If it's a real estate bubble, what will be the reason it pops?

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1   exfatguy   2016 Jun 27, 1:07am  

I can't think of any reasons. It has to be different this time.

2   FNWGMOBDVZXDNW   2016 Jun 27, 6:47am  

Trump election, followed by stagflation, massive restructuring, worldwide isolationism, and gold hording.

No one will have any money for a house, money will freeze up, but houses will be cheap. All the same actors will be bitching about why they can't afford a house.

3     2016 Jun 27, 7:06am  

Hillary gets elected and funnels the last of Labors money into the wall street coffers, and health insurance scam corporations, leaving nothing for housing increases. The end of growth signals panic. The new new new economy is widely celebrated by the media and all the government/quasi-government first in line priviliged folk, as a great success. More prisons are built and filled with the dissenters, while more and more lawyers litigate the country into the dark ages. Democrat utopia is reached

4   Strategist   2016 Jun 27, 7:25am  

exfatguy says

If it's a real estate bubble, what will be the reason it pops?

A tripling of home prices in 3 years would be a bubble. And then "Pop goes the Weasel"

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