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Open jobs outnumber US unemployed for 3rd straight month

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Can we impeach Trump yet?

U.S. employers posted slightly more openings in June than the previous month, resulting in more available jobs than unemployed workers for the third straight month.

The Labor Department says job openings barely increased, rising just 3,000, to 6.66 million. That's more than the 6.56 million people than were searching for work in June. It's also close to April's figure of 6.8 million, a record high. Overall hiring slipped to 5.65 million from 5.75 million and the number of people quitting their jobs declined slightly to 3.4 million from nearly 3.5 million in May.

Businesses are optimistic about the economy and stepping up hiring in anticipation of solid future growth. The economy expanded at a 4.1 percent annual rate in the April-June quarter, the fastest pace in four years.

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Aphroman says
Personal Responsibility?

Not from the Democrats, the party who loves Socialism... Just ask Bernie.
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That means Republicans on Rep/Con Socialist govt. handouts can go to work & actually earn money rather than taking it from other Republican taxpayers.

President Traitor needs to eliminate all govt. handouts or will Rep/Cons still support their socialism.
How long would it take Rep/Con Socialist to pass laws to eliminate tax dollars going to all the poor Red States?

Are patrick.net Rep/Cons going to get behind stopping the waste of taxes going to their Party's scum?
Will you call your Congressman? Deal with your own & that will take care of dumb Democrat teat suckers.

Rep/Cons have nothing,they will do nothing.
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That's because everyone has three JOB!

Trump can't fool ME!
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Those unemployed now, mostly are lazy welfare queens.
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Aphroman says
FortWayne says
Those unemployed now, mostly are lazy welfare queens.

Yup midwest trump people too dumb to qualify for any good jobs. Sad

Since when is CA classified as Midwest?

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