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Hollywood Unhinged After Brett Kavanuagh Confirmation: ‘F*ck Kavanaugh F*ck Trump’ ‘Electoral Rampage Is Underway’

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Seth MacFarlane


Even if Brett Kavanaugh is innocent — which I do not believe — ALL he had to do to bolster the appearance of judicial fitness was to keep his cool for just a few hours. Only a few hours of even-tempered composure. That’s it. He couldn’t. He is unfit for the sobriety of this job.

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No one will blame Kavanaugh from showing up for work tomorrow on the roof of the Supreme Court behind M134 shouting "DIE! LIBBY! CUNTS! FUCKING! DIE!"and sending bursts of machine gun fire into the howling seas of traitorous dogs hiding behind twisted, lurid misreadings of the Constitution.
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Obligatory shot of losers losing:

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