Sexmission (Polish: Seksmisja)

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... is a 1984 Polish cult comedy science fiction action film. It also contains a hidden political satire layer specific to the time and place of its production (the socialist-feminist system as proposed by the Communist Party), but with relevance still today.
Max offers a proposal: he and Albert will serve as reproducers to restore the male population. However, the women do not wish the old order to return; Her Excellency gestures to the "sacred apple tree" and says it was planted by Arch Mother, and from which, when once in paradise, a male took an apple and seduced a woman with it, by which act paradise was lost to all forever. After noticing the missing sacred apples, Her Excellency becomes desperate and enraged and demands the men be taken back to their previous confinement and not be released anywhere.

Once again confined, the men grow distressed and plan to escape by damaging the electric power grid. They succeed, but are caught during a course organized by the special section on how to interact with men, should they ever return to the world, and are locked up again. The women provide them with their last chance: to submit themselves for "naturalization" - undergoing a sex reassignment surgery. When they refuse, the ceiling above the room opens, showing a huge assembly of women, who are to determine their fate. Albert and Max now face a humiliating trial, while the women blame males for oppression, virtually all evil and vices, and praise their new society. They engage in historical revisionism by claiming that the greatest scientists - such as Copernicus, Einstein and Pincus (one of the pioneers of parthenogenesis) - were, in fact, women.


Max also removes an electronic necklace, which was converting 'Her' Excellency's voice into one that sounds like a woman's. 'Her' Excellency tells the men his life story - just after the war, when the League of Women took power, he was 4 years old; the few boys remaining were naturalized into girls, but he was hidden by his mother. Growing up in a female disguise, he joined the League and finally was elected 'Her Excellency'. He was too afraid of women to form a relationship with any and, by revealing himself, to try to restore the old order. The government has been exaggerating the radiation level in order to keep the inhabitants underground, making them easier to control; likewise, the inhabitants are medicated to remove sexual desire. The three make a deal: Max and Albert will not compromise 'Her' Excellency's true identity, but they will stay in his home with Lamia and Emma. Later, Max and Albert, disguised as laboratory workers, add male gametes to flasks in the incubation centre. Flashing forward to several months later, a nurse, routinely wrapping newborns in blankets, is horrified to see a penis.


The film has been very popular in Poland. It was proclaimed to be the best Polish film of the last 30 years in a 2005 joint poll by readers of three popular film magazines


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1   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 13, 8:53pm  

Definitely in my queue to watch, @Patrick.
2   richwicks   2023 Sep 13, 9:20pm  

You want to start a film thread? I used to be a film buff.

Want to see bizarre films? I'd recommend:

The City of Lost Children (French)
The Plague Dogs (same author and animation studio as Watership Down)
Fantastic Planet (French / Czech)
Nikita (la Femme Nikita - french)
North by Northwest
Safety Last!
Dark Star
Come and See (Russian)
Collusus: The Forbin Project
Daywatch and Nightwatch (Russian)
Solaris (Russian)
Ghost in the Shell (Japanese)
Grave of the Fireflies (Japanese)
Princess Mononoke (Japanese)
Abre Los Ojos (Spanish)
The Wicker Man
The Quiet Earth
Das Boot (German)

In absolutely no order. That's what came to my mind. I have literally 1000 more. Some of those films are "heavy". Come and See and Grave of the Fireflies are soul crushing. Das Boot is similar, films that argue against the horror of war. Plague Dogs is a blatant propaganda film against animal experimentation. aimed at a teenage audience - astounding somebody made it. Daywatch and Nightwatch are Russian films aping Hollywood blockbusters. Princess Mononoke is just a very beautiful film where nobody is the villain and nobody is the hero. The Wicker Man is said to be the Citizen Kane of horror films - it was unique.

I think the age of film is dying now. I have seen SO MANY FILMS, all I see now are echoes of earlier work now.
3   Ceffer   2023 Sep 13, 10:49pm  

The Poles make some interesting media. There was one, I can't remember the name, about a young, but poor, political sociopath (very innocent looking and acting at first) with a crush an a wealthy political family's daughter, who snob him but still kind of hang out with him at events. He cuts a swath of murder and compromises of various rivals due to his anger at being scorned and minimized. Everybody underestimates and mocks him, so he gets away with it. He gets the girl crush, too, after eliminating a more socially acceptable rival, and rises in the political ranks, and her family, torn by various griefs that he has manufactured, eventually accept him too with his new prominence. The actor playing the sociopath was note perfect in the role.

That movie sounds interesting. Berzerker feminism combined with Big Brother social controls. What could possibly go wrong?
4   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 14, 12:47am  

richwicks says

Abre Los Ojos (Spanish)
The Wicker Man
Das Boot (German)

All Great films. Haven't seen the Wicker Man since I was a kid though, have to rewatch it.
5   richwicks   2023 Sep 14, 12:56am  

AmericanKulak says

All Great films. Haven't seen the Wicker Man since I was a kid though, have to rewatch it.

Quite a twist to that film. When I first saw it in my 20's it horrified me.

I'd recommend the Plague Dogs as well. It's horribly depressing, when you understand how it actually ended. There is no island and even if there was, they would starve on it, but there was no island. I wrote Martin Rosen 25 years ago to push for the re-release of the original film. It was amazing that film was ever made. Copies that were available when I was a kid, were heavily edited to make it more suitable. It's a pretty bleak film.

Vanilla Sky is no substitute for Abre Los Ojos.. The only film I know of that is a remake that was better than the foreign original is The Ring - Ringu.

Point of No Return is a remake of Nikita, it sucks. I've seen both versions of Insomnia, watch the original Norwegian film, not the remake. I was a huge film buff years ago, seen nearly everything worth seeing in the last 100 years - from remarkable to forgotten. Ikarie XB 1 I'd recommend. I bet nobody here has seen that. USSR film complete with anti-capitalist propaganda.

Everything is propaganda in my opinion.

I found it very interesting what was being fed to other populations, but we really are becoming one culturally. I think this is a good thing, as long as it is voluntary, and not forced. Perhaps it removes variation, that's a problem, but perhaps it also represents something closer to perfection. Hopefully as we reach consensus, it ends war.

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