Will we have an Election? Will Biden be the nominee?

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2024 Feb 8, 8:04pm   98 views  5 comments

by AmericanKulak   ➕follow (9)   💰tip   ignore  

I was thinking of Zelensky today, and how he had an emergency election delay in Ukraine.

I saw Biden's absolute gobsmack that took mere minutes.

The very first question from the normally grovelling WH Press was uncharacteristically confrontational... about his 'elderly man' and 'bad memory' as reported in the 2017 Report

They'll put it forward like it's a belated discovery of unsuitability due to capacity, but they're simply creating plausible time delays to the already decided plan to replace him.

I'm predicting:

* 50% chance Biden is NOT the nominee by Election Day (Democrat Party rules allow a swap out by the Dem Leadership without a vote after the Convention)

* 50% chance some emergency will allow a repeat of 2020 Shennanigans.

* 20% chance there's no election at all.

* 10% they... well, you know.

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1   HeadSet   2024 Feb 8, 8:18pm  

Even Stalin know there must be an election. Just be sure you control who counts the votes.
2   AmericanKulak   2024 Feb 8, 9:51pm  

Here we go!

3   WookieMan   2024 Feb 9, 1:40am  

Biden will not be elected. 100%. We already know where he stole votes from, so MAGA people will be like flies on shit in those locations. Approval rating is shit. We're nearing spring break and summer where no one gives a shit about this stuff. There's no way he can turn this around. Dems are fucked. House wil be R's. I haven't looked at the Senate races. But it might be a clean sweep.

Also, need to address the black gorilla in the room (joke). Clarence Thomas needs to be replaced. Everyone else is relatively young on either side of the aisle. I'm Libertarian but side with R's on most issues. We're fucked as a society if we lost the supreme court. Need to get a 50 year old or younger to fill that spot and Thomas retires. That would lock it up for 2-3 decades and stop the bull shit.

That's how I view this election. Thomas knows it's time. I hope. He's pushing 80 by the end of the next POTUS in '28. He's black, so he's nearing the end of his life. Just fact.
5   casandra   2024 Feb 9, 7:46am  

im pretty sure it will be the Pres's caretaker to his left. And then the nursing home for o'l Joe.

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