Elon refused to activate Starlink for Military Strike

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2023 Sep 8, 11:53am   120 views  2 comments

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The Government was unspecified. Man, I hope it wasn't ours, because I'll flip if with all the trillions we've spent, we needed Starlink after decades of heavy MIC Comm/Spy satellite buys and launches. Probably was Ukraine.

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1   Ceffer   2023 Sep 8, 3:03pm  

I suppose it goes to who controls Space Force, clearly not Biden and the neocons. However, the Euro fiends, foreign governments, and Pentagon whores for hire all seem to have DEWs. The Vatican and the Swiss Octagon might even control some DEWs.

Starlink obviously has highly strategic purposes. The casting of the web with so many multiple points of redundancy itself is a defense against the random space lasers or missiles being able to take down the whole thing. Plus, Starlink continues to send up new flotillas all the time, which can be seen from the ground as those extremely spooky bright dots all in a line spaced apart going from SW to NE in the sky. I saw one of these in Santa Cruz, and freaked out, went to Above Top Secret to find out what it was. They are close at first, then spread out further as they reach their orbits, indicating some remote control capabilities.

There was that claim that a launch of 40 Starlink satellites 'blew up' a while ago. I don't believe it for a second. That was an anonymous strategic batch probably designated for special ops.
2   iwog2   2023 Sep 8, 3:44pm  

He had to. If the Ukey Fluffer folks would just step back and look at the big picture, they would understand why.

If Starlink was to be used in any way in support of a hostile action between one group v another, then it would start to be banned or heavily regulated (as in some nations would demand Starlink provided kill switch capability in return for permission to use in their country) in many jurisdictions.

It hasn't happened yet, but pretty soon Musk will be under pressure to restrict its use by the Mexican cartels, I bet.

Or worse, to be used against them.

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