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My Claim that our Tax dollars pays for almost all health care research in this country revisited

By Tenpoundbass following x   2019 Jan 11, 9:21am 298 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

OK Over the last few days NPR is talking about what is affected by the Government shutdown. One thing they mentioned a few times is it is affecting Health care research.
They depend on our Tax dollars to develop new innovations for Medicine and Bio Tech through tax funded research.

Also I'll add to the list. Is the Frankenfood. Some lady was moaning how she's going to miss out on getting a grant to continue her research on GMO legumes.
Now there's one person I would be glad to see out of a job.

I just mention this because I remember vividly how the Liberals were beating me down every time I mentioned that our tax dollars pays for almost all medicines to be developed. I asked why are we paying so much for them if we paid to create them. High medicine cost was the biggest seller for Obamacare. Which btw medicine prices increased 10 fold from 2005 to 2012. Where there had hardly been any inflation for the last 20 years prior.
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It's OK. Nothing new. Consumers will be paying for Trumps hidden tax = tariffs.

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