Warren says wrong for govt profit from student loans

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2013 May 15, 12:22pm   924 views  3 comments

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Two members of the Senate banking committee on Wednesday criticized excess government profits generated off loans made to student borrowers and their families, increasing pressure on Congress and the Obama administration to reform student lending programs. Wall Street, student loan servicers, and now the government are reaping profits at the expense of students, said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). When everyone is benefiting from student loan policy except students and graduates, we have a problem. The fact that the government is now expected to profit $51 billion off student loans this year -- more than the annual profit of any Fortune...


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1   Tenpoundbass   2013 May 15, 12:24pm  

Bright Futures indeed!

2   Vicente   2013 May 15, 1:39pm  

Loans? Back in the 60's you could go to California Universities without tuition. Everything was paid for by taxes. Reagan pushed for the switch to tuition model and cutting state funding, and here we are.

3   Tenpoundbass   2013 May 15, 11:48pm  

Here's the rub Vincent.
Aren't the liberals and Democrats, supposed to be the champion of the people? The problem solver who we are supposed to look to for forward progressive thinking to get America out of the mess we're already in?

I don't understand, how every problem is solved by pointing fingers going back to as far as when Reagan was Governor.

I sure would love to hear a solution for once, instead of defeatist finger pointing.

"...no, we can't because some republican undid some law or passed some disastrous legislation, when Methuselah was baby..."

I know, let's undo it! What a brilliant idea, I must be a Mensa member or something... or something!

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