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Russian lawmaker bans entertainment activities as inappropriate at the time of war, gets 7 years in prison.
by mostly reader on 22 Jul 2022   2 comments, latest 8 months ago
Heil to the freedom in Mother Russia! (russian) (english) That guy has balls. Balls and integrity - a rare combination.

Good source of historical data for RE sales/trends?
by mostly reader on 6 Mar 2022   16 comments, latest 10 months ago
Greetings. I figured, I may as well ask it here. Can anyone recommend a good source of historical data for RE sales? Something detailed and thorough. Emphasis would be on ...

Banned... Banned?
by mostly reader on 29 Apr 2022   35 comments, latest a year ago
So, I used Geo-location to point out the position of richwick's tongue relative to a body part of a notorious world leader. However, it appears that patnet doesn't encourage use ...

Make Gulag great again!
by mostly reader on 17 Mar 2022   1 comment, latest a year ago "We'll get rid of scum and trators!" - Putin says. Because nothing unites a nation like a good purge.

Hate crime "ok"-ed: "The attack on a synagogue is an act of criticism"
by mostly reader on 14 Jan 2017   6 comments, latest 6 years ago
http://www.juedische-allgemein In Germany, arson now is almost a legitimate act, it appears. As long as the target is a synagogue. Arsonist then is not an arsonist, but a critic ...

Now I know why Patrick keep tovarichpeter on the board!
by mostly reader on 12 Dec 2016   43 comments, latest 6 years ago
Long time reader, bothered to register to ask this one question. The pattern is fully consistent with a drive-by propaganda mouthpiece. Possibly a bot, possibly a paid schill, possibly ...
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