Even discussing Koranic law in nonKoranic countries is apparently taboo to the left.
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Even discussing Koranic law in nonKoranic countries is apparently taboo to the left.

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Because, political correctness calls for minimizing harm even for murderous groups.

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Title of article: Portland State newspaper fires editor for quoting Muslim student’s Koran comments

The relevant part:

Andy Ngo, a College Fix contributor who covers PSU and sometimes breaks news in riot-prone Portland, writes in National Review that he was fired as multimedia editor for his (unofficial) coverage of the April 26 panel, which included Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Christian and atheist students.

Ngo has covered the persecution of atheists and “apostates” in Muslim countries for The Vanguard, and he’s a member of Freethinkers of PSU, which was represented on the panel by student Benjamin Ramey.

After the Muslim student, who organized the panel, took a question about whether the Koran actually permits the killing of non-Muslims, Ngo started recording video. He ended up posting a 40-second clip, and a few hours later, a longer contextual clip with audience response.

The student said that in countries that observe “Koranic law,” being a non-believer is a crime, but non-believers are “given the liberty to leave the country … I’m not going to sugarcoat it”

Lol, the Muslim student totally sugarcoated it after that. The penalty for disbelief in Islam is death.

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The end of the longer clip where the guy claims the Christians there have been there for centuries because Koranic law does not allow them to harmed is downright silly. If that was so, there would be a lot more Christians and Jews in Muslim countries. The number of infidels gradually diminishes over time in every single country once the Muslim population approaches 50%.
Take Pakistan for e.g. 60 years ago, 25% of Pakistan's population were Hindus. Today, they are merely 3%. What do you think happened to them? They either converted, left the country, or got killed. But you don't see that happening to Muslims in India where the Hindus are the majority. The Muslim population there has actually grown.
Folks, it is impossible for non Muslims to survive for long in Muslim dominated regions of the world. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.