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1   AmericanKulak   2023 May 31, 11:15am  

Today is day #47 of my asking the
for a response.
2   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 Jun 1, 4:01am  

Followers? Influencers? Bullshit.
3   Patrick   2024 Mar 16, 6:14pm

I reported earlier this week that Team Trump took swift control of the RNC on Monday and cleaned house. Many folks were cautiously optimistic but remained skeptical. Yesterday, Lara Trump announced that the RNC is hiring Scott Presser to help fuel Republican voter turnout.

In case you don’t know who he is, Scott Pressler (online, “The Persistence”) is an independent activist and influencer who started out going door to door signing up new Republican voters. Single-handed, he has signed up tens of thousands of new voters. Nowadays Scott is thinking even bigger and more creatively — more than anyone ever has in the bloated, wasteful, and ineffective RNC.

For one example of his creative thinking, here’s Scott’s current pinned tweet from March 2nd:

Normal conservatives like us have been constantly vexed and dumbfounded by the RNC’s pompous and pigheaded refusal to fund effective people like Scott, or take Scott’s advice, or even just copy Scott’s methods.

But the very first week into the new Trump regime, the leaner, meaner RNC is already reaching out to genius voter-getter Scott Pressler.

It’s hard to imagine better election news than this. Maybe it’s time to relax some of the well-deserved skepticism of the RNC and consider getting on board. Just saying!

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