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Alternatives to Google Products – The Complete List

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Google’s entire business model is based on you surrendering to their corporate surveillance. That’s it. All they do is repackage mass corporate surveillance into convenient, free, trendy applications that suck up all your data. Your private data helps Google dominate the online advertising market.

You are the product.

The other key issue to consider here is that Google is tracking and recording your activity in order to build a user profile, which can be used for various purposes. Google has many ways to track your activity, even if you are not logged into a Google account:

Tracking through Google Adsense (all those annoying banner ads you see on most websites also function as tracking)
Tracking through YouTube and other Google-owned platforms and products
Tracking through websites that use Google Analytics (most websites use Google analytics – but not Restore Privacy)
All the data that Google collects about you is usually monetized through targeted advertising (Google is now the largest advertising company in the world). Your data may also be provided to government authorities (Google has been cooperating with governments for mass surveillance since 2009).
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Latest abuse of users' privacy:


Google's Chrome browser refuses to clear Google cookies or localstorage.

The only way to stop Chrome from spying on you is to delete Chrome.
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I like Chrome, FOR ME TO POOP ON!
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Brave is nice but has a ways to go.

Right now it's Firefox, until Brave gets some more extensions without having to install Chrome and moving those ext.s over.

I'll be migrating from Chrome on my laptop soon.
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Firefox, StartPage (formerly ixquick).


If anyone develops a phone OS not dependent on JavaScript, please let me know.
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I can't give up Google syncing across all my platforms from phone to computers to Galaxy tabs. Book marking a page and having it everywhere is invaluable. Another way to fight adds is to email the ad companies and tell them you're not buying their products because their ads litter your phone and you're gonna make sure your friends don't buy their products either
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