January 6th should be a national holiday honoring the political prisoners who were brave enough to stand up against election fraud

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What are their names? Anyone have a list?

Everyone in prison from the FBI's Jan 6th entrapment scheme is an American national hero.

Every one of them should not only be freed and given several million dollars each, paid out of the FBI budget, they should be given the US Medal of Honor for daring to stand up against the corrupt FBI/Democrat oligarchy which defrauded US citizens in the 2020 presidential election.

They were unarmed, goaded by FBI into walking into the doors that were specifically unlocked to let them in, given tours (see buffalo man), and then arrested.

False noise was added to the video to make it sound violent.

The whole thing was entrapment and fraud from the beginning.

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270   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 20, 7:44am  

Matthew pled guilty to initial charges, believing he may face 6-12 months in prison.

Only after pleading guilty did the DOJ inform Matthew that they would seek a TERRORISM enhancement to his sentencing, which would raise his sentence to a potential 9 years in federal prison.

4 days after receiving news that the DOJ would push for this sentencing enhancement, Matthew went into his garage, put a rope around his neck, and hung himself.

This is where having a good lawyer would've made a world of difference.
271   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 20, 7:47am  

Patrick says

He'll flee back to Brazil.
272   HeadSet   2023 Nov 20, 8:09am  


This is where having a good lawyer would've made a world of difference.

Doubtful. The venue was too rigged for any J6er to have a fair trial, regardless of legal merit.
273   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 20, 8:39am  

HeadSet says


This is where having a good lawyer would've made a world of difference.

Doubtful. The venue was too rigged for any J6er to have a fair trial, regardless of legal merit.

Obvious: the guy didn't know jack shit about the law, the procedure, what can and can't be thrown at him and when. If he knew he wouldn't make the half-baked "deal" he made only to be blindsided with potential enchancement. Do LEOs and prosecutors lie to suspects? Does the Pope shit in the woods? He was bated into pleading guilty and took the bait. With a good lawyer at his side this kind of amateur shit wouldn't have happened. He made the rigging stupid easy for them.
275   Onvacation   2023 Nov 23, 8:11am  


This is where having a good lawyer would've made a world of difference.

Because justice costs money...
276   Onvacation   2023 Nov 23, 8:12am  


With a good lawyer

$200/hour with $10,000 retainer...
277   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 23, 8:31am  

Onvacation says


With a good lawyer

$200/hour with $10,000 retainer...

Trump should've stepped in and paid for J6 prisoners' defence. Peanuts for him, life-changing for them. And there would be less (or none at all) of these plea deals where guilt was admitted to which demon rats are now pointing fingers as "proof of insurrection".
278   Patrick   2023 Nov 23, 6:56pm  


Time for Truth and Accountability J6 Committee

The security video tells part of the story of what happened that day. As lives continue to be destroyed by Biden's DOJ, it is imperative House Republicans expose the full truth of January 6.
279   Patrick   2023 Nov 25, 1:33pm  


Notably, Lang does not dispute that he acted violently toward police officers.

Rather, he plans to argue his actions were in self-defense during his trial.

However, he does dispute the applicability of the particular statute that carries a far more severe penalty than any of the other charges he faces for things like assault, disorderly conduct, and trespassing, among other things.

“Without action from this Court, hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans will face substantial prison sentences for doing no more than speaking out at a protest that evolved into a dynamic conflict,” the petition argued.

“It is no overstatement to say the future of the First Amendment hangs in the balance.

“A statute intended to combat financial fraud has been transformed into a blatant political instrument to crush dissent.”

According to the Supreme Court’s docket for the case of Lang v. United States, the petition was accepted in July and, following the subsequent receipt of related motions and briefs, was scheduled for a conference meeting on Dec. 1, at which point the justices will decide whether or not to take up the case.
280   Patrick   2023 Nov 25, 7:30pm  


Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Caught on Hidden Camera Admitting January 6 Was a Hoax

Nancy Pelosi’s nepo-baby, Alexandra, was caught on camera admitting essentially that January 6 and the ensuing prosecutions were a marketing gimmick to propagandize the public for the benefit of the Democrat Party.

The video, apparently filmed surreptitiously in the style of Project Veritas and released by CitizenLens, reportedly between Pelosi and a January 6 defendant she was courting so as to appear in her documentary of the event, featured Pelosi discussing the political implications of the Jan 6 show trials and their effects on the upcoming 2022 mid-term elections.

"After the Democrats lose the House and then they get rid of the committee, people may lose interest. The first trials are gonna get a lot of attention. It’s like [an] anniversary; the first one is a big deal… No one’s gonna care after the Democrats are out of power. And then take Biden out of office, then who cares?... I know you’re not the bad guys [to the Jan 6 defendant]… If it was an insurrection… you were supposed to have a plan…. You’re going to be able to laugh about this one day."

She then goes on to explain how she knows Gavin McInnes (the purported former leader of the Proud Boys) and used, in fact, to party with him. She knows that he’s a provocateur and doesn’t actually mean what he says.

It’s all bread and circuses, people.

Notice the dispassionate tone of the clip above in which Pelosi is soberly analyzing the political strategy behind the Jan 6 propaganda and the acknowledgment that what happened was not an insurrection compared to the unhinged public utterances of Democrat partisans about how THE LITERAL FOUNDATIONS OF DEMOCRACY™ ARE CRUMBLING IN REAL TIME AND HITLER IS ON THE MARCH.

… And it becomes very clear that the pearl-clutching and the Capitol police officer crying on the stand and Liz Cheney posturing as if she has any principles whatsoever was all a cynical weaponization of a one-off riot — not an insurrection by any means (the rioters didn’t even bring guns to the “insurrection” for God’s sake; who believes they were really trying to “take the Capitol”?) — for political gain.

It was a cheap trick. Alas, the MSNBC viewers of the world on their 12th boosters love cheap tricks.

Meanwhile, Alexandra Pelosi made out like a bandit, on top of all the political capital they squeezed out of Jan 6, with her stupid documentary and the fawning media coverage she got for it.
282   Patrick   2023 Nov 25, 7:56pm  


How the Police Ignited the Crowd on Jan. 6 When They Threw a Grandma Down a Flight of 10 Steps – TWICE!


285   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 27, 3:44pm  

Patrick says

Look how stressed the popo in the pic! Oh, the suffering!
289   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 27, 8:42pm  

Patrick says

Wait, there is proof required now? Just calling somebody a fascist authoritarian Nazi is not enough? Since when?
290   Patrick   2023 Nov 28, 12:55pm  


House Speaker Mike Johnson has released over 40,000 hours of J6 footage including capitol police body cam footage to the public in the interests of transparency, an action which should have been taken years ago. Each new piece of footage only confirms what many Americans already understood - That the few scant minutes of available video recycled by the media paint a false picture of what really happened. Many would argue that J6 was nothing more than a protest that was turned into a riot by police incitement and establishment spin.

Even worse, there are many people now languishing in prison because of that spin. ...

New video clips seem to show capitol police firing rubber bullets, tear gas grenades and stun grenades into crowds of peaceful protesters on J6 before anyone tried to enter the capitol building, possibly triggering the violence that would follow (and creating the footage that was played ad nauseum on major news networks as proof of insurrection).
293   socal2   2023 Nov 29, 2:57pm  

When is Trump going to help some of the J6'rs stuck in prison?

Dude is a billionaire, knows lots of lawyers and is getting plenty of our campaign cash to cover his own legal bills.
302   Patrick   2023 Dec 3, 4:17pm  

CAPITOL POLICE ENTRAP CROWD BY KEEPING DOORS WIDE OPEN FOR THEM TO WALK IN Pelosi opened magnetic doors to the Capitol, I.e., Capitol Police Master at Arms opened the doors 100% under Pelosi’s direction:

303   Patrick   2023 Dec 3, 4:43pm  


Siaka Massaquoi, a conservative actor, RedState contributor, and activist from LA, was detained Friday night by the FBI after returning home from a Daily Wire movie premiere for charges related to January 6th, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol.

Siaka starred in the viral Californians Moving To Texas video series produced by The Babylon Bee last year.

Here are a few messages he shared on his Twitter account:


Authorities raided Siaka's house over two years ago, but he was not charged with anything at the time.

Turns out Siaka is on a "list." He entered the Capitol on January 6, 2021, but has not been charged with anything. His apartment was raided by over 20 armed FBI agents on June 10, 2021, and he's been under investigation ever since for "associating with members of a social media group."

Well, I suppose a black conservative Christian would be found threatening to the gay and treasonous FBI.

The protection of Hunter and Pedo Potatus while political persecution of Trump continues is really all you need to know about the FBI.
304   Patrick   2023 Dec 7, 12:32pm  


Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy schooled CNN’s Dana Bash on how the recently released Jan. 6 footage debunks the anti-Trump narrative peddled by her network and other corporate media outlets.

During a post-GOP 2024 debate on Wednesday night, Bash questioned Ramaswamy about his belief that Jan. 6 was likely “an inside job.”

After House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) recently made police bodycam and security footage from the U.S. Capitol public, the video has conflicted with the narrative that the events on January 6, 2021, were a “Trump-incited riot.”

The videos show Capitol Police officers throwing explosives into peaceful crowds and ushering protesters into the building, as Slay News reported.

The new evidence also suggests that FBI agents were operating undercover in the crowds. ...

VIVEK RAMASWAMY: “If you would asked me three years ago, is there some chance January 6 is an inside job, I would have said that was crazy talk.

“I would say, looking at the facts of the video footage that have come out, that it is shocking, that you still haven’t gotten a clear answer of how many federal agents were in the field that day.

“Look at now the video footage of actually throwing explosives and rubber bullets into what was a peaceful crowd, then releasing to the public what came in response to that.

“But now, look at the video footage that was released, and I’m glad we’re talking about it because viewers deserve to look at that footage, Capitol police literally letting people in who were then now prosecuted.

“Some of them gone on to commit suicide because of what the government is doing.

“That is the case of entrapment.

“I think the government has not been transparent about this, which is why I then brought up another case where the government now, 20 years later, would declassify documents, tell us that they lied to us at the time.”

DANA BASH: “Eight hundred and fifty people —”

RAMASWAMY: “I do think we have a government that consistently lied to its people.”

BASH: “An inside job suggests that everybody was — who attacked the Capitol was hard to —”

RAMASWAMY: “I didn’t say that.

“I didn’t say that, but I was saying that there is case — there’s entrapment going on.

“There’s entrapment going on and this looks like a case of entrapment.

“If you look at even over the last —”

BASH: “What do you mean by entrapment?”

RAMASWAMY: “Entrapment means that the police go to people to do something otherwise and the otherwise wouldn’t have done, and then they arrest them for actually doing it.”

BASH: “And you don’t think it was actually the former president who —”

RAMASWAMY: “Let’s — why do you think that was the media narrative? Now, look at —”

BASH: “We heard him — we heard him with our own ears.”

RAMASWAMY: “— case and see what you think about this, right?

“You guys said this for a long time, about the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot, suddenly gone silent after it comes out a trial that — absolutely, that was a case of entrapment, which is why those people were acquitted.

“So, I’m saying this is somebody who, on the other side of this, as a biotech CEO, somebody who was even anti-woke.

“But if I was looking at this, I would have said aloud that this is crazy talk.

“But if you actually get into the details, I think it is startling, how much the government has systematically lied, and I think it’s both parties over the course of the last 25 years —”

BASH: “But on the January 6 —”

RAMASWAMY: “— the Left used to be better pointing this out are being skeptical of the government.

“But now, it is the Right.”

BASH: “— which is the most — which is the most aggressive offensive attack on the U.C Capitol, on democracy itself, that we have seen in our lifetime and in many, many lifetimes, to say without evidence that it was an inside —”

RAMASWAMY: “I’m not saying without evidence.

“I think that what we’re seeing now is the video footage that has come out.

“I was in a different place before a lot of that evidence came out.

“But you have to respond to the evidence. What is your response?

“What is anybody else in CNN response to the video footage that was released of Capital police literally just peacefully allowing people into the Capitol —”

BASH: “What we know —”

RAMASWAMY: “— or shooting into peaceful crowd?”

BASH: “— is that 850 people have been convicted of crime.”

RAMASWAMY: “But the reality is many of them were convicted before that information was released.”

BASH: “Do you think that former President Trump has anything to do with this?”

RAMASWAMY: “You’re bringing up a really good point and your audience and everybody deserves to know the truth about this.

“Normally, there is a rule in constitutional law.

“It’s called the Brady rule.

“You have to turn over exculpatory evidence to the other side.

“In this case, it wasn’t turned over because the DOJ said Congress was sitting on it.”
306   Patrick   2023 Dec 10, 4:16pm  


Former Congresswoman Liz Cheney has expressed outrage after Republican 2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy declared Jan. 6 to be an “inside job” on national television.

The former Republican House leader blasted Ramaswamy for making comments during Wednesday’s GOP 2024 debate. ...

During the debate, Ramaswamy said:

“The real enemy is not Donald Trump.

“It’s not even Joe Biden.

“It is the deep state that at least Donald Trump attempted to take on.

“And if you want somebody who’s going to speak truth to power, then vote for somebody who’s going to speak the truth to you.

“Why am I the only person on the stage at least who can say that Jan. 6 now does look like it was an inside job?”

Ramaswamy also claimed that the 2020 election “was indeed stolen by Big Tech” and the 2016 election “was stolen from [Trump] by the national security establishment.”

I feel a bit better about Ramaswamy since he comments about the danger of the vaxx were censored by a convenient "technical glitch" in the last debate. He should say a LOT more about the vaxx if he wants real credibility.
307   AmericanKulak   2023 Dec 10, 6:02pm  

Patrick says

Nailed it. It was to prevent the Congress from hearing the reasons. And it was planned long before Pence said that, with Nancy, Pence, the GOP Establishment (for certain McConnell), the DC Mayor.
309   Patrick   2023 Dec 12, 5:38pm  


Newly uncovered police body cam footage of Ruby Freeman reveal her stunning admissions that directly contradict allegations made under oath by January 6th Committee witnesses, by certain reporters and show hosts, by members of Congress, and by lawyers in sworn statements to Federal Court.

Freeman volunteers to blow the whistle on election fraud.
In the body cam, Ruby Freeman alleges a coverup by the Georgia Secretary of State, the DOJ/FBI, the GBI, and the Fulton County DA.

911 call transcript, body cam videos, and police report were obtained by Open Record Requests. From that information investigators have learned that the police report was supplemented in contradiction of the facts.

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