Dems will not pay out to veterans while fully funding LGBQT training, the corrupt FBI, the EEOC, the EPA, Dept of Education, etc.

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2023 May 25, 5:52pm   338 views  1 comment

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The Dems (Hakeem Jeffries, some Dem congressional reps who are veterans like Jason Crow) were on TV today stating the Republicans are going to gut veteran spending and that the VA will have to cancel appointments.

I think its a lie. The Repubs said they are not cutting veteran spending.

I wonder if the Dems will keep government open and fully fund what they want like LGBQT training, the January 6 investigation, the EPA, Dept of Education, the EEOC, etc. while they send home the Veteran Affairs hospital and clinic staff, etc.

This is one way the Repubs can expose the Democrats as far as what their agenda and spending priorities are.

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1   AD   2023 May 25, 6:02pm  

Easy fix.

Send home the entire FBI, Dept of Education and EPA in order to pay for Veteran Affairs health and disability pensions.


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