Congress to EXPAND buyer credit!!!???

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2009 Nov 5, 12:12am   4,780 views  14 comments

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Congress is considering extending the home buyer credit to include people who already own houses.  The credit amount would be for $6,500 and first time buyers would still get the $8,000!  The extension would be until April 30 2010 and would have to close by June 1.

Get on the horn and get to typing, but this is probably a done deal.  You people voted for this type of representation in congress and in the White House.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor.  The government is giving away money it does NOT have and will tax all of us for the favor.

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1   4X   2009 Nov 5, 12:38am  


We voted for sensible policies, hope, change however, the Republican party is roadblocking most of that so the current administration is left to do what it can to get things done. I am not for housing tax credits, bailouts or increasing spending by the tune of 550B but am for the 250B tax reductions that you and I will see.

Most of these are known tactics that were tried by George Bush Sr. during the S&L Crisis of 1989.

2   liveconfused   2009 Nov 5, 1:32am  

I just reached office and on the way I was listening to loud announcements by host of 1220 AM radio show - BUY NOW, BUY NOW THIS IS BEST TIME TO BUY! THIS IS LAST CHANCE TO BUY HOME FOR FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS

3   jetfuel4   2009 Nov 5, 1:33am  

Good News....they did extend the credit and added a little extra. Ahhhhh, nothing like property and more property I always say :-)

4   HeadSet   2009 Nov 5, 2:16am  

4X says

We voted for sensible policies, hope, change however, the Republican party is roadblocking most of that so the current administration is left to do what it can to get things done.

Cut the partisan crap. This passed the Senate 98-0. Not a single "No" vote.


Besides, you know that the Democrat wing of the Demopublicans control President and both Houses. The Republican wing could not "roadblock" anything on their own.

5   WillyWanker   2009 Nov 5, 2:18am  

Republicans don't have the votes to 'roadblock' anything. The socialists/liberals are in control and the policies are part and parcel of this 'administration'. Stop trying to pass the buck and, furthermore, you can keep the 'change'.

6   Patrick   2009 Nov 5, 3:00am  

Hey, seeing that Moose above and hearing the same old "you guys" partisan stuff gives me an idea. How about reinstating the Bull Moose party? If it could draw equally from the Democrats and Republicans, it has a real chance for being something different:

See Wikipedia entry about Bull Moose Party

It was a split off the Republican party founded with an aim which is exactly relevant to today:

"To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day."

I don't want to destroy all government, just the "invisible" government by corporations, that use our laws to guarantee their profits.

7   4X   2009 Nov 5, 3:23am  


That is what I have been saying on these threads all along. The bull moose party is a party of conservative-progressives that believe in conservative fiscal policy and social reform at the same time. No one wants to believed a progressive was ever conservative until I mention the fact that Teddy Roosevelt's BULL MOOSE party did just that.

I dont reccomend voting for the BULL-MOOSE party anytime soon because we would go against conventional wisdom. I would do all kinds of crazy things you wont like, especially:

-Pull out of Iraq, Arghanistan but leave a residual force of troops to gun down anyone celebrating our departure
-Charge all members of a gang for a crime committed by the buddies
-Legalize all illegal immigrants, then gun down anyone attempting to come across the border from that point on
-Let the housing markets reset by taking no action other than re-implementing depression era regulations
-Provide extreme tax incentives for businesses to keep labor local
-Cut government and non-profit spending by 1/2.
-Reform Social Security, FHA, Postal Service and make them profitable
-Ignore any requests from corporations, abortionist and homosexuals that attempt to get me off target with my mission
-Mortgages cannot be sold or securitized - to force lenders to use prudent borrower standards, since the original loan creator will be on the hook for default
-Force welfare queens to go back to school fulltime, and force their “Baby Daddy” to get a job or face a minimum 2 years of prison time. All of which will require 24/7 daycare and a whole lot of money that i will save by cutting government spending.
-Clear criminal records for non-violent offenders after 3 years with a clean record, this will allow these persons to get back into the workforce once they have made their youthful mistakes.

8   4X   2009 Nov 5, 3:36am  

@wankster @Stained Underwear @Headset

Let me restate my point so that you can understand more clearly. This administration and any other are no different, they all want to protect the assets of their rich banking buddies. Bush Sr. did the same in 1989.

When it comes to reforming our Healthcare, Postal Service, Social Security, or Medicare neither side wants to do what is sensible to reduce costs, improve efficiencies because they fear of making the other side look like they are supporting good reforms of policy. Republicans will not vote for healthcare period, because they do not want the Democrats to look good. Democrats will not provide a cost affordable option because they do not want to make Republicans look as if their plan if the prefferred method. They are stuck in a game of shirts versus skins in which we wind up losing. This is why they do what is easiest...dole out a bunch of money to continue financing our GDP on our home equity.

Which, if the vote was 98-0, I wonder where all those conservative principles went?

9   HeadSet   2009 Nov 5, 4:42am  

4X says

Which if the vote was 98-0 I wonder where all those conservative principles went?

Probrably the same place as when Republicans voted for the bailout and Prescription Drug Benefit.

You will not hear me claim that Republicans are Conservatives. They are just one wing of the Demopublican Party. The Demopublican Party has two wings so fanboys can select a wing to support. Most partisans select a wing not on issues, but the same way they pick a favorite NFL team.

10   4X   2009 Nov 5, 6:13am  


So we agree and this is a moot point. I am so tired of the sheeple just like everyone else.

I wasnt meaning to sound partisan.

11   Patrick   2009 Nov 5, 6:24am  

4X says

I dont reccomend voting for the BULL-MOOSE party anytime soon because we would go against conventional wisdom. I would do all kinds of crazy things you wont like, especially:

I like some of those things, like getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan. But I think a renewed Bull Moose party would be most successful by focussing all its energy on exactly one thing: Getting corporations out of government.

Honestly, the masses don't have the capacity to pay attention to more than one issue. Might as well focus them on the most important one. Corporate welfare costs you and me 10x what plain old welfare does. First things first.

12   4X   2009 Nov 5, 6:30am  


13   Clarence 13X   2009 Nov 5, 6:50am  

Peace Allah!

14   LandShark2847   2009 Nov 8, 2:15am  

im not surprised at all.

a capitalist government will never represent working class.

voting =/= democracy

people work for the ones who pay them.

look at the number, 98-0.

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