Great speech explaining how Wokeness is really Maoism

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2023 Sep 12, 9:42pm   268 views  11 comments

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This is one of the most important speeches of our time. 30min straight, no notes. That's because James has dedicated his life to understanding the origins and interworkings of this, and how to convey. The way he describes the blueprint here is masterful.

James Lindsay

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1   Patrick   2023 Sep 17, 10:23am  

Good illustration:

2   Ceffer   2023 Sep 17, 10:41am  

KommieKuntism was the Royalist solution to the unfortunate increasing literacy and sophistication of the masses, in which the expanding middle classes came to analyze and reject traditional dynastic Church and King (Queen). The Royals and dynastics needed a Satanic, virtue signaling solution that yet enabled a sadistic feudal control over the populace.

The utility of psychopathic puppets is everything to the KommieKunts. Broad education, intelligence, and transparency are their bitter enemies. KommieKuntism was and always has been financed and controlled by the banksters and the oligarchs. The murder of the czar was an unintended consequence of the minions taking their faux neue religion too seriously.

Programmed humiliations, tortures, murder, imposed absurdities, fake failed policies, elevation of clowns and perverts, and Satanic sadism reflected in the puppets is everything to the dynastics and a possibly self defeating priority. Their symbolism, gematria and astrologies may be the key to pulling them from the shadows and getting them to the gallows.
4   HeadSet   2023 Sep 18, 7:15am  

Patrick says

Good illustration:

Odd, because Lenin would hang gays.
5   Ceffer   2023 Sep 18, 10:45am  

KommieKuntism is Satanic secular feudalism. It despises humanity and thrives on human sacrifice and top down imposition of lies.

Even the flagstone word 'comrade' is a Satanic inversion propaganda lie, since there is no equality or comradeship desired or intended. It is a mockery of the sucker punch to the gut of the people, and a sneer of raw power.
9   HeadSet   2023 Sep 27, 9:18am  

Patrick says

They want token pilots for you while they fly private with vetted pilots.
10   Patrick   2023 Sep 27, 4:47pm  


We Haven't Reached Peak Climate Alarmism
But we're getting there. ...

There’s a trend being driven by these “Eco-warriors” that bears mentioning. It’s a sort of casual narcissism whereby they desecrate famous works of art, deface businesses, block highways, and do other things that only those suffering from the punishing handicaps posed by stupidity would do in protest of what they believe is the degradation of planet earth. See for example the two brave, courageous souls from Just Stop Oil who entered room 43 of the National Gallery in London last year, opened two tins of Heinz cream of tomato soup, and threw the contents at Vincent van Gogh’s $84.2 million Sunflowers, thereupon gluing their hands to the wall, which is apparently standard operating procedure.

“What is worth more, art or life?” asked one of the two specimens. “Are you more concerned about the protection of a painting, or the protection of our planet and people?”

While limited in scope, the actions of these climate activists are enough to test even the most committed civil libertarian in his opposition to casual waterboarding. A special breed of morons who tend to be chock-full of the deluded pride that attends ignorance, they particularly excel at narcissistic exhibitionism—a phenomenon that first manifested in politics during the anti-nuclear movement of the 1970s, when younger liberals convinced themselves that street protests and other forms of everyone-come-look-at-me public advocacy could rid the world of nuclear weapons. When the Cold War ended and the threat of nuclear armageddon subsided, apocalyptic fear mongers took up climate change as their new cause.

Since then, apostles of the climate apocalypse have generally been cut from the same cloth as progressive globalists. It’s not a coincidence that they offer a single prescription for salvation that coincides exactly with the economic programs of the Left—more taxes, more interventionism, less capitalism, and less freedom.1 Thus, in the “Strengthening the response” section of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, you will not be surprised to see that scientists call for “economic instruments which consider economic and social equity and distributional impacts; gender-responsive and women-empowerment programs as well as enhanced access to finance for local communities and Indigenous Peoples and small landowners.”

Extinction Rebellion co-founder Stuart Basden has said that his movement “isn’t about the climate,” but is instead concerned with overturning white supremacy, the patriarchy, heteronormativity, and class hierarchy.

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