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Student Loan Delinquencies Rising?

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by rigidmember     💰tip   follow   2013 Mar 1, 10:42am  

Those who have been following our year-long series exposing the student debt bubble are by now well aware that this latest $1 trillion+ reincarnation of subprime will have a very unhappy ending. Which is why today's release of the quarterly Fed report on household debt and credit will hold few surprises for them. There is however, one data point which is notable: as of December 31, 2012, the soaring delinquency rate on student loans (first reported here, and subsequently confirmed by the Fed itself), has surpassed that of credit card debt.


1   Nobody   2013 Mar 1, 11:01am  

You should know that the education is a privilege, not a right. If you keep defaulting, we, the 1%, will make sure that only the 1% will get the education.

From the 1%.

2   carrieon   2013 Mar 1, 12:11pm  

It's obvious, the teaching institution is headed in the same direction as the housing bubble. Plus, the number of eligible 18 year olds has already peaked in America. All that can save it now is admitting more foreign students. Otherwise, expect foreclosures on the horizon as it winds down.

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