Anna Eshoo, Enemy Of Cheap Housing

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2008 Apr 10, 10:35am   30,142 views  264 comments

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I tried to reply to a spam mail Congresswoman Anna Eshoo sent me, but my reply bounced because communication with our "representatives" is apparently one-way only, so I'll post my reply here. I hope it helps her lose a lot of votes in the next election.

From: Patrick Killelea p@patrick.net
Date: April 10, 2008 4:50:51 PM PDT
To: ca14ima .pub@mail.house.gov
Subject: Re: Message From Rep. Anna G. Eshoo


STOP IT. STOP keeping housing UNaffordable.

We want CHEAPER houses, not more debt! Are you listening?

Do a poll. Everyone I meet wants cheaper housing. No one wants more debt!

That means you should do everything you can to REDUCE conforming loan limits.

Are you listening?


Here's her spam to me:

On Apr 10, 2008, at 9:49 AM, ca14ima.pub@mail.house.gov wrote:

April 10, 2008

Dear Mr. Killelea,

On February 8th, the House and Senate passed an economic package designed to help stimulate the economy by assisting millions of Americans who are struggling in this downturn. This bill provides for tax rebates to 130 million households, including seniors and the disabled, along with tax deductions to help small businesses, and an increase in conforming loan limits for home mortgages to bolster the housing market. The legislation is a bipartisan effort and will specifically target those who need the resources most. Only those who have social security numbers and file their 2008 taxes will receive rebate checks. This leaves no loop-holes for undocumented immigrants to qualify.

The legislation has been sent to the President for his signature.

The following are important specifics of the bill.
(blather about giving away tax dollars what-a-good-girl-I-am deleted)

Housing Provisions
oThe package would boost the size of mortgage loans that the Federal Housing Administration could insure and that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could purchase.
oThe FHA loan limit would be permanently increased to a maximum of $720,750 from $362,000.
oFannie and Freddie's conforming loan limits would be increased for one year only to a maximum of $729,750 from $417,000.

This stimulus package is timely, targeted and temporary and represents an important first step toward stimulating the economy.

Anna G. Eshoo
Member of Congress


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255   Zephyr   2008 Apr 16, 3:46am  

Measured against oil, all (or nearly all) currencies have fallen in recent years.

256   Paul189   2008 Apr 16, 4:33am  


What do you think about the Norwegian Krone as an anti-dollar investment?


257   Peter P   2008 Apr 16, 4:40am  

What do you think about the Norwegian Krone as an anti-dollar investment?

I don't know...

To me, currencies are more like trading instruments rather than investment vehicles. In trading, it is better to act according to market reactions, not economic forecasts.

There are also dollar index (or inverse dollar index) contracts and ETFs.

Not investment advice. Not trading advice.

258   Malcolm   2008 Apr 16, 9:31am  

Please tell me you didn't actually buy an ounce at 1030.

259   Peter P   2008 Apr 16, 9:47am  

Please tell me you didn’t actually buy an ounce at 1030.

No, I did not.

260   SP   2008 Apr 16, 11:00am  

Zephyr Says:
I think the best ventilation in the tropics is to be in a hammock under a shady tree by the beach, with a cool drink…

As long as there is a good breeze, and no flies or mosquitoes. :-)

261   Peter P   2008 Apr 16, 11:57am  

I hate beaches. I rather have cream tea next to a creek.

262   justme   2008 Apr 16, 8:22pm  

Another good way to insulate your house is to plant a tree or four that blocks the sun from hitting your roof and some walls.

263   Jimbo   2008 Apr 19, 10:53am  

I see a bunch of homes in Dublin under $300/sq foot.


Look at that Zillow graph!

264   Patrick   2022 May 13, 8:01pm  

Dear Editor,

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is on the campaign trail proclaiming the importance of our right to privacy. Funny, she takes this position selectively--only regarding abortion--which she knows is a likely vote-getter for her. But when it comes to our health and medical decisions, she’s in favor of one-size-fits-all Covid vaccines, booster after booster, and top-down governmental edicts. Nor have I heard her speak out against vaccine passports, an obvious violation of our right to privacy. Coincidentally perhaps, Eshoo has been funded by Big Pharma for years.

Fortunately, there’s another Congressional District 16 candidate running against her who supports our medical privacy: Dr. Richard Fox. Dr. Fox is a physician and attorney who understands issues of medical privacy and medical/health freedom inside out, opposes vaccine passports--which are primarily a tool for surveillance and governmental control over individuals— and will fight to maintain our right to privacy along with all of our Constitutional rights.

Cherie Zaslawsky

Menlo Park

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