Harvard has lost all credibility

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2023 Dec 6, 2:51pm   6,332 views  115 comments

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20   HeadSet   2023 Dec 12, 6:09pm  

Patrick says

No, it took offending Jews.
21   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2023 Dec 12, 6:50pm  

HeadSet says

Patrick says

No, it took offending Jews.

i think it’s fine to offend jews and trannies, that is freedom. otherwise it just slips into tyranny real fast.
22   HeadSet   2023 Dec 12, 7:05pm  

FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden says

i think it’s fine to offend jews and trannies, that is freedom. otherwise it just slips into tyranny real fast.

True, but not my point. I am saying that nobody cared about any of those issues until Jews were offended.
23   WookieMan   2023 Dec 13, 7:17am  

HeadSet says

FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden says

i think it’s fine to offend jews and trannies, that is freedom. otherwise it just slips into tyranny real fast.

True, but not my point. I am saying that nobody cared about any of those issues until Jews were offended.

All of it's true. Who fucking cares about any of it if you're not personally killing or committing a crime? Let the Jews and Palestinians sort it out like they have and will for centuries. Us American on the other side of the globe can or will only throw money at it. We really don't have a pony in this race as Isreal and Gaza/Hamas provide little to nothing to the world beside MIC products we make sales on. I can't recall ever owning a product labeled that it was made in Isreal or Gaza. I think we'll be fine without them.... Genocide it out.

Harvard administrators should shut their mouths since they get government money. If a student group wants to say kill Jews or Palestinians just let them. They will be judged in the future. Might be good for some and bad for others. Not my issue sitting here in Northern IL. Both parties in this issue are wrong. I say let them have at it as it doesn't affect anyone in this hemisphere. If someone has family there, oh well. There's these things call moving trucks, planes and boats. Use one and leave. Sorry a made up book said it was X,Y or Z's land. It's all bull shit. Fight it out. Or move out. Those are the options. I don't want to pay a dime for this bull shit regardless if either party is wiped out. That's the best outcome if anyone is honest.
29   Ceffer   2023 Dec 13, 10:35am  

Harvard's new logo: "Through Lies and False History, We Achieve Brainwashing For Our Rich Political Crime Donors" with Captagon frenzied pidgins holding up the banner.
32   Patrick   2023 Dec 14, 1:59pm  


Comrades: Harvard has fallen. After almost 400 years, the world’s most powerful university has publicly declared moral and intellectual bankruptcy. I could not have imagined such a stunning collapse, even after ranking Harvard #1 in my Demoralized DIEvy League March Madness tournament earlier this year.

36   Ceffer   2023 Dec 15, 10:56am  

I remember a black technician, obviously hired under the 'wishful thinking' equity policies, completely destroying my projection TV on a warranty visit for a complaint. He even stepped on the major circuit board and fractured it into uselessness. At least I got a completely new projection TV out of it under warranty. It was ridiculous watching his mayhem and bumbling while trying to humor him (as usual).

One just wonders how much shit gets plowed under due to these situations.
37   AD   2023 Dec 15, 11:01am  

Gay is still head of Harvard because she is an African American female, and on top of the Woke pecking order.

Carol Swain, an African American female former professor at Vanderbilt University, has said Gay was installed by white progressives and they are now protecting her. Swain states that is why Gay is still the head of Harvard.

38   RC2006   2023 Dec 15, 11:13am  

Evil libs put black DEI hires in many public facing positions to enrage everyone else, they are cannon fodder in a SHTF scenario. Look at all the woke DAs, politicians, press secretary, etc.
39   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2023 Dec 15, 8:58pm  

RC2006 says

Evil libs put black DEI hires in many public facing positions to enrage everyone else, they are cannon fodder in a SHTF scenario. Look at all the woke DAs, politicians, press secretary, etc.

blacks and faggots.
43   Patrick   2023 Dec 22, 2:56pm  


You remember Claudine. She’s the president of Harvard University, and she recently badly botched her Congressional testimony about antisemitism at Harvard along with two other Ivy League presidents. So far, one of the three is now a former Ivy League president. But last week Harvard’s board doubled-down on keeping Claudine, who is busily transforming the college into a dystopian marxist playground of victim groups and competing leftwing sub-ideologies.

At the time — just last week — the board faced seven examples where Claudine plagiarizing other woke leftists’ work and passed it off as her own. Setting aside the obvious criticism that Claudine is a diversity hire who can’t write or think for herself, plagiarism is possibly the worst thing academics could possibly be accused of.

Harvard has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism for its students. Nobody thinks a white university president would have a job after plagiarizing seven times. Harvard president Larry Summers was fired simply for quoting a real study showing men and women’s brains are physiologically different. In a spasmodic paroxysm of understatement, the op-ed blandly observed that keeping Claudine "risks conveying the impression of a double standard.”

You don’t say.

Since last week’s decision to keep Claudine, whistleblowers have been crawling out of the woodpile with more and more examples of stolen work. The list now includes 47 plagiarized passages, which are found in fully half of her total published works plus her doctoral dissertation.
44   Ceffer   2023 Dec 22, 4:53pm  

Subversion and ritual humiliation of the population, demonstrating venomous reptilian hatred and desire to maim, requires elevating fools, brigands, idiots and psychopaths (preferably all of those qualities) into positions of dominant authority.

Saturnalian misrule is standard operating procedure now for the plebean layer of the universities. Want your Harvard NASCAR sticker and can survive a few vaxicides and boosters, along with the struggle sessions, more power to you.

So as far as Claudine is concerned, they would say 'perfect'.
46   HeadSet   2023 Dec 23, 3:36pm  

Remember when it was Biden who was famous for serial plagiarizing?
48   Blue   2023 Dec 23, 9:11pm  

Obama secretly pushed Harvard to keep president Claudine Gay despite campus antisemitism, plagiarism controversies
49   RC2006   2023 Dec 23, 10:04pm  

Just shows what kind of pox affermative action has been on the US, real clown world level people.
50   AmericanKulak   2023 Dec 24, 5:28am  

HeadSet says

No, it took offending Jews.

The Left has been doing that for decades. It's just because of the Hamas attack, that it got the "No violence is bad if it's directed at Westernish-countries!" Progs Dander up, which FINALLY woke the Jews up.
52   Ceffer   2023 Dec 25, 10:51am  

Blue says

Obama secretly pushed Harvard to keep president Claudine Gay despite campus antisemitism, plagiarism controversies

Unqualified Injected Manchurian into Harvard Law with CIA beard handler based on bribes protects printing press diploma DEI President. Makes perfect sense. Frauds of a feather flock together.
53   Ceffer   2023 Dec 25, 10:54am  

Bd6r says

Ve Ri Tas. The truth will get you expelled. Ho Mo Tas. Prepare to be ass fucked for your NASCAR diploma emblem.
55   Patrick   2023 Dec 27, 10:27am  


you cannot found a valid movement upon that which cannot be moved, but the class of people “too educated to learn anything” will nonetheless cling to such praxis unto death (and beyond) and shall ever cart about their sacred dead like incan mummies still granted unimpeachable places at the table of discourse.

the anointed ideology itself is meaningless, its tenets incidental. it exists only as a signifier of the prerogative to speak without contradiction or challenge.

there could be no more bankrupt ideology, no more helpless or hapless a creature unable to survive outside the cultivated terrariums of special pleading to which it is indigenous than this non-interrogatable doctrine not just of faith but of fealty that has come to pass as “intellectualism.”

this frailty is precisely why they must defend their dogmas so fiercely. ...

this is how you get the sort of insularity and inability to parse or interact with reality that has come to dominate academia. the “flatulence as fragrance” class simply cannot imagine any other structure and it distills and re-distills this essence until pure avatars emerge.

pretty soon, you have presidents of once august universities whose entire lives and bodies of work are fraud.

this woman literally plagiarized the acknowledgement in her dissertation. not just the work. not just the ideas. sections of the actual acknowledgment where she thanks those who helped her are copied word for fricking word from the 1996 book “facing up to the american dream: race, class, and the soul of the nation” by harvard political scientist jennifer hochschild. she faked her ideas, she faked her data, and when caught, the system around her faked having investigated her to try to silence the media with threats of libel suits. ...

and honestly, her work alone should have been disqualifying. decency would seem to dictate that if you’re going to plagiarize something, at least find something good, something profound, not vapid twaddle that’s as predictable as it is tedious. there was no scholarship here, no insight, no wisdom.

this stuff is terrible and it’s terrible on purpose.

it’s trash foisted on phonies as a sort of ideological purity test:

prove you can see the clothes of this butt naked emperor or you may not reside among us in the ivory towers.

it’s a screening tool, a selector.

and it just keeps getting worse and worse until one day one reaches the truly indefensible: pure rarified essence of primal idiocy and dissolution. ...

and honestly, the whole thing is becoming gorgeous. it’s just SO bad. it’s so absurd. it’s so obvious and blatant and irredeemable. it cannot be fixed. it must be burned to the waterline and it’s about to be. people have had it and heads are going to roll. this fight is already over, the wokesters just don’t know it yet.

as soon as it became OK to criticize and mock them, their reign ended. it was only through the “sacred idea which may not be challenged” that they survived. it was only by censoring and shouting down and canceling that this ridiculous and rotten regime of righteous bigots masquerading as diversity and inclusion could flex its phony power and cow criticism to silence. ...

the spectacle is going to become a hilarity of self-clown and self-immolation.

these people are just going to keep doubling down and overplaying a hand that any fool can see is a loser. (well, almost any fool, astonishingly, barack obama himself has apparently waded in to try to save ms gay)

harvard is going to be a fascinating acid test.

penny pritzger (heiress to the pritzger family fortune and political dynasty and herself the commerce secretary under BO and a biden special economic representative to ukraine) seems to have bought herself a board seat then led the process to pick claudine gay.

it seems like this is just typical “close ranks, prop each other up, weather the storm” thinking, but it seems to be failing and the longer it goes on, the bigger the chunk it will need to take out if it fails. they are all roped together and so whereas there was a time ms gay could have been put up as sacrificial lamb to allow the others to skate, that time seems like perhaps it has past and questions around “did you really investigate this?” seem like they are getting pointy and like perhaps the list of those who must fall upon swords in propitiation is lengthening.

many seem surprised by this, perhaps most of all those involved. they are trying their old tricks and finding them fruitless.

i really do not think they understand how much the land beneath them has shifted.

they will drive right into brick walls at full speed. ...

We now see a huge fault line in the far left: between the ultra-woke and the wealthy Jewish donors.

The ultra-woke have come out of the closet as blatantly anti-Semitic, and Jewish donors don't like that. But to accede to the demands of Jewish donors and remove Gay would now seem to prove that those Jews do actually have the power they pretend not to have, confirming at least that bit of the new ultra-woke bias.

This is all quite entertaining. It was a huge strategic error on the part of wealthy Jews like Pritzker to fund anti-white hatred by installing people like Gay, because now their own golem is coming after themselves.
57   WookieMan   2023 Dec 29, 3:08pm  

Anyone actually take Ivy schools seriously? I was accepted to Brown in 2000. I didn't go. I set my bar low and wanted to stay local for friends and family. It was a good decision. I saw enough of the Northwestern, University of Chicago and University of IL ass hats. They thought they were all gods gift to the earth. They weren't. Some are dead. The piece of paper doesn't matter if you know how to network. Harvard holds your hand with that. Doesn't mean you're good at it.
58   Ceffer   2023 Dec 29, 4:07pm  

I saw a strange documentary on Naval Intelligence spying on the Nazis and their technology in WWII. They wanted someone to head the group who never went to Annapolis, was not a dynastic, and came up from the ranks. The thought was Annapolis graduates were mostly connected, rank and file types, and what they learned from their textbooks was tainted with disinformations, limitations and falseness of varying kinds. They needed somebody who could look at things with an open mind and fresh perspective, because the information was radical.

I imagine you could consider the Ivies in that kind of decaying orbit with KommieKunt sauce. The Masonic and handshake societies contained within, however, proceed as their own cloistered educational experience.

False doctrinaire education is increasingly being substituted for genuine education by design. Its also why some researchers only use encyclopedias dating from the early 60's and earlier.

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