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Traffic Stings

By Entitlemented follow Entitlemented   2015 Jun 8, 11:44am 1,095 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

On tickets- Received a ticket from a Crosswalk Sting. This was not done well and police lept quickly into crosswalking in between cars.

I got supoena, but police did not provide discovery of a Sting Video.

When I went to court the police showed me video prior to court. It cleary showed police sting officer jumping from curb right after another car.
I did not have time to react, and decided to move over. Also, it shows me arriving at the crosswalk at about 2-3 seconds after officer jumps off curb. At 40 MPH it would take me about 4-5 seconds to travel ~ 200 ft, which is where they said I was when officer stepped off.

Judge did not want to view video, even after I had requested. Found me guilty. When I asked if upon appeal that video would be shown, and if there was due process the Judge indicated not. So I opted for traffic school, and the Judge said "so you are admitting guilt" and I said "no I am not guilty, but am going to traffic school because it appears that the video wont be viewed as evidence".

I am completely for Traffic and Pedestrian safety. But am against a set up by police which the police don't act as normal pedestrians.

In terms of lack of due process, supression of discovery, what should I do next?

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Freedom and rights cost money in 2015, you have no rights unless you can afford representation.

So just call the traffic ticket clinics, I don't know what special powers they have, but in every instance I've called them. I never heard anything else about the citation and it just went away. It may cost more than the violation in many cases but it wont be on your record and your insurance wont go up. Unfortunately if you had a lawyer and the judge refused to review the evidence there would have been a serious miscarriage of justice. You're not allowed to defend your self with any dignity or respect, because there isn't a judge in our goddamend forsaken democratic system that will take testimony serious from a people who represents him self. And is robbing the legal process its due tithe.

Sure is a lot of Liberal lawyers in politics these days, coincidence? Yeah those assholes the advocates that are looking out for us, and knows better than everyone else about what's best. They are here to help get your check book.

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