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California Republicans draw fire for "spoof" CoveredCa mailer and website.

By Automan Empire follow Automan Empire   2013 Dec 4, 6:00am 1,805 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Golden State conservatives have taken to distributing official-looking mailers informing people that they will be required to purchase insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Fair enough, but the five-page pamphlet then directs readers to, an equally official-looking website run by the California Assembly’s Republican caucus with a URL very similar to that of state’s official exchange site.

Instead of helping people sign up for insurance, is more interested in scoring political points while detailing what it sees as the detrimental effects of Obamacare.

California’s actual health insurance exchange website is

While does include a link to California’s official exchange (added after reports of the site’s potentially misleading nature broke earlier this week), the Republican page consists of a mixture of basic factual information about the new law and material detailing how the recent changes to the nation’s health care system will negatively affect California citizens along with links to news articles critical of Affordable Care Act’s implementation.


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