The US government is illegitimate because it does not enforce the law impartially

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US law enforcement is horribly corrupt, prosecuting some crimes and ignoring others, depending solely on the power and political affiliation of the suspects.

The most flagrant example is Hunter Biden's being allowed to get away with smoking crack, owning a gun while being an illegal drug user, pedophilia, incest, and selling US influence to China, Ukraine, and Romania via Pedo Joe.

But the list is endless. Hundreds were prosecuted and imprisoned for being given tours of the Capitol on Jan 6th in an entrapment operation orchestrated by the profoundly corrupt FBI. At least the Buffalo Man was finally released when the footed indisputably showed that he was escorted by Capitol Police the whole time. All the others should be immediately released and given the US Medal of Honor for standing up to the election fraud of 2020, as well as several million dollars each, to be taken from the corrupt FBI budget. And all of the Jan 6th footage must be released.

Hillary Clinton used the corrupt FBI to fabricate a story that Trump colluded with Russia, as documented in the Durham report. Everyone involved in this slander and fraud should be prosecuted, but none of them have been.

Pfauci funded the creation of Wuhan Virus in Wuhan at the Wuhan Institute of Virology with US taxpayer money, yet is not even being investigated for this open violation of US law and international law. Why not?

BLM was allowed to Burn, Loot, and Murder in cities all across the US in 2020, but has not received even a tiny fraction of the prosecutions meted out to the protesters of Jan 6th. Why not?

The US military must now honor their oath to defend the Constitution against America's domestic enemies at the FBI and other agencies by taking over and forcing prosecution for these crimes. Then they must return control to civilians.

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367   Patrick   2024 Apr 22, 10:54am  


The Associated Press reported a world-changing story this morning headlined, “Prosecutors to make history with opening statements in hush money case against Trump.” And so, it begins.

Calumnous corporate media is roundly referring to this case as the “hush money” trial, which is confusing almost everybody, since none of the counts pleaded against the President were on account of any kind of payoff. Trump never bribed anybody or “paid off” anybody. In the transactions involved in the case, Trump is ‘accused’ of legally buying — through a lawyer — common law copyrights (story rights) and non-disclosure contracts.

Even if true, both purchases are utterly unremarkable. Similar transactions happen every single day all over the country, if not the entire world.

Cretinous reporters call it “hush money” though, because they are sprinting far afield toward the reason Trump allegedly bought the stories from three women, to “stop them” from selling those stories to the tabloids. But Trump didn’t stop them, or hush them up, he had to pay them. The women could care less who paid them, since their motive was to make money, and they were richly successful.

None of corporate media’s halfwitted reporters are the least bit concerned whether any of those salacious stories Trump bought were actually true or made-up. Since the ‘Stormy Daniels’ (Stephanie Clifford) story broke years ago, journalists been unable (or unwilling) to confirm Stephanie’s account of the alleged 2006 relationship, and Trump has consistently denied the affair. For whatever it’s worth, Stephanie broke her NDA, and appears to have sold the story to media anyway, collecting handsomely from all parties.

Even though nitwit District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s morbidly obese case includes thirty-four criminal counts, the case is just about whether Trump’s notations on 11 checks written to his lawyer were properly characterized as legal expenses. That is all this criminal prosecution of a former President and current candidate is about. ...

I don’t need to remind you guys, but this historic trial is utterly unprecedented. Woke activists shopped the case to any number of prosecutors, including Bragg, who initially turned it down as being too farfetched. But Bragg later changed his mind, for some reason.

Regardless, America’s Justice System is making history this week. Bad history. Stay tuned.
368   Patrick   2024 Apr 22, 11:09am  


The lawfare against Donald Trump hits new heights today

New York v Trump is a joke - 34 felonies for what comes down to misclassifying spending in a payment ledger - but the elite media is keeping a straight face. ...

Donald Trump’s first criminal trial officially began today with opening statements in a lower Manhattan courthouse. That dry statement is true, as far as it goes. But it does not begin to capture the miscarriage of justice unfolding before our eyes - or the profound consequences it will have, whatever its outcome.

Yet the elite media has gone along with the charade, just as it did in the insane New York state civil trial of Trump that ended two months ago. Reporters have covered both cases as if they were normal uses of prosecutorial power, rather than explaining what is really happening in them and how bleeding-edge aggressive are the legal theories underlying them.
371   Patrick   2024 Apr 23, 10:10am  


Trump stands accused of falsifying invoices and business ledgers and sending reimbursement checks to his then-attorney Michael Cohen under the pretext that they were payments for legal services rendered.

Prosecutors say they were no such thing, but were rather reimbursement to Cohen for a $130,000 payment he made on Trump’s behalf to former adult actress Stormy Daniels. Daniels was paid, they say, to keep her from outing Trump ahead of the election in order to conceal their liaison and thereby enhance his election prospects.

In New York state, falsifying business records is a misdemeanor carrying a penalty of up to a year in jail. However, if it can be demonstrated that the reason for the falsification was to commit some other crime, as prosecutors say is the case here, it becomes a felony punishable by up to four years in jail.

That means that prosecutors have two orders of business in their bid to secure a conviction against the former president. First, they must establish the fraudulent nature of the business records which underlie the alleged scheme. Secondly, they must demonstrate that Trump’s intention in falsifying the records was related to the 2016 presidential election. ...
372   Patrick   2024 Apr 23, 3:18pm  


Newly unsealed documents in Donald Trump's classified documents case reveal that the Biden White House colluded with the National Archives (NARA) and the FBI to concoct a case against the former president.


Journalist Julie Kelly has been all over this:

Thanks to order by Judge Cannon, key evidence related to classified docs case is now unredacted.
On the left: What DOJ/Jack Smith wanted to conceal.
On the right: Now we know why. More proof of collaboration btw Biden White House and NARA to concoct a case. pic.twitter.com/YVHVmAfOai
— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) April 22, 2024

... The defense has argued that the emails unsealed on Monday indicate communication between NARA officials, the Biden administration, and the DOJ regarding President Trump’s records, alleging coordination in targeting the former president since 2021.
373   Patrick   2024 Apr 23, 11:19pm  


Before the saints come marching in, the human archetypes strut down the avenue in their revealing regalia. Do you know why the archetypal batshit crazy women of the Democratic Party adore “Joe Biden?” I’ll tell you: because he represents perfectly and exactly the “patriarchy” they revile in his floridly comic senescence. “Joe Biden” is the patriarchy disabled, feeble, feckless, impotent, and reduced to inanity. He would be pitiful if the patriarchy itself were not so contemptible. This is exactly how the batshit crazy women want it to look.

Do you wonder why “progressive” (i.e. batshit crazy) elite class women seem so unperturbed about the conspicuous number of rapes committed by “newcomers,” as they style illegal border-jumpers these days, who are by an overwhelming percentage “military-age men”? Because, having functionally transformed the ranks of American men into eunuchs, they relish the arrival of so many wild and lustful fellows on the scene, as long as post the imagined bodice-ripping exploits they can be dominated and domesticated — turned into so many swimming pool cleaners and busboys to be ordered around.

Of course, much of that archetypal psychodrama is only played out in the batshit crazy mind of batshit crazy women; for the sake of decorum it is never acted-out. The lurid, shameful fantasies are instead displaced onto Donald Trump, the archetypal “Big Daddy” who so insolently evaded the castration shears of Hillary Clinton — with the help of Russian arch-rapist “Putin” — and keeps on coming at the batshit-crazy women like Jason Voorhees, the psycho-killer in the Friday the 13th horror series (Qu’est-ce que c’est, ladies?)

Proof of Mr. Trump’s rapey-ness has been finally and formally declared in the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial. It’s certified, you see, though the trial itself was a joke of performative pretense. All you really need is a cast of characters, including the judge, Lewis Kaplan, who are sufficiently deranged and degenerate to carry out the performance.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James was up next to attempt the financial castration of Mr. Trump with an artfully concocted civil case that magically transformed a normal real estate transaction into a victimless fraud (say, what?), prompting the Rumpelstiltskin-like Judge Arthur Engoron to declare an unprecedented cash penalty of $354-million, designed to enable the confiscation and forced sale of Mr. Trump’s buildings.

That hasn’t quite worked yet, and may never work, given how appeals courts up to SCOTUS might view the malicious prosecution based on Ms. James’s repeated campaign promise to. . . pin something on Trump. Batshit crazy “progressives” have managed to not notice how inconsistent with American legal precedent this case was — because they held all the levers of power in New York State: governorship, legislature, and AG’s office, and their power to do whatever they liked was all that mattered.

For the moment Judge Juan Merchan presides over Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s fake case of 34 clerical misdemeanors (past the statute of limitations on them), repurposed as felonies committed for the intention of breaking some federal election law (unspecified). Last time I checked, county courts have no jurisdiction over federal law, most particularly unspecified federal law, which is to say no law at all. The question nobody has asked or answered is: what is the flaw in our system of jurisprudence that allows such an insane and preposterous case to play out so harmfully? I can only suppose that this is what happens when ethics and moral codes are brutally excised from the larger culture that law is but one part of.

It is the way of Homo sapiens that moral codes derive generally from the supervision of fathers in the upbringing of human young and, later on, as children develop into adults, these codes are archetypally re-enacted and enforced by men in the greater social matrix. Why? Because it requires a strong sense of boundaries. Boundaries are the essence of the “patriarchy.” Remove men from the scene, or castrate them politically, and you are sure to end up with a problem knowing right from wrong. We’re apparently subject now to the misrule of women with boundary problems who, for one reason or another, rebelled against Daddy and never got over it. It’s a peculiar irony — so far unexplicated by the hierophants of social theory — that the more affluent and successful Daddy was, the more he was hated for it by his female offspring.

The result of all that is the Democratic Party of our time as run by the batshit crazy women, fearful of sex and its consequence (babies), paradoxically subject to biological promptings and unable to find suitable mates among the men they’ve turned into eunuchs of one sort or another; resentful of the dull managerial jobs that have replaced the anathematized “jobs” of motherhood; filled with rage and revenge fantasies which, because of their boundary problems, have now extended to willing the destruction of our country. It’s an uninviting view of what’s happened to us, but there it is, like so much meat on the table.
377   Patrick   2024 Apr 25, 11:01am  


The newfangled, 21st-century, two-tiered, weaponized lawfare against President Trump metastasized again yesterday into the another criminal prosecution against Trump-supporting lawyers, which this time doesn’t include or even need the former president. Phoenix local affiliate ABC-15 ran the story yesterday headlined, “11 Arizona Republicans, 7 others indicted in 2020 Trump 'fake electors' scheme.”

It’s eighteen more Republican political indictments. Short-sighted, oxygen-deprived maskaholic liberals unable to imagine how these lawfare tactics could ever be used against them expressed ecstasy over the news...

As if the Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada prosecutions weren’t already enough, yesterday Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes (D) indicted seven attorneys and aides who worked on Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, plus 11 local Arizona Republicans on felony charges for fraud and forgery (and conspiring to do those things).

“I will not allow American democracy to be undermined,” the corpselike Mayes bravely announced on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

... So in Arizona (along with several other states where cheating was rampant), the GOP hastily assembled an alternative slate of Republican electors, so they would be ready to go in case one of the legal challenges succeeded. But DA Mayes disbelieves the electors were actually waiting for the legal green light.

DA Mayes accused the defendants of a switcheroo — trying to trick, or defraud, the Congress into mistaking the Republican alternate electors for the proper ones, and trying to trick Congress into thinking the official electors nominated by the Secretary of State were the fakes instead. ...

It’s getting risky for lawyers to represent conservatives in elections. Since 2020, I’ve litigated five local election-related cases representing conservative candidates (not the Trump election; it was after that). In three cases I won, I was personally sued for bringing or winning the case. I am blessed to work in Florida and ultimately prevailed in all three lawsuits. But in one case, where my unlikely co-defendant is Governor DeSantis, we had to win all the way up through the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Now the democrats are seeking an appeal at the Supreme Court.

Toting the numbers, I’ve been sued personally as the lawyer by democrats in three elections cases out of five. I can’t deny it makes me think harder about taking any future elections cases. It’s like a bad BOGO; buy one election case, and get one expensive civil lawsuit for free.

It’s a problem. Every good lawyer who might consider taking a case later this year must carefully consider the risk of eventually becoming a criminal defendant under some warped DA’s thinly-sliced legal theory, not to mention the possibility of being fired from your firm, disbarred, and blacklisted.

Which is exactly what happened to Trump lawyer John Eastman, one of the 18 new Arizona defendants, and one of the Fulton County (Fani Willis) defendants. John was recently recommended for disbarment in California. He was forced to resign from his professorship at Chapman Law School, and his visiting professorship at the University of Colorado. He’s been de-banked twice, and is described by other lawyers as existing in “a state of felonious infamy.”

Ew, Mayes is perhaps the most awful AWFL of them all.

378   RC2006   2024 Apr 25, 12:35pm  

They want full blown civil war in the US, just need the court systems to become completely illegitimate.
380   Patrick   2024 Apr 26, 10:39am  


So far, the spring rioting has mostly been fun for the rioters. Unlike the J-6-21 “paraders,” locked up in the putrid DC jail for years pending trial, the Hamas frolickers are at near-zilch risk of any serious consequences. Few will even be suspended from school. They are doing exactly what the schools trained them up for: destroying Western Civ, one acanthus leaf at a time. According to the shadowy stage-managers behind “Joe Biden,” this will save our democracy.

That and stuffing Donald Trump in jail for the rest of his natural life. Alas, the lawfare cases cooked up toward that end appear defective to a spectacular degree. It really says something about the true authors of these beauties brought by Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, Fani Willis, and Jack Smith. I speak of the behind-the-scene blob lawfare ninjas Norm Eisen, Andrew Weissmann, Matt Colangelo, and Mary McCord, who wrote the scripts for all four of this year’s big elephant trap cases against the former president. You have to wonder how that bunch made it through their law boards. The current extravaganza in Manhattan that centers on alleged book-keeping errors in furtherance of an unstated federal offense is due to go on a few more weeks. The howling errors of both the prosecution and Judge Juan Merchan are so extravagant that the proceeding looks like it was cribbed from the pages of Lewis Carroll.

Yet, there is near unanimous sentiment that the Trump-deranged New Yawk jury will convict, no matter how much more idiotic the case turns out to be.
381   Patrick   2024 Apr 26, 4:16pm  


"This is a Frankenstein case," Turley said. "They took a dead misdemeanor, they attached it to a dead alleged federal felony and zapped it back into life. Many of us are just amazed to watch this actually walk into court because it's not a recognizable crime that any of us have seen."

Correct. Obvious. I’m unable to analyze dipshittery. We just have wave after wave of sub-moronic performance theater, the point of which is to distract and demoralize. The Supreme Court just faked a long and serious debate over the existence of presidential immunity, while all of the justices are shielded from legal consequences over their handling of the case because of judicial immunity. Why pretend to honor that?

In a functioning country with adversarial politics, a dozen border county DAs would bullshit-indict Joe Biden this week for aiding and abetting human trafficking, and announce that they’ll wait to handcuff and perp walk him until 12:01 on January 20 as he leaves the White House, at which point the courts would instantly and miraculously rediscover presidential immunity. No one actually believes that no form of presidential immunity exists, but Orange Man Bad, so we’re going to pretend for a while. I decline.
383   AmericanKulak   2024 Apr 26, 5:47pm  

Patrick says

Yet, there is near unanimous sentiment that the Trump-deranged New Yawk jury will convict, no matter how much more idiotic the case turns out to be.

A NY jury would find Trump guilty for gunning down 100 people in the Street whatever the evidence was.

Dems are absolutely convinced Trump is so guilty of anything and must go.

They would ulululate like Palestinians over an IDF soldier and probably rape the corpse and dance around with one of Trumps arms over their head.

I'm not joking.
384   AmericanKulak   2024 Apr 26, 5:49pm  

UkraineIsTotallyFucked says

Here's why I don't agree.

Compare the BLM riots to J6.

The right has to stop worrying so much about being forceful. We already saw the Left doesn't give a fuck. The only way it will give a Fuck is to be punished.

This is the same reason I give no fucks over TikTok. Biden's FAA is already up Musk's ass with SpaceX, they will find some reason to go after X when they can.
385   Patrick   2024 Apr 28, 7:38pm  


No matter who you are or what you look like, our laws apply equally to all, or so they are supposed to. However, our “justice is blind” system has now splintered off into two different levels of justice: one for you and me, and the other for the “political elites” as some call them. Not sure what I’m talking about? No worries, I’ve got a few examples for you to make my point here.

Who can forget Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, during the height of the COVID19 frenzy dining out at a restaurant, with a large group of friends, without a mask on!? Actually, not one of his dinnermates donned a mask! That’s right. None of them felt the need to follow the rules whilst they hung out with the tyrant that was trampling on law-abiding citizens’ rights. ...

Any penalties suffered by Newsom? A fine, or a figurative public lashing, or loss of his job? Nope. All good.

How about this? Remember when then Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, also during the height of COVID19, went to the hair salon to have her hair done whilst everyone else was forbidden from having “indoor personal care services” provided… and she was walking around the place without a mask on?! Of course, she accused the salon of setting her up and demanded they issue an apology. Seriously, lady? Not 100% sure, but I’m guessing she’s still waiting for it.

Any consequences for good ole’ Nancy (who has been in Congress since 1985) breaking the rules? Nope. All good there, too.

I suppose these elites would love to deny their I’m-so-entitled instances ever took place. Unfortunately for them, their surveillance state society they work so hard to promote, worked against them in those instances. They were both caught on video, or in still photos. Busted. ...

This story happened just last week, when the District Attorney for the Western New York county of Monroe, defied law enforcement when the officer tried to apprehend her for speeding (20 miles over the speed limit) in a residential area. The DA, Sandra Doorley, who’s held that office since 2011, was not only disrespectful to the officer who was trying to enforce the law, she didn’t even pull over despite his lights and siren, and instead ignored him and drove all the way home and then pulled into her garage! The encounter was recorded on the officer’s body camera. You can watch the 26-minute video here, but I point out some of the key moments below.

The District Attorney berates the police officer multiple times, at one point calling him an “asshole” and telling him “This is ridiculous. Just go away.” At another point, when he reiterates that he stopped her for doing 55mph in a 35mph zone, she responds with, “Then just write the fu*#ing ticket.”

During the encounter, she calls the town’s police chief and asks him to call off his police officer, “Can you please tell him to leave me alone?”

Not stopping for a police officer who is legally pulling you over is an arrestable offense, as you can hear the officer say to his supervisor who also arrived on the scene. In the end, the officer let her off easy, and only gave her a speeding ticket. ...
386   Patrick   2024 Apr 28, 8:07pm  


Doorley: Sorry, I didn't wanna pull over ... I just didn't. I just figured I'd pull into my driveway. And I called (Webster Chief of Police) Dennis (Kohlmeier) and I said, "That's me that they're trying to stop." So, that's end of story.

Officer: Well, you should know better, right?

Doorley: I was speeding, I know that.

Officer: Okay, so why didn't you just stop like you're supposed to?

Doorley: Because I didn't feel like stopping on Phillips Rd.

Officer: That's not your choice! You know that!

Doorley: Well, I made it my choice.

Officer: Now you made it a bigger deal than it needed to be!

Doorley: It's a really bigger deal. And when people started coming it's a much bigger deal!

Offier: Well, you caused that, Sandra. What do you want us to do? Not do our job because it's you?

Doorley: No! It's fine. Just write me a ticket. I was just saying I was not gonna stop on Phillips Rd. at 5:30.

Officer: Okay, well, you just broke another law because of that. Right? You should know better.

Doorley: Just write me a ticket...

Officer: That's not a traffic ticket. That's an arrestable offense, Sandra. You know this! Why did you not pull over? You made this a bigger deal than it needed to be. And you knew why you were getting stopped, clearly.

Doorley: Clearly hahahaha!
387   HeadSet   2024 Apr 29, 8:12am  

Patrick says

In the end, the officer let her off easy, and only gave her a speeding ticket.

And that ticket will be thrown out.

Looks like the city council has asked the State DA to investigate, so now that county DA has become very apologetic. Since the NY DA is Lakita James. likely nothing will happen anyway.
390   Patrick   2024 Apr 30, 8:29am  


After carefully considering these pro’s and con’s and weighing the risks, Rebecca posed the question that we are all asking ourselves: “Is it really worth charging a former president for this?”

By way of an answer, all Rebecca could come up with was a single paragraph leaning into the tired old “no man is above the law” trope that we’ve repeatedly demolished. Ask Hunter Biden about no man being above the law. What’s a little sex trafficking between friends, anyway? ...

And if I am recalling correctly — and I think I am — Hillary’s campaign also mischaracterized the Steele “Russia Russia Russia” dossier as legal expenses. Yet this obvious example of prosecutorial double standards somehow escaped Rebecca’s keen legal instincts.

If charging the President with crimes proves the system is fair, without even really trying that hard I can think of a lot of things with which to charge Joe Biden. Let’s go.
394   Patrick   2024 May 6, 10:37am  


You realize, don’t you, that the gross misconduct of government officials from RussiaGate on down to the courtroom of Judge Juan Merchan has amounted to one continuous operation against the American people? If it were ever honestly adjudicated, many hundreds of them might go to prison, or worse. Each successive seditious and treasonous action they attempt against their arch-nemesis, Mr. Trump, only compounds their criminal liability — the Steele Dossier, CIA agent Eric Ciaramella’s 2019 impeachment prank, the Covid-19 caper, the George Floyd-BLM hustle, the 2020 election hijinks, the J-6 op and the House J-6 Committee conjured up to spin it, the present battery of farcical court cases — and yet the Golden Golem of Greatness not only remains defiantly at large, but seems to amass ever more electoral mojo.

The epic failure of these mighty efforts, and the humiliation entailed, has lately driven this vast bureaucratic cabal — collectively styled as “the blob” — to a stage of abject desperation that looks a lot like insanity. They fear for their lives, their fortunes, their chattels, and their families, and they seem ready to wreck the republic to save themselves. They have so far pretty much wrecked American justice with their lawfare tactics — a degenerate campaign to use the vested authority of prosecutors and judges to twist and cheat the law at the cost of the law’s legitimacy. Merrick Garland, Norm Eisen, Andrew Weismann, Mary McCord, Lisa Monaco, Marc Elias, Christopher Wray, Letitia James, Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg have made law the enemy of the people.

All this becomes more obvious each day, for instance events of the past week in Judge Aileen Cannon’s federal courtroom in Florida where the Mar-a-Lago documents case proceeds. Turns out that Special Counsel Jack Smith has deliberately messed with the evidence, which is patently felonious. Also, turns out that sometime between the “Joe Biden” inauguration and the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago in August, 2022, boxes of presidential documents stored by the US General Services Administration were “delivered” to Mr. Trump’s mansion without any proper accounting for what might have been in them. A set-up you suppose? Why not? After everything else the FBI and the DOJ have attempted since 2015?

Christopher Wray in particular might have wanted some surefire probable cause to get his agents into Mar-a-Lago where, rumor has it, Mr. Trump kept his own dossier of evidence against the FBI and DOJ officials who concocted the “Crossfire Hurricane” chapter of RussiaGate. Even if you assume that Mr. Trump had multiple copies of the thing, FBI Director Wray — in position since 2017 throughout most of RussiaGate — surely wanted to see what Mr. Trump was holding if it would become necessary for current and former FBI / DOJ officials to defend themselves in court against very serious charges.

You see the desperation, don’t you? And how stupendously amateurish these machinations have been? Planting evidence and then fiddling around with it? I’m waiting for the moment when Judge Cannon summons Jack Smith and announces to his face that she is tossing the case for prosecutorial misconduct. Will she add a criminal referral to that? How will that affect the other case (attempting to overturn the 2020 election) brought against Mr. Trump in Judge Tanya Chutkan’s DC federal district court? Who will prosecute it if Jack Smith can no longer function as Special Counsel? And since the case was contrived in his name — even if Eisen, McCord, Weissmann, and others are really the authors — does that case blow up, too?

Letitia James’s real estate case under Judge Arthur Engoron was so idiotic it can’t possibly survive an ultimate appeal, and the Alvin Bragg confection under Judge Merchan is playing out like something that usually only happens in places like Honduras or Liberia. Yet the American Left, the “progressive” Democratic Party, is staking everything on it. It’s all they have left Lawfare-wise, at least for now. Which brings us to the question: Why do the non-governmental elites of this land, the managerial and thinking classes, the college presidents, the cable news producers, the corporate execs, the movie directors, the whole arts establishment. . . why do they feel compelled, for nearly a decade now, to hitch their identity and their self-respect to this fantastic train of Kafka-esque corruption, tyranny, and abuse? How did they get owned by the blob?

We may never find out, and they may never know either, even after they snap out of the mass formation they’ve been in thrall to. But they have made themselves ridiculous — figures like Sam Harris, Steven Colbert, and Rob Reiner — yelling about “saving our democracy” while the blob they worship systematically disassembles the US Constitution, and makes American law a global laughingstock.

Most of my old ex-friends are riding the same ideological bus. You have to wonder: how did the likes of “Joe Biden,” Merrick Garland, Liz Cheney, Adam Schiff, Christopher Wray, Fani Willis, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates become their heroes? Did the Covid vaccines destroy their minds? Are they really avid for central bank digital money and surveillance of their every move? Do they want to be told how to live by the WHO? Things are going south fast now in our country. If these people ever cherished the idea of being free to think their own thoughts and live their own lives, it’s getting late in the game. They will end up prisoners of themselves.
397   Patrick   2024 May 10, 10:04am  


Tucker interviewed Tara while in Moscow recently to interview Russian president Putin. Ironically, former democrat and political professional Tara Reid has fled to Russia seeking political asylum. (In the interview, Tara explained the only two countries that refuse to extradite people to America are Iran and Russia.) Tara told Tucker the Biden Administration has never denied her allegations, but instead has accused her of being a Russian asset.

In other words: treason.

Meanwhile, Stormy Daniels — a known liar who has sex with strangers for money — is enjoying wall-to-wall corporate media coverage celebrating her as some kind of postmodern folk heroine. They literally gave the aging porn star the keys to the city...

The New York Times has called Stormy a “feminist hero:” ...

But Tara Reid — who is not any kind of prostitute but worked for Joe Biden, Leon Panetta, and on many democrat campaigns — is now an international fugitive from secret state charges. Watch the whole thing.

You’d think democrats would eventually notice that the two-tiered justice system does not protect democrats, but only protects people who aren’t sitting in the Biden DOJ’s crosshairs.
398   stereotomy   2024 May 10, 2:09pm  

Fucking devasting. This is truly a battle for the soul of this country.
400   HeadSet   2024 May 12, 11:30am  

Patrick says

You’d think democrats would eventually notice that the two-tiered justice system does not protect democrats, but only protects people who aren’t sitting in the Biden DOJ’s crosshairs.

Trouble is, all the Dems think they are safe. Sorta like how the "Queers for Palestine" think the Muslims will give them a pass for being on the Muslim side.
401   Patrick   2024 May 13, 8:51am  


Fareed next turned to the Trump trial — and this was perhaps the anchor’s most significant admission — Fareed flatly stated about the Manhattan trial what we’ve all been saying since Day One: it would never have been brought against anyone else. Trump-deranged democrats have somehow managed to transform the former president into the most famous underdog the country has ever tried to elect; and America loves an underdog. Fareed’s astonishing admission:

"The trials against him keep him in the spotlight, infuriate his base — who sees him as a martyr — and may even make him the object of some sympathy among people in general who believe his prosecutors are politically motivated. This happens to be true, in my opinion. I doubt the New York Indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Trump."

What the CNN anchor was really saying was, you morons thought tying him up in court would lock down the campaign? Idiots, Trump gets more eyeballs this way than he EVER would have on the trail.
402   Patrick   2024 May 14, 8:28am  


NEW YORK, NY — With his case against Trump beginning to crumble, DA Alvin Bragg has announced several dozen new cases against the former President, and a brand-new courthouse completely dedicated to prosecuting Trump.

Sources confirmed the new 30-story facility in midtown Manhattan will house an army of lawyers dedicated to only bringing new cases against Trump around the clock, 7 days a week.

"If we're going to put Trump in jail and ruin his life because he stinks and we hate him and we want him to die and we hate him so, so, so much, we're all going to have to work together," said Bragg to a team of 300 new Harvard grads outside the steps of the newly constructed courthouse. "With all my worker bees and this beautiful new taxpayer-funded facility, I'm sure we'll nail Trump in no time. Because we hate him so, so, so, so, so very much. Get to work my minions!"

The lawyers are reportedly combing thousands of pages of business records to find any inconsistencies that might lead to a successful prosecution. "Unfortunately in America, we're not allowed to just put someone in jail because we hate them," said one lawyer. "We have to do all this annoying work first. Ugh. So annoying."

At publishing time, Bragg confirmed he may have a promising new case that is sure to end in a conviction, provided he can find enough jurors who hate Trump.

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