:07pm  


Now There is Evidence the FBI Planned the January 6 Operation and Planted Documents Days Earlier That Were Later Used Against Innocent Americans

it was discovered that the Government itself was the author of the mysterious “1776 Returns” document.

The 1776 Returns document is the title of a 9-page paper that outlined strategic plans for the takeover of US government buildings on January 6, 2021.

It was confirmed in court that the FBI was behind the document and and FBI operative was the author of the document.
234   Ceffer   2023 Oct 11, 12:24am  

Well, your Satanic inversions should always come in even multiples, so you don't accidentally cancel one of them.
235   Patrick   2023 Oct 12, 7:19pm  


The Attack by Hamas Shatters The Lies About January 6th

Nothing like a genuine act of terror to shake us back to reality. ...

For the past three years, our government has lied to us about what happened on January 6th. The Vice President stood before us and compared a riot at the Capitol to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. ...

Whatever January 6th was, we know for sure what it wasn’t. It wasn’t 9/11. It wasn’t Pearl Harbor. It wasn’t October 7th in Israel. And the whole world was watching us pretend that it was. We looked like a fragile nation suddenly, one MAGA flag away from our government being overthrown.

Why would they, our president and vice president, not to mention Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, General Mark Milley, and countless talking heads in media, want us to believe that January 6th was like 9/11 in the first place? Why would they think we would believe such an egregious lie?

Because they knew the power of fear, they knew that the first “war on terror” was still-standing architecture, and why not use it to intimidate, harass, monitor, and “investigate” Trump supporters, especially those who put on a red hat and protested in DC on January 6th. ...

As Biden’s approval numbers began to crash, he had no choice but to pivot to fear, to sell out his own citizens as would-be terrorists. Draped in blood-red light, Biden warned Americans of their most serious threat — the “extreme MAGA Republicans,” the “ultra-MAGA,” the “Semi-fascists.” ...

Take this story in the Guardian from way back in 2011, and now imagine the Guardian writing anything like this about the FBI and January 6th:

... How will they still be able to lie about January 6th now that we’ve all seen the face of evil? We know the difference between what happened at the Capitol and what just happened in Israel. They’re nowhere near the same. Anyone who says they are is a stone-cold liar. Let this now begin the post-delusion era where we can, at long last, be told the truth.
236   Patrick   2023 Oct 12, 7:23pm  

Kevin McCarthy is a traitor because he protected the criminal FBI's entrapment scheme of Jan 6th by not releasing all of the video. The complete videos would show that the "rioters" were in fact FBI provacateurs like Ray Epps, and that the actual Trump supporters were the ones walking nicely through the velvet ropes after they were invited into the Capitol through the doors that were deliberately opened to entrap them. Hell, "Buffalo Man" was literally escorted the whole time by Capitol Police, and yet sentenced to prison. He was released only when video proved beyond any doubt that he was escorted.

Jan 6th was a legitimate protest of the obviously fraudulent 2020 election that installed Biden. Traitor McCarthy refused to release all of the promised video because that would indisputably show FBI agents were the troublemakers, and prevent those same FBI agents from being used again for the same kind of thing. The definition of traitor as "Someone who violates an allegiance and betrays his country" fits McCarthy perfectly, as he has violated his allegiance to the Constitution and betrayed his country.
237   Patrick   2023 Oct 13, 2:16pm  


Today, Friday the 13th, is J6 political prisoner Jake Lang’s 1000th day of incarceration without a trial.

Languishing in pre-trial detention for years with no end in sight “feels like ‘an eternity,'” Lang told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

“If not for God, I never would have made it this long as a POW,” he said. “One thousand days of torture and the destruction of our Constitutional rights is enough to send shivers down your spine.”

Lang was apprehended by the Federal Bureau of Investigations on Jan. 16, 2021, for his alleged role in the Capitol riot.

He went to the Capitol intent on peacefully protesting and ended up saving lives.

In footage from the scene that day, the discovery that will be showcased in the Supreme Court, Lang is seen pulling Phillip Anderson and Tommy Tatum, off the ground while they were being trampled and carrying them to safety as police indiscriminately fired the crowd with rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash grenades and beat even the most peaceful demonstrators to a bloody pulp with nightsticks.

Lang is also one of several J6 defendants who attempted to render aid to Roseanne Boyland as she lay unconscious after being beaten to death by Lila Morris, a DC Metro Police officer who was awarded for heroism after the murder.
242   Patrick   2023 Oct 24, 8:20am  


A danger to our Democracy. Worse than 9-11. Worst attack since the Civil War. These are the things the Mockingbird Mainstream Media have repeated over and over and over again.

Well, here’s some bodycam footage from inside the capitol building on January 6 that doesn’t look even remotely like 9-11 or the Civil War. In hindsight, it’s a laughable comparison. In fact, it’s always been a laughable comparison pushed by unserious people with a nefarious agenda.


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