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The primary cause of this harm is not the inherent expense of the actual treatment, but the hidden and extortionist prices charged.

And these prices will never be subject to regulation, much less even be published openly by providers, because our campaign finance system is simply legalized bribery of lawmakers. Our so-called "representatives" (especially their staff) who write the laws either get paid via "donations" to write laws to trap consumers in hell, or get promises of later cushy jobs as lobbyists in exchange for their cooperation now in fucking over the public. It's yet another example of the Principal–agent problem

Publicly funded campaigns and a ban on congressional staff ever working as lobbyists seem like tactics that might help. What else would help?

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rando says

What else would help?

Public waterboarding of medical insurance executives, big hospital directors, and lobbyists.

As we know, waterboarding is not torture, it is just an educational experience.

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