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So what? The 7th Fleet doesn't patrol the South China Sea? Make port visits to Taiwan? Cruise into the Sea of Japan? Baltic Sea?

Remember the P-3 aggressively patrolling off Hainan Island? With hundreds of flights a year, do you think US P-3s/8s and USN vessels that lurk just outside the 12-nm limit don't occasionally cross it?

Shit, right now we've got a NATO TF in the Black Sea, with a US Ship as the Flag.

We can do it, it's just routine, but if they do it to us it's Naked Aggression?

You ain't seen nothing yet. Pretty soon, they're going to go tit for tat. If US CVBGs can patrol the South China Sea off Hainan, a Chinese TF can certainly patrol off Long Beach or a a few miles off Honolulu, right?

Look, those who do something can't complain when that something is done right back.

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Contrast CNN coverage with WSJ:

The Chinese ships complied with international law: in order to navigate, sometimes you need to violate 12nm limit territory, like to pass between islands. Pentagon said no problem.

It was a signal, however, that the Chinese Navy is becoming a Blue Water navy.

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thunderlips11 says

We can do it, it's just routine, but if they do it to us it's Naked Aggression?

American Exceptionalism.

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Entitlemented says


Wait, there are consequences to outsourcing STEM to China? Whoodda thunk?

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