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Plant your YAMS! Now: A Guide to Kunstler's Greatest Cluster F**K Predictions

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My Y2K - A Personal Statement

1. From Duh to Huh?
Writing this in April of ‘99, I believe that we are in for a serious event. Systems will fail, crash, seize up, cease to function. Not all systems, maybe only a fraction, but enough, and enough interdependent systems to affect many other systems. Y2K is real. Y2K is going to rock our world.
People will consequently suffer. I don’t know how much. Some people may lose their lives - but more likely at the hands of a disabled medical establishment than because of civil disorder, loss of power, starvation, bad water, or other projected horrors (though these, too, are possible). Some will suffer the loss of fortunes, some of any income whatsoever, and many of something in between. Quite a few will find themselves suddenly without an occupation, and few ideas about how to make themselves useful to other people (without occupations themselves). Many will suffer a loss of comfort and modern convenience, and if that goes on any longer than a week, it may escalate into serious problems of public sanitation and infectious disease.

The link is:

Oh, 404, eh Kunstler!? Did Y2K and Peak Oil make your bad prediction disappear?

But thanks to my dependence on the High Tech "Magic" of the Wayback Machine:
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I predict shit will happen.
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Kunstler has talent. Has he tried his hand at Global Warming?

When one is predicting the future, one must always act with complete sincerity, conviction, certainty and resolve.

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