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Representative for New York 10th congressional district


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1   Patrick   2023 Mar 16, 8:31pm  


Democrat Rep Caught with over $30M Nonprofit Funds Stashed in Offshore Cayman Islands Account

Democrat Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) has been caught with over $30 million in private nonprofit funds stashed in an offshore Cayman Islands tax haven account.

Goldman’s organization reported investments worth $32.2 million that are being held in the Cayman Islands, a popular tax haven for wealthy investors and hedge funds.

The funds are being held on behalf of the Richard W. Goldman Family Foundation.

Goldman, one of the wealthiest members of Congress, founded the charity a decade ago with his two siblings in memory of their father.

The organization’s claimed goal is to “promote equality” and eliminate barriers for the disadvantaged.

The foundation has investments worth $6.1 million and $26.1 million, respectively, in two private funds based in the Cayman Islands.

The funds are being funneled offshore by the U.S. firm BBR Partners LLC, according to the group’s most recent tax filings.

Documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) show the two funds, BBR Equity Long/Short Ltd. and BBR Absolute Return Ltd., are organized in the Cayman Islands.

SEC documents list Goldman as the financial director for the Goldman Foundation.

As the financial director, Goldman has full control over where and how its assets are managed.

Probably not illegal, but sketchy.
3   AD   2023 Aug 6, 12:22am  

Dan Goldman now claims Hunter Biden was bluffing as far as claiming The Big Guy (aka: Birdbrain Biden) was going to use the power of his office to help the company doing "bidness" with Hunter. So it was not a "real" bribe according to Goldman :-/
4   Patrick   2023 Nov 22, 2:43pm  


Democrat Rep Calls for Trump to Be ‘Eliminated’

Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) has provoked a widespread backlash over remarks he made about President Donald Trump.

During an interview with former White House press secretary Jen Psaki on MSNBC Sunday, the New York lawmaker called for Trump to be “eliminated.”

While making his case, Goldman cited Trump’s allegedly “dangerous” rhetoric.

Speaking with Democrat President Joe Biden’s former spokeswoman, Goldman was discussing Trump’s ongoing legal challenges.

Specifically, they spoke about the politically motivated civil case by Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“His rhetoric is really getting dangerous, more and more dangerous,” Goldman claimed.

“Now, and his recent True Social post, it’s incredibly, incredibly scary for anyone that might be trying to work in government.”

“It is just unquestionable at this point that that man cannot see public office again.

“He is not only unfit; he is destructive to our democracy, and he has to be eliminated,” Goldman declared.

Sounds like Goldman is making criminal threats to me, which is a felony and should result in years in prison.
5   Patrick   2023 Nov 23, 4:58pm  


Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-N.Y.) apologized Monday for his “poor choice of words” when he said former President Trump must be “eliminated” to protect democracy.

Right, he figured out that he is liable for criminal threats of murder.

Apology is not good enough. He must be prosecuted and imprisoned.
6   Patrick   2024 Apr 6, 2:29pm  


Bidens’ ‘Big Guy’ Whistleblower Tony Bobulinski Sues Democrat Rep Dan Goldman for Defamation

Bobulinski has since testified that “The Big Guy” was Joe Biden.

During an explosive hearing last month, Bobulinski testified under oath about the allegations against the Bidens and accused the president of wrongdoing.

After the hearing, Goldman published a post on X accusing Bobulinski of making “false allegations.” ...

Bobulinski sent a letter to Goldman demanding that he remove the post and issue a retraction within five days or be hit with a lawsuit.

Weeks later, the post is still up.

“Your statement, as though it were a matter of fact, that Mr. Bobulinski has lied to federal investigators and Congress, is defamatory per se and will not be tolerated,” Bobulinksi’s legal representation wrote in the earlier letter.
7   Patrick   2024 May 14, 8:06pm  

Rep. Goldman says he met with Michael Cohen “a number of times to prepare him”


Witness Tampering?… Biden Ally Rep. Goldman Admits Meeting with Michael Cohen “Many Times” to “Prepare Him” for Testimony in Biden/Bragg Trial


Staunch Biden defender and Congressman Dan Goldman (D-NY) admitted that he helped prepare Michael Cohen for his testimony against former President Donald Trump, another sign that the Republican’s supporters point to as evidence of a politically-motivated criminal trial.

Trump ally Alex Bruesewitz highlighted the clip of Goldman on MSNBC where he joined former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill and others to break down Cohen’s appearance in court Monday, which Goldman claimed only happened because of him.

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