Can anyone find or make me an image of a potato that looks like Joe Biden?

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2024 May 8, 7:06pm   178 views  2 comments

by Patrick   ➕follow (59)   💰tip   ignore  

All AI image generation has failed at his, and I tried about 15 of them.

Some show a potato and Biden, or just Biden. One said that my request was "unsafe".

I'm getting suspicious that all AI is all programmed to protect Pedo Potatus.

I happened across this one image of Biden agape with a potato superimposed and added text:

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1   Ceffer   2024 May 8, 10:07pm  

Why would you want a vegetable that is smarter than Biden Actor imposed on his image?
2   Patrick   2024 May 14, 8:50am  


Speaking of heroic citizens taking matters into their own hands, last week Evie magazine ran a story headlined, “"Space Jam" Producer Herschel Weingrod Allegedly Gets Caught Meeting 15-Year-Old Girl During Sting Operation.” In another example of untrained citizen journalists doing the jobs corporate media refuses to do, last week a couple YouTubers (influencers Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Bradley Martyn) ran a pedophile sting operation that appears to have caught a concupiscent Hollywood producer, Herschel Weingrod, 76, right in the act of seducing a teenaged girl named ‘jailbait’:

The elderly man in the video, who said his name was “Boris,” first claimed the young woman was "23 on a dating site" and tried to deflect. He later claimed, “all we've done is talk." Martyn pressed him for answers, and the man finally admitted the girl had in fact mentioned she was 15. “Yeah, we’ve been talking and flirting, it’s not a big deal,” he pitifully explained.

Diligent online investigators later connected the lecherous producer in the video to top Hollywood producer Herschel Weingrod. Perhaps most notably, Weingrod co-wrote the screenplay for 1983’s hit Trading Places, a buddy comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.

Funny, Trading Places has been popping up in our Netflix feed recently. Over the weekend, I told Michelle the movie was “meh.”

YouTube has taken down the pedo hunters’ video for violating its “community standards.” That is actually not completely surprising given that Weingrod has almost certainly lawyered up and threatened to sue everybody. At least, he did if he knows what’s good for him, which admittedly is debatable, given his fiendish conduct.

We are thankful for heroic citizens like these YouTube pedo hunters, who are increasing the cost of heinous Hollywood behavior.

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