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4670   richwicks   2022 Jul 20, 9:21pm  

Eric Holder says

What? The fat ass got into shape, or are you suggesting Russia is starving?
4672   HeadSet   2022 Jul 22, 1:01pm  

Where's all the poop?
4673   Bd6r   2022 Jul 22, 2:47pm  

4674   Bd6r   2022 Jul 22, 2:49pm  

for @Patrick re. his current travels:

4675   Bd6r   2022 Jul 22, 2:50pm  

4676   Bd6r   2022 Jul 22, 2:50pm  

4677   Patrick   2022 Jul 22, 2:56pm  

Lol, reminds me of this sign:

4678   Patrick   2022 Jul 22, 2:57pm  

Bd6r says

for @Patrick re. his current travels

It's true! Unlike Californians, the British just don't wear hats, even when the sun is beating down on them. It's like they have no clue that they can be sunburned.
4679   Tenpoundbass   2022 Jul 23, 9:31am  

Remember always get your facts first!

4681   Ceffer   2022 Jul 24, 1:11am  

Move over, RealDolls: "The inventor of the world's first voice-activated oral sex machine has updated it with new commands.

The machine, called Autoblow AI+, has six voice commands: "Start", "Pause", "Faster", "Slower", "More" and "Cum". The last one activates the turbo speed.

When will it go on sale?"
4683   HeadSet   2022 Jul 24, 7:26am  

Odd that the BJ machine has a head that looks like the bald inventor wearing makeup.
4686   Onvacation   2022 Jul 24, 12:28pm  

Ceffer says

Manatee mating season?
4687   Patrick   2022 Jul 24, 12:34pm  

Irish porn
4689   Ceffer   2022 Jul 24, 3:48pm  

For you city folks that don't know how a calf is born, here is a rare pic of a cow's nest.
4690   richwicks   2022 Jul 24, 3:55pm  

Ceffer says

For you city folks that don't know how a calf is born, here is a rare pic of a cow's nest.

Those aren't cow eggs!
4691   Ceffer   2022 Jul 24, 4:12pm  

Sheepherding dog decides it's better to be a Globalist:
4694   Patrick   2022 Jul 25, 8:59am  


Brent Havins shot this video of a wind turbine that got struck by lightning.

4698   Tenpoundbass   2022 Jul 25, 4:35pm  

Oldie but a goodie, a couple of my posts in the last couple days, are images that were posted in this thread early on. But are either so far back before Pat implemented the url extractor and auto download.

4700   Ceffer   2022 Jul 27, 12:25pm  

"Fairy Welfare Knock Up" has a nice ring to it.
4701   richwicks   2022 Jul 27, 12:43pm  

Patrick says

Well, I see some irony in this - the peg will fit perfectly into each hole it appears, as long as the orientation of the peg isn't changed.
4702   Ceffer   2022 Jul 27, 7:41pm  

Maybe a wall will help.
4703   REpro   2022 Jul 28, 3:26pm  

Ceffer says

Maybe a wall will help.

Finelly Mexican will pay for the wall.
4704   Ceffer   2022 Jul 28, 4:31pm  

Are these the ones who hate the BoomFucks? More important to know about the Kadashians, anyway.
4705   Ceffer   2022 Jul 28, 4:36pm  

Must be monkey pox dementia:
4707   ElYorsh   2022 Jul 30, 12:55pm  

HunterTits says

Well. If she kept it in it's box and in good storage, it would probably be worth more than a Toyota
4708   Onvacation   2022 Jul 30, 1:31pm  

HunterTits says

It's a wonderful place. It has crime, corruption, pollution, incredible wealth inequality, and is very crowded. It also has good food, clean and safe neighborhoods, culture, and is reasonably priced. I was only there for two weeks but would definitely want to go back and spend more time there.

Rent for a whole year before you move there permanent.

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