The Judge in Trump's gag order appeal is grilling Trump's lawyer over hypotheticals that Trump hasn't ventured into

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2023 Nov 20, 7:14am   401 views  5 comments

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She agreed that Trump has the right so far to say and do everything he's said and done thus far. But she's then grilling him on "What if Trump picked up the phone and called a witness to say hello, would that be protected under free speech?" Then they are bringing up that he said "If they come after me I'll go after them." Which was said in 2020 long before the Commies cooked up this Witch Hunt.

It's so sickening listening to this Judge ask such stupid hypothetical unrelated questions, and not giving the Lawyer a chance to digest and parse her question. She's asking him to come up with a hypothetical statement by Trump that would be protected. She's trying to trip him up to agree with their Witch Hunt. She totally sounds like her mind is already made up. She's made this all about Trump communicating with Witnesses, which he has not done. She's going on to feed a hypothetical of Trump calling a witness threatening them telling them to be a Patriot. She's painting the perfect Rachell Maddows view of Trump in her hypothetical. What a creep!


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1   Tenpoundbass   2023 Nov 20, 7:16am  

She interrupts him every time he tries to answer her question, and when he is trying to invalidate her statements, which her questions are loaded with.
2   Tenpoundbass   2023 Nov 20, 7:25am  

She's not even allowing him to cite cases, just answer her loaded woke questions. He cited the Mayor Ford case where the courts said he's allowed to say the Prosecutor is racist against him. She cut him off and said I'm not interested in case law here.

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