An Antidote To Corporate Media

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Patrick.net is an online forum, a bit like Reddit, but with much more freedom of speech. Almost anything goes, but a few things don't, such as deliberately personally insulting another user, or deliberately misrepresenting what another user said.

I got the patrick.net domain name back in 1995 when I was one day too late for patrick.com. Missing the .com name turned out to be fine. I prefer the .net name now because life is all about human networks. This site was just my personal blog from 1995 to 2004.

In 2004 I started writing about the housing bubble, which catapulted the site to national fame for a while. I was interviewed on NPR, on Nightline on TV, and in other corporate media that I have since learned to recognize as poison. Here are my original the articles about the housing bubble (the dates on them are much later because I updated them):


The big housing bubble popped in 2008, and traffic fell, since it was no longer controversial to assert that we really had had a housing bubble.

About then, I decided to just let the public discuss things with each other and wrote my own forum software. I'm a programmer, so that was fun. At first I was kind of disturbed at the number of conservatives on the site, but as I discussed things with them and saw San Francisco literally turn to shit under far-left Democrats, I changed my thinking.

And yet I didn't change my thinking all that much, because once again, I'm opposing corruption of government by the oligarchy. Before, my enemy was the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and I still think they are nothing but institutionalized crime, but there are bigger fish to fry now, especially since the worldwide campaign to inject every human with a dangerous and ineffective genetic experiment, which is still not approved by the FDA. (They approved "Comirnaty", which is not available, to deceive the public.)


It’s like Pharma just backed a truck up to the Progressive Values Factory; stole everything; modified core values in order to maim people, make money, and implement global totalitarianism; and the left is just out there smoking a cigarette on the loading dock saying, “Sounds good to me.” What!? What the heck happened to the left? Is there no one remaining in that tribe who is capable of logic and reason!? Quite literally the worst industry in the world stole the left’s most cherished values and no one on the left is the slightest bit offended by this (even though they are offended by everything else)!? We live in the bizarro upside down world.

I have slowly concluded that everything progressives say they stand for causes immense pain and suffering to millions of people while funneling billions of dollars upward to the oligarchy:




I have a list of all US Congressmen as separate threads, where you are encouraged to comment on how good of a job you think they're doing:


I could go on, but you'll get the idea by reading the site.

The daily memes summarize the each day's content:


Please subscribe and share them with friends and enemies.

I have a platform of ideas for improving America: https://patrick.net/post/1303173/2017-02-19-patrick-s-platform


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598   Patrick   2022 Aug 16, 8:40pm  


Thanks for trying it! I know almost all the regulars have at least a few cents to pay because I tipped them myself.

I think the idea is still missing something though.

People aren't going to mail in money to read articles unless there are a lot of good for-pay articles.
But people aren't going to write a lot of good for-pay articles until there's a big audience which has already mailed in money.

Suggestions appreciated.
599   Onvacation   2022 Aug 16, 8:52pm  

Patrick says

Suggestions appreciated.

the eternal quest to monetize the internet.

I'll buy you lunch and a beer. Will that help?
600   Patrick   2022 Aug 16, 9:01pm  

Careful, I might accept.
601   GreaterNYCDude   2022 Aug 17, 8:47pm  

First one is up. Dug into the "87,000" IRS agents to be hired, with supporting links. Set fee at 5 cents initially, dropped it to a penny for the sake of being a first attempt. It's not about the money, it's more about helping you develop the concept.

I also doled out a couple of tips to others in an attempt to get this party started!
602   Patrick   2022 Aug 27, 9:14pm  


I like your idea of asking a question and then paying for a good answer. It's like Quora, but with small payments instead of a subscription fee.

How about this:

- User asks a question as a new post.
- Other users answer the question as locked comments and each sets a price on their response.
- After 90 days, all comments on that post become visible to everyone for free.

Now how would you judge whether or not to pay for a certain locked comment?

- You could see how much that user has earned from responses so far.
- The comment author should give some qualification of themselves, or why they think they have a good answer, in the first 40 words of their response.
- Some other way?
603   AmericanKulak   2022 Oct 27, 7:54pm  

Time to welcome back Twitter links and restore embeds?

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