Psyops in Real Time

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2017 Apr 13, 9:19am   1,488 views  13 comments

by MisdemeanorRebel   ➕follow (12)   💰tip   ignore  

The 7-year old Syrian Girl in twitter is the Babies in Incubators of 2017.

Totally managed by her handlers, she exists only to pose in pictures.

She doesn't speak English, but her mother finally admitted she "writes letters and makes tweets on her behalf" after months of not being called out on it. Yet the Mother wrote letters in "Baby' Writing" rather than in normal, adult handwriting.

We've seen this in Palestine. Some of the pictures are outrageous fakes, like all the pasty kids in underpants in a pile.

Qatar-Saudi ops are running in full gear; the Egyptian police just arrested fake "Syrian Atrocity" fakesters in Port Said, Egypt, dressing up a girl in a white dress splashed with red paint.

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1   Patrick   2017 Apr 13, 9:52am  

Got a link?

2   MisdemeanorRebel   2017 Apr 13, 9:58am  

" The Girls's" (actually Mother who is probably Qatari Intelligence) own Twitter Feed:

Notice the praise for Erdogan, the dislike for both Trump and Putin, and never mentioning Al Qaeda or ISIS by name or hardly even as the deliberately misleading "Rebels", as if Assad is dropping bombs out of sheer spite.

Putting up laughably fake photos of "White Helmets" (itself a fake HR Group, to sound like "Blue Helmets") where they are handling alleged Sarin victims with masks, but no gloves - something an ER team would wear even if it was just responding to Mrs. Slocumb falling and not able to get up.

The meetings with Lindsey Lohan, the book deal, the quoting by MSM...

There are many other accounts in Syria from Syrians, but the MSM isn't interested in those.

Remember the progressive stack of aging:
Children esp. Girls
Old People
Men and Teenage Males

4   MisdemeanorRebel   2017 Apr 13, 10:09am  

"Mr. Trumpy, Y U SO BIG MEENIE? And Mr. Putie, too. Assad bad man."

Seriously, she allegedly lived in Aleppo and never mentions ISIS - Al Qaeda. I've looked back several months, nothing.

Mom is working for Erdogan or Qatar and using her kid to hide her propaganda behind.

Here is the "Mother's" account:

Condemnation of all those who besiege ISIS/Al Nusra held cities; demands for peace. No condemnation of Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS, or other Sunni Fundamentalists.

Promotion of her account is no accident.

5   The Original Bankster   2017 Apr 13, 10:14am  

the mom is probably not even a real person

6   RWSGFY   2017 Apr 13, 10:59am  

Russians squealing about being hit by psyops. Precious.

8   curious2   2017 Apr 14, 5:25pm  

Lashkar_i_Trumpi says

in case anyone didn't recogize this image, it's a still from Wag the Dog, a great movie: Dustin Hoffman, Anne Heche, Willie Nelson, Robert Deniro, Woody Harrelson, many more.

11   AD   2023 Nov 28, 10:51pm  


And get ready for another pandemic environment ... interesting this gets reported just after Biden and Xi met...

this works well for the Democrats as far as repeating 2020 as far as mail in ballots



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