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They Make "Too Much Money" Says the #OrangeDouchebag

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The #OrangeDouchebag promises "to lower American workers' wages enough to make them want to take back our great country from the job-stealing Beaners."


#OrangeOligarchDouchebag #LyingDouchebage #SpoiledRichElitistDouchebag #WhatWouldPutinDoDouchebag

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Dey terk er derbs!

With fewer workers, farm owners say costs are rising and they often must leave unpicked fruit to rot in the fields. Many producers are even opting to leave the U.S. for countries with lower costs and fewer regulations, said Tom Nassif, CEO of Western Growers, a trade organization that represents farm owners both in the U.S. and abroad.

"We're pretty much begging for workers. It's very bleak," he said.

The solution is clear: move farming overseas. That way, only greasers and squints will lose money running these farms.

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