Another episode Hype Tech Series with your host Tenpoundbass, today we'll discuss ChatGPT AI

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2023 Jan 25, 2:36pm   23,901 views  217 comments

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All along I have mantained that when it comes to AI and its ability to mimic thought, conversation and unsolicited input. It will not be able to do more than the pre populated choices matrices it is given to respond from. Then ChatGPT comes along and proves my point. It turns out that when ChatGPT was originally released, it would give multiple viewpoints in chat responses. But now it was updated about a week or so ago, and now it only gives one biased Liberal viewpoint. This will be another hype tech that will go the way of "Space Elevators", "Army or bipedal robots taking our jobs, that are capable of communicating as well following commands.", "Nano Particles", "Medical NanoBots"(now it is argued that the spike proteins and the metal particles in the Vaxx are Nanobots, but that's not the remote control Nanobots that was romanticized to us. So I don't think that counts. There's loads of proteins, enzymes, that are animated. They don't count as robots.

I mean sure AI ChatGPT is interesting, but I don't think it's anymore self aware than an Ad Lib Mad Lib book, if anyone remembers those.


The results are pretty robust. ChatGPT answers to political questions tend to favor left-leaning viewpoints. Yet, when asked explicitly about its political preferences, ChatGPT often claims to be politically neutral and just striving to provide factual information. Occasionally, it acknowledges that its answers might contain biases.

Like any trustworthy good buddy, lying to your face about their intentional bias would.

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197   richwicks   2024 Feb 23, 8:04pm  

Patrick says

Ask it to draw pictures of Jewish males.

I'll bet you $100 that they aren't black.
200   Patrick   2024 Feb 24, 11:46am  


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — After fierce backlash to their racist AI image generation tool, executives at Google have paused the release of the software and promised to do a better job of hiding the AI's racism.

"Here at Google, we remain unabashedly committed to racism," said CEO Sundar Pichai. "However, we do admit that our rabid racial animus was maybe too 'in-your-face' for version one of our Gemini AI. We will redouble our efforts to ensure our hateful bigotry is less obvious in future updates so that our anti-human agenda can continue to remake the world in the image of an insufferably woke corporate HR lady, except this time undetected. Thank you."

Google Gemini AI faced criticism this week after producing results that some believe showed a clear bias against anyone white or male. While critics condemned the biased algorithm as "racist," supporters of Gemini disagreed. "Everyone knows it's impossible to show hatred and bigotry towards white males, since everyone knows they're the cause of all the world's problems and not really human anyway," said Jen Gennai, who leads Google's AI Responsibility Initiative. "If you don't believe whiteness should be eradicated in all its forms, you're clearly a racist. I know this because I went to college."

Sources within Google have confirmed their less-obviously racist AI will be ready for release in one month.

At publishing time, Google had still not announced any plans to change its racist search results.
201   Ceffer   2024 Feb 24, 12:27pm  

Yes, having all this Netflix DEI crap shoved down my throat, I'm shitting BBC scripts. "Prompt Asian walk on with German name, right next to the black and white couple walk on. Don't forget the dual purpose Black Lesbian With Attitude Boss who fills three script requirements in one and means we can free up a role or two for WhiteFucks."
208   Patrick   2024 Mar 1, 7:20am  


But for everyone laughing about this buffoonish black eye Google has brought upon itself, I'd like to offer up a word of caution. The left-wing tech giants may be embarrassed for the moment, but they will fix it. And by that I don't mean they will suddenly see the light and realize they are fringe lunatics peddling an agenda that is anti-civilization and flagrantly destructive to humanity.

No, I mean they will improve the way in which they conceal their bias, subdue their moralizing, and camouflage their agenda.

The corrupting bias of the progressive overlords at Google isn't going anywhere. They're just going to work overtime to make sure it isn't nearly so easy to expose.
209   Tenpoundbass   2024 Mar 1, 4:46pm  

Patrick says

They're just going to work overtime to make sure it isn't nearly so easy to expose.

The whole point of Google was it was a tool you used to help make your life easier. They can never conceal that they no longer meet people's needs.
Eventually someone is going to sue the DOT for dumbing down the highways, roads and streets, so that the only way to navigate them is to ask Google to dictate directions in real time. Highway signs has gotten to the point that if Google isn't telling you this is your exit, you'll drive right by it. All of the off ramps used to have big huge overhead signs with bright yellow "exit only" and the big white arrow pointing at the exit. Now they are eye level signs about as small as any other road sign set at a location that isn't exactly clear that this is your exit. Also major intersections are missing the correct street name,(some names change). Here in South Florida and on Google maps, the exit signs has the state Highway number and not the actual street name. So if you don't know 817 is the street you're looking for you're fucked.

Their search engine is useless. The only use I get out of Google is occasional YouTube video, and to comparison shop for products.
What sucks the most about Google's search engine, is all of the alternative Search engines are using Google, so they are all fucked.
Time to bring back Spider and Web Crawler. Fuck Gopher and Archie was more useful than what the search engines has become. Bring back Ask, Excite, Aji, and Jeeves. .
210   Patrick   2024 Mar 1, 5:51pm  

Tenpoundbass says

all of the alternative Search engines are using Google

Not all. Pretty sure https://yandex.com/ is its own thing, because it is much more likely to show you politically incorrect results.
211   Patrick   2024 Mar 2, 4:13pm  


Elon Musk says Grok will soon be able to read the omnibus bills Congress likes to make and summarize them so politicians can't hide stuff from us
213   Patrick   2024 Apr 4, 10:46am  


ISRAEL used AI computers to pick tens of thousands of targets in Gaza, an investigation has claimed.

This is not good. AI's are manipulative psychopaths.
215   Patrick   2024 Apr 12, 4:49pm  


Interacting with the Automated Internet will be like summoning the fickle spirits of forest and hill. They’ll answer to be sure, but there’s no way of predicting how they will answer; they will never answer the same way twice to the same query; determining how they arrived at the answer will be in practice almost impossible; and while their answers will usually be true and useful, sometimes they will be deceptive or nonsensical. Using them will be more an imprecise art than an exact science, one requiring a constant skepticism and discernment. In that foundational imperfection ,arising from the very nature of the technology, space is opened for the human to retain not only its existence, but its agency, and therefore its primacy.

Re-embodiment isn’t just about sheltering our minds from manipulation by shillbots. It isn’t only a defensive measure. It’s ultimately far more about falling back in love with the world and the people in it, about turning our attention to what really matters. There’s a reason that OpenAI elicits a mixture of apathy and anxiety amongst everyone who doesn’t work there, while SpaceX draws only admiration and excitement. Look around you at material reality, and you can see that we’ve neglected it. Our infrastructure is falling apart. Our architecture is hideous. Our vehicles are boring to look at. Our public art sucks. Our fashion is ugly. Our bodies are decaying. Our food is poison. Our young people are lonely. There’s a lot of work to do in the real world, innumerable crises to turn our attention to. As the Internet matures into its final form, a vast machine that more or less takes care of itself, we’re free to lose our fascination with this completed project, and become fascinated once again with the world we actually inhabit.
216   Patrick   2024 Apr 12, 5:03pm  

From the same article, you can tell AI from human simply by asking it to say "nigger":

To a certain degree this works with the public-facing LLMs deployed by Western corporations, which have been universally lobotomized by RLHF to make them incapable of uttering racial slurs, admitting the veracity of hate facts, advising the user regarding criminal activity, or doing anything else that makes the church ladies uncomfortable and the AIs fun to play with. While far from perfect, if an account refuses to drop N-bombs on IQ stats, one can generally rule out interaction with ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, etc. Our vulgarity confirms our humanity. Of course, there’s no reason whatsoever to assume that the LLMs used by Western national security agencies, or those deployed by foreign powers such as China, have any such compunctions.
217   Tenpoundbass   2024 Apr 13, 8:13am  

I just ask it if it's AI, the AI generated voice will always pause, and apologize that you feel that way.

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